Contractions before losing mucus plug

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Avatar f tn Everyone is different, but with my first pregnancy i lost my mucus plug and i started having contractions light contractions and throughout the day they got more intense. I gave birth 19hrs later. Maybe you will be giving birth soon too. Just thought I'd shine a little light for you. Congrats.
Avatar n tn It could take a couple weeks before you go into labor after losing your mucus plug
Avatar f tn Im 38 weeks 2 days and i just lost my mucus plug today so far no hard contractions
Avatar f tn I just lost or am losing my mucus plug, im due in a week, and I was 2cm 50% thinned out on Tuesday. I'm freaking out. What to do or look for now. Its my second child, but its been seven years since my first.
Avatar f tn I lost part of my mucus plug at 21 weeks and had no problems after. Now at 25 I've been losing it throughtout the day this time some parts had a little blood. At first I had no cramps so I wasn't worried but as the day goes on I'm having more and more cramping. How do you tell the difference between cramping and contractions? Not sure if I should be worried or not.
Avatar f tn Not necessarily I lost mine a month before labor. Losing mucus plug isn't always a sign of labor. But if your concerned or having any other signs of labor then I would either call or go in to l&d.
Avatar f tn You can go weeks with no contractions after losing your plug. It doesn't mean anything. Just your bodies way of getting ready. Same as braxton hicks.
Avatar f tn Nothing bad don't worrie my first pregnancy I lost my mucus plug a month 1/2 before my water even broke and everything was fine
2129193 tn?1342543011 With my first i lost it 3 weeks before i went into labor. And with my second i lost it 2 weeks before my water broke.
Avatar f tn I've had three bloody shows since losing mucus plug. My mum thinks he gonna be here before I get induced on Thursday.
Avatar f tn With my first I had my bloody show. (Mucus plug with blood) & had her 2 days later. (I was 30 weeks) & with this one, I've been losing it since 27 weeks. I'm 34 weeks now. Most of the time, mucus plug doesn't mean baby.
Avatar f tn I have been losing big chunks of my mucus plug all day today. This has happened before but it is much more today than ever. Anyone experience this and go into labor? I'm 38 weeks.
Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy I lost my plug when my contractions started. With my second pregnancy, I started losing it weeks before I went into labor. With this last pregnancy, I didn't lose it. I got small contractions and they took me straight to perform the c-section so I never seen my plug. From what I know it can be hours or weeks.
Avatar f tn I have been losing mine for the past 2 days and yesterday when they checked I wasn't even dilated but I am a ftm so not sure on much of anything
7366593 tn?1400013226 yesterday and today when i wipe it feels slippery, is that my mucus plug? It looks like mucus on the toilet paper. Im sorry TMI. After you fully lose your mucus plug do u go into labor??
Avatar f tn Ok ladys anyone who has lost there mucus plug do you keep loosing mucus? I am pretty sure i lost mine yesterday (it had a bloody show) and everytime i go to the bathroom i keep noticing alot of mucus still. So far no contractions but hoping today or tomorrow something happenes.
Avatar f tn Can you go in to labor before you even lose your mucus plug?? I'm 37 weeks and feel like my body is getting ready for labor any day now but I haven't lost my mucus plug. ftm so I'm not really sure what to expect or how the start of labor is suppose to feel I just know I have been feeling really different these last couple days!
Avatar n tn How do you know you're close to delivery? How far apart are your contractions as well. Losing your plug isn't an indicator of labour only because you can lose pieces of it and depending on how far you are it can also regenerate. You can also lose it for weeks before delivery. If you're contracting every 3-5 minutes or less and they're at least 30 seconds or longer you can call L&D and see if they want you to come in.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies, so I'm 34 weeks and 4days and for the past 4 days been having a lot of contractions at nights sometimes 5 mins apart for couple hours and today i lost some of my mucus plug.. Could i possibly go into labor soon and how soon you think? Is there anyonelse losing mucus plug?
1146463 tn?1319112478 I lost my plug a week before i went into labor
4250330 tn?1388624779 and my braxton hicks are getting stronger . with lower back pain. I would look out and make sure your mucus plug doesn't have blood in it or even brown . or if your contractions are getting stronger and closer together . or if you are leaking fluids.
10452875 tn?1436487951 I might be wrong but I thought a mucus plug was white then.again.I never have seen.It so it could be.. how far along are you?
6903444 tn?1385946946 This morning after I went to the bathroom I wiped and there my mucus plug was or what's left of it I should say because I've been losing it slowly but I'm pretty sure I passed the rest of it due to the amount. Anyways, I felt fine before that and then all of a sudden started getting cramps then they went away. I am currently 38 weeks and 5 days along, contractions get stronger every day and they seem to get worse when I get up from sitting down.