Contractions during third trimester of pregnancy

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Avatar f tn I think its different for everyone My First trimester was very very very hard I was sick every and all day and I was so tired until my second trimester which was fine I dont think I had any problems during my second trimester but now that im 33+5 in my third trimester i diffinetly think its way harder your back starts hurting really bad you start to get Braxton hicks contractions you cant sleep at night your body starts getting pains and really uncomfortable at least thats for me .
1419259 tn?1303442266 And remember, no matter what, your baby will come when he is good and ready.
Avatar f tn 28 weeks today offically in third trimester. Now that its almost over I want to do it all over again!! Sykee. Jk haha im over it so ready to have my little boy! Second trimester symptoms from hell: weight gain, flem, and food cravings!! Still waiting on my "big pregnant boobs" i got ripped off! How are all the may mommies doingg??
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Avatar f tn Not that we enjoy doing this, but I'm sure they would take **'s over sex at this stage of the pregnancy. I know that's probably a really unpopular solution, but...
Avatar n tn Me, I'm 32 weeks having a boy, ftm This pregnancy has been horrible! Like a few of you I'm ready for it to be over! Like arnitia I'm having a very sore tummy. It feels like my whole tummy is bruised. Can't hardly sleep at all, cramping a lot, and tmi but having to use the bathroom a lot as well. But baby boy is moving like crazy and also sleeping more. I a great picture of his face the other day!
Avatar n tn I remember I had back pain during my pregnancy as well, but no actual contractions in my back till I was in labour. Any BH I had were centered low in the pelvis.
Avatar m tn According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 4 million American women give birth every year. Nearly one third of them will have some kind of pregnancy-related complication. Those who don't get adequate prenatal care run the risk that such complications will go undetected or won't be dealt with soon enough. That, in turn, can lead to potentially serious consequences for both the mother and her baby.
Avatar n tn However, I have been unable to find much information on the nutritional requirements to continue to do this. I still had not lost all of my pregnancy weight, so I only want to gain the recommended 25 lbs this time around, yet still maintain enough calories to feed both kids. Prepregnancy I am 5'11.5" and between 160-170 lbs.
Avatar f tn It's probably Braxton hicks! You'll get them more at the end of your pregnancy! Just your body practicing for labor (: doesn't mean anything specific. I had those practice contractions since like 13-14 weeks. They actually start at 6 weeks for most women but usually women don't feel them until late second to third trimester!
Avatar f tn I got my nausea back during my first pregnancy when I got into my third trimester. It's completely normal for that to happen. It doesn't necessarily mean anything, but keep an eye out for any other symptoms just in case.
1399033 tn?1449591379 In my first trimester with this pregnancy I was sick as a dog! Then, during the 2nd trimester - no symptoms at all! Third trimester started 2 weeks ago and brought me dreadful back pain! Other than the things I listed, other symptoms hit me here and there briefly, but nothing that sticks around. I have had small bouts of nausea here and there since my first trimester and my nipples are sensitive, too - it's normal.
640548 tn?1340556955 I had a total of 11 weeks that I felt good, I am dreading the thought of going through to the end of this pregnancy feeling as sick as I did early on!
708222 tn?1276138632 for blood mixed with mucus before 36 weeks of pregnancy or any bright red bleeding. Contractions Contractions can feel like the baby is balling up, or like a tightening across your abdomen. Sometimes they feel like menstrual cramps. You may feel contractions in your lower back or down low in the front. Cramping is particularly common after having sex, when your bladder is full, when you get up or change position, or for a short time after exercising.
Avatar f tn I was sick for the first 13 weeks of my last pregnancy... and then in the third trimester the nauseousness and heartburn came back. I also threw up a few times but it was nothing like the first trimester.
Avatar f tn None of these things are working though bc I'm now 61% effaced when I started out at 50%. I love heating people's stories of worse experiences during pregnancy bc it makes me feel more positive about my pregnancy since the only positive thing is I will hopefully get a healthy boy out of this. So I told you my story to hopefully make you think a little more positive about your pregnancy! ♡ men definitely do not understand what our bodies are going through.
