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Avatar m tn so in the past, ive had pretty hard bumps to my head, but i feel alrihgt( no signs of concussion or anytrhing ) each time... however. about 3-4 years ago... some guy in my class just decides to punch in the head a good couple of times pretty hard, at first didn't really feel anything, then later on the day, dizziness and a little headache. continued on, and then a few days later, i felt sleepy and then i got worried.
Avatar f tn a few years back the same thing happened to me but i felt fine right after only a slight headache this was wen i was 12 im now 16 and have been okay although ive had migraines for awhile to and the heavy head but apart from that im fine however if it really does bother you see your doctors they can give u something to feel better.
Avatar m tn However, looking back, I'm not sure when my concussion symptoms ended and my anxiety symptoms took over. 3 years later, whenever I hit my head (no matter how light) I consider my immediate feelings to see if it is a concussion again. I have managed to beat this reaction down for everyday knocks but whenever I take a bigger hit (I play goalkeeper for my school's soccer team) I experience anxiety and am extra vigilant of how I feel for the next few days.
Avatar f tn My question is, could this really be post concussion syndrome? does it last 3 years? my symptoms are not getting better, meaning my speech, gait, dizziness ect. Memory is bad, and getting worse. I heard you can recover from post concussion syndrome and as time goes by you get better, but I keep getting worse. I dont even want to go out of the house anymore, I used to be a social butterfly. I hope you can at least lead me in some direction.
Avatar m tn Now I am trying to recover from concussion #2 incurred in November 2015. I am still (1.25 years later)l having headaches like you that are triggered by intense thinking and mostly movement. If I bend over to pick some lint off the floor, for get push ups or a downward dog pose done slowly I instantly get a strong headache. usually in the front part of my head.
Avatar f tn I had a concussion about two years ago maybe three years (I hit the front left side of my head on the car door). I seen stars, I was dizzy, confussed and nauseated it was horrible. I never sought medical treatment for it but the soon after I noticed a lot of changes in me. My ability to think clearly and problem solve was greatly diminished.
Avatar f tn They diagnosed him 6 mo. later with Post Concussion Syndrome. He has now been having symptoms for 4 years. He has a constant headache, looses his memory, mood swings, depression, irritablity, trouble sleeping, and he got hit in the back of the head 2 months ago and now he just passes out at random. In the last 2 weeks he has passed out 5 times. Sometimes he just can't move his body. He has had many CT scans and a couple MRIs, an EEG..all came back normal.
Avatar m tn Thank you very much for your suggestions. You and your sister suffereing for very long time and definetely brave. I live in Washington D.C. area and I did tried neurofeedback. I The psychologist who treated is very well known to treat TBI patients and she is very good understanding my issues too. I was able to go for around 15 sessions. It did help somewhat may be to bring down my anxiety. My main issue is persistent dizziness, feeling heavy headed (not headache) and fatigue.
Avatar n tn so I was on respreator for 2 months, and then it took me 1 year to learn to reuse all my muscles. But, I never had the bottom of my feet stop hurting, burning feeling Now 32yrs later, I was mugged, beaten and have suffered a serious concussion, my feet are hurting me more and the burning pain has gotten worst i read now that those that get GB have blood transfer, etc...........
Avatar n tn The first neurologist we saw gave us information that, as we later learned, was many years out-of-date.) Thank you again for writing. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it. I'm still very, very anxious about what's going to happen in the long run for my daughter -- whether things will improve, or whether new issues will arise as she gets older. And I'm still struggling trying to figure out how to deal with the new behaviors. But I know we'll get through this.
Avatar m tn It got gradually better over that year but still to this very day if I am over tired I get dizzy--16 years later. I had all the tests--also a permanent condition--one pupil remains slightly larger that the other. I started getting ocular migraines after the car accident too . Well, so far no epilepsy or other serious long term effects. If you were diagnosed with post concussion syndrome like me, it should gradually get better too.
Avatar m tn My 7 yo kid had a concussion in Feb and immediately had fuzzy vision. About 5 weeks later, they began complaining of monocular diplopia in both eyes. About 5 weeks after that, they now can not even see the 'E' at the top of the eye chart. The vision improves using +1.00 reading glasses. However, prior to the concussion there were no vision issues. With the investigation there is a heterotopia in the occipital lobe.
Avatar f tn I have a 9 y/o daughter that has had symptoms of headache, dizziness, nausea, aching for a couple years. PCP did work ups & never really found anything. Well 4 weeks ago she had a bad fall down hardwood stairs & hit the back of her head off 7 steps. Diagnosed w/ a concussion. 4 weeks later all previous symptoms worse, headache nonstop of varying degrees, dizziness, nausea & tingling in legs which is new. MRI turned up Chiari Malformation Type 1 of 7 mm.
Avatar f tn BACKGROUND which may contribute to my symptoms: - I am 25/female - Smoker - Heavy caffeine drinker (3 cups/day) - Had a concussion with complete loss of consciousness/vomiting/CT scan when I was between 10-11 years old - I have been a vegetarian since July 2010 - Started taking a multivitamin only a few weeks ago.