Avatar f tn What happens is during the first stages of dilation, it's the Braxton Hicks contractions causing you to dilate. Must women don't feel them, and so don't realize they are dilating. It's your body preparing for labor contractions that will just push out the baby!
470885 tn?1326332637 in my second and third pregnancies I did not have any alcohol at all during any of thepregnancy again babies were fine. during my 4th pregnancy I had a drink twice and had my biggest baby so far. I personally think that a drink once in a while is ok, but i typically don't do it my self as i don't feel that I need alcohol during pregnancy and I am usually sick the whole time anyway.
Avatar n tn Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions or comments? This is my third pregnancy and I am 38. My last child was born almost eight years ago and this one was unplanned. I was taking Orthotricyclen when I got pregnant and took it daily up until I found out I was pregnant, basically at 5 1/2 weeks.
689528 tn?1364139441 There are a couple times through the book though that mention having a glass of wine during the first stage of labour in order to relax and sleep through contractions. I think it's put in our heads about alcohol and the effects on a pregnancy are sooo terrible. But would it really be that terrible to actually have a glass of wine in order to get a couple hours of shut eye?! Just wondering your thoughts ladies..... Note: a GLASS of wine....they don't talk about a whole bottle...
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
Avatar f tn These irregular uterine contractions are perfectly normal and may start to occur in your second trimester, although more commonly in your third trimester of pregnancy. They are your body's way of getting ready for the "real thing.
Avatar f tn Dear Amy, As you’ve already ready, premature atrial contractions (PACs), abnormal early heartbeats that originate in the upper chambers of the heart, are frequently seen in utero, especially during the second trimester. They can persist into the third trimester, but often go away during that time or soon after birth. Bigeminy, for our othe r readers, means that every other beat is premature. There are two issues that can become concerning here.
1211078 tn?1277498169 So, my question is, has anyone experienced this early in pregnancy, and if so, did you have any complications during the rest of your pregnancy or during labor? My doctor wasn't too concerned about it, but I have been thinking about it more, and I am getting a little nervous. This is my 3rd baby, and I delivered both of my others vaginally. I am petrified of having a c-section and I am afraid that labor may cause the placenta to detach more, which could lead to a c-section.
151668 tn?1239924705 Add to that a mixture of toddler waking up in the middle of the night during your SECOND pregnancy and you REALLY have a problem! 4. Constipation. I swear, I sometimes think I need an epidural just to use the bathroom. There were times during my first pregnancy where I would literally sit on the toilet and have hot flashes and feel like I was going to pass out from trying to use the bathroom. Can anyone say golf ball? Maybe this is a taboo subject, but I think it needs to be said.
1454858 tn?1306787978 Have any of you been afraid to have sex during early pregnancy?? It just seems like that little piece of rice is so fragile... I know the penis isn't actually near it, but... I'm thinking crazy here, like an orgasim will shake it loose. Also if I see a drop of blood from my cervix being sensitive I would worry. My husband hasn't toughed me in a couple of weeks. The other day he said this was why. At least we were feeling the same way. I know it is irrational...
285896 tn?1237214827 With my first pregnancy i had morning sickness during the first trimester, it stopped and then started during my third trimester untill i had my son
Avatar f tn I wouldnt recommend it since the first and second trimester is when the baby is developing. Now the third trimester a glass you know maybe before bed to help you sleep wouldn't hurt the baby, as long as its a red wine...just do not over do it, and if something doesn't feel right then stop of coarse.
Avatar n tn Yeah, My belly didn't get hard til late in the pregnancy like 3rd trimester late, your stomach gets big and the skin stretches but you can still push your finger in your belly a little and watch it sink in! LOL....However I was supposed to phrase that! LOL, but My stomach wasn't hard hard until I was about 8 months! Hope this helps, and as far as your stomach being hard as a sign of pregnany don't go off of that!
1102290 tn?1278503553 Every pregnancy is different and believe me, after 6 pregnancies that have made it out of the first trimester I can tell you that each of mine have been different and I've experienced things this time that I didnt' with my previous 5. I think you really need to stick with your bedrest at this point. All that you have been doing is giong to aggravate your body and thats the last thing you want. Good luck. BTW, the whole ligament pain thing.