Avatar n tn I am so sorry to hear about your accident and I do hope you recover from your symptoms soon. The symptoms associated with a post-concussion syndrome (PCS) can last from a few weeks to several months, and is dependent on the severity of the concussion. Have your symptoms worsened during the last 8 days? The symptoms you mentioned do indeed fall under the known symptoms associated with PCS.
Avatar f tn THe headaches continued and 2 months later, it was diagnosed to be traumatic post-concussion syndrome) Being an engineer/computer architect , my work requires mental concentration and detailed analysis. SInce the accident occured in late FEbruary , I have had to work from home part-time where I can keep my environment very low stimulus. My recovery has taken a set-back the past 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn when I came home from work he was still sleeping. I am terrifyed that he has a concussion. What will happen if it goes untreated? He is confused, dizzy and won't go to the doctor. He also says he has some pain. should I bring him to th emergency room? help I am scared and don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn She starting passing out 5 days later. She passes about 5 days a week with no warning or symptoms beforehand. She also has lots of nausea, dizzyness, fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, and sometimes shaky hands. We have had multiple MRI's, MRA, CT scans, full cardio work ups several times including tilt table tests, heart monitor, stress test, ultra sounds of kidneys, bladder and ovaries, blood work. All coming back normal.
Avatar f tn Since this is a concussion injury which is a brain injury causes by a sudden blow to the head or to the body. Symptoms of a concussion include memory loss, headaches or blurry vision, nausea, inability to stand or walk or having coordination and balance problems. There is an entity of post concussive syndrome where there is inability to think and headaches, changes in sleep patterns and personality etc. This needs to be evaluated clinically, CT/MRI scan brain needs to be done to rule out.
Avatar f tn ) My physiotherapist was convinced that I have post concussion syndrome so I went to see a neurologist, but he said that it can’t be PCS because the symptoms didn’t occur until 6 weeks later. He told me I have chronic migraines (my symptoms have lasted about a month straight now) and told me to avoid some common triggers and see if it gets better. He also told me that it’s okay for me to exercise, but my physiotherapist says not to do anything but rest.
Avatar f tn I had a CT scan and nothing was out of the ordinary, and it seemed to just be a mild concussion. 4 months later, I'm still having issues. I'm a junior in high school and concentration and memory issues made me switch out of all of my honors classes into regular ones and drop both math and science completely. I can still barely focus on anything school-related and I have a complete lack of motivation to do anything related to my schoolwork.
Avatar f tn Also I am incredibly unbalanced and all of these symptoms worsened after my last concussion which happened to be my fifth. From this one I had a report of severe concussion with mild amnesia, which four months later has not gone away. I also exhibit no abnormalities in my eyes. Sorry I forgot to include this before.
Avatar m tn i am just really nervous because i dont want to have perminent brain damage if this is a concussion, and i have never had a concussion in my life.
Avatar n tn A few years ago I woke up one morning with severe weakness/weird pain in my legs.I was not able to walk for about 6 hours.The pain & weakness lasted about 2.5 weeks. After I recovered I noticed a numbness/pins & needles sensation in the top half of my legs and in my back. I thought it was a pinched nerve, did not give it a lot of thought. The sensations would last approx 15-20 minutes and go away, coming back after a few minuites. This lasted 2-4 weeks,then reocurr after time.
Avatar n tn I was 32 years old at the time and for the next eight years, my symptoms were nearly impossible to live with. I went through a battery of tests and was sent from one doctor to the next, all specialists in their field. A few months after I became ill, my husband, who has juvenile diabetes, was also stricken with what we began to call our "strange disease." I would no sooner get my stomach problems under control, only to have my vision go heywire.
Avatar f tn For almost 2 years ago now I have been experiencing scalp pain and hair loss and was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas as to what could be causing it. (Since the doctors haven't been able to tell me much.) I was on lamictal for exactly one year and wellbutrin for about 2 months (March 2012-March 2013) but stopped taking both meds due to finding out I was pregnant.
Avatar m tn So roughly a couple months go by and I was playing in a hockey game and I got hit the wrong way, my parents thought I had a concussion so we went to doctors he said I did. Then my symptoms just kept deteriorating and getting worse. They got so bad that I missed part of my 10th grade year and all of junior year being home schooled.
1805240 tn?1317232331 I had a mild TBI and diagnosed with PCS about 2 + years ago. I have similar symptoms and doing Vision Therapy, Meditation and some Yoga. There are many different approaches to get relief and difficult thing is to find the right med, therapy, procedure etc., Find trained medical professionals who know about Concussions (which is very important and I cannot stress more). Also try alternative treatments like Neurofeedback, Trigger Point therapy etc., to get some relief.
Avatar f tn I had a auto accident, w/ memory loss/concussion. 2/2011, so almost a yr. ago.Released from ER that day. My doc mentioned I have a Mild TBI and congnitive therapy would maybe help. I finally found(had to do this on my own) that what I really need to visit is a Neuropsychologist , who could give me a QEEG OR AN EEG?? I ended up w/ a neck back injury. I was very athletic prior and I am deeply depressed, I just started take anti-depressants a month ago. But, the crying thing has been since day one.