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703821 tn?1231725695 My doctor,nurses,therapists, & specialists all say I have a concussion from a 13 1/2 ft fall. There was no evidence of concussion on MRA & CAT SCAN. Memory loss occurred as well as all the symptoms but shouldn't the tests have shown it?
Avatar m tn my name is gaurav and iam 16 years old about a month ago I,met an bike accident and i got mild head injury on my head had vomiting and was unable to remember what happened just before and after my accident then next day when i woke up my vision was blurred and there was ringing in my ears and i was unable to watch television and was sensitive to light and loud noise I thought that it was due to my head and kept on fighting with my symptoms watched television gone to school for about 10 days the
Avatar f tn Hello~YES, you need to go to the doctor, you should have gone immediately the day of the hit on the head. I have read that internal brain bleeding can occur as long as 6 or 7 weeks after a hard blow on the head,and by the time you have the symptoms of it, it has progressed to the point of being dangerous and needing possible surgery. Please see your doctor ASAP!!
Avatar f tn G'day. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right area-don't know where else to put it. I've had a concussion for about 9 days now with "usual, mild-average" symptoms. The last couple days have been like the first couple days, cannot rest my head at night from the pain, taking two 650 mg Tylenols when I think of it, also seem more confused & forgetful (before major loss of sleep). The last 48 hrs. I've slept for 40 min's.
Avatar f tn and was hit in the head from other team mates going for the ball,he was suppossably knocked out for at least 5 min or more,and when he came too no one was around and he didnt even know what had happen to him,he just remebers gettting up from off the ground,when my father went to pick him up from school he told me that my son was looking sorta gazed at him complaining that his head hurts bad and that he couldnt see good,now at the school function there was no adults around at no part of the prac
Avatar n tn Enlarged ventricles can exert pressure inside the cranial cavity, which in turn can cause pressure symptoms of brain. Pressure symptoms of brain include irritability, vomiting, blurring of vision, and seizures among others. I think it indeed needs to be followed up with scan periodically. Hope this helps. Bye.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old son had concussion in sept 07 w/ headache & visual, memory, thinking ability disturbance for a few hours after the injury. A CT scan revealed no bleeding. He has continued w/ fatigue and headache w/ feeling of pressure behind eyes. In Dec a follow-up CT essentially normal, tho mentions ventricles are enlarged but w/in the midline.
Avatar n tn Nonspecific white matter lesion. No bleeding. I don't smoke, normal weight and blood pressure, no diabetes, exercise regularly, have eaten a low-fat diet for years. I am 70, female, and have had five concussions in my active life, the last one 20 years ago. Could these be responsible for the findings since no cardiovascular disease seems present and tests for peripheral blood vessel problems in my legs are normal? If it is a result of concussions, is this condition likely to progress?
8506420 tn?1398436180 Kitten did not respond or show any pain when we felt the different portions of her head and body. There was no increase in heart rate and breathing. There is no bleeding from the nose, but there seemed to be anal discharge due to a foul smell, but no liquid is excreting. Movement is 100% when treats are shown to her, she is able to run around and jump as per normal without any disorientation.
780665 tn?1239030149 The answer is yes. A head blow can cause both slow internal bleeding and swelling compressing the pituitary, which controls hormones, which control mood. to treat these problems, and a week has already gone by. If you have not had an MRI (Not a CAT) get one immediately. The outlook is problematic. In some cases the problem goes away and in others it does not. But I would get an MRI, even if you had one a week ago. Headaches are common after a concussion, by the way.
Avatar f tn How long after a concussion is it normal to still be feeling nauseous and have difficulty with memory, balance etc. I got hit in the face with a softball 14 days ago and am still nauseous. Cannot stand on one leg with eyes closed, and have forgotten things like PIN numbers, passwords etc. I went back to GP who sent me to A&E for checking out, but they said just concussion, no evidence of bleeding. I've developed a stiff neck too.
Avatar f tn I went to the neurologist today and after a very short, cursory exam she told me that I never even really had a concussion because I wasn't knocked out and that I'm imagining the symptoms because there was some mild emotional and physical abuse in my childhood (she asked me early on if there was any history of abuse in my life). I was flabbergasted and asked her if such "imagined" symptoms typically developed without a painful blow to the head.
Avatar f tn The symptoms of post-concussion syndrome often improve after the affected person learns that there is a cause for the symptoms. Indeed, education about the disorder can ease a person's fears and help provide peace of mind. It also helps to have a a strong support system. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Hello Almost 2 weeks ago I suffered concussion from falling on ice and hitting my head. I immediately had a neurological exam and a cat scan and they said it was normal. I have had increased headaches and nausea so I had another Cat scan on wednesday night. I was told not to exercise until I am feeling better but I am getting antsy. I was told not to work out because getting my blood pressure higher can lead to bleeding in the brain. when can i work out? Can i begin with an easier work out?
Avatar m tn My 16 year old son was in a car wreck 5 1/2 days ago where he suffered a grade 2 moderate concussion. He was knocked unconscious for a short period of time & received a scalp laceration to the right side of his head . The CT scan discovered what the neurosurgeon described as a small thread size bleed. Later that day another CT scan was done & all signs of bleeding were gone & the blood had been absorbed. His stay in the hospital was for 3 days.
Avatar m tn Thank you very much for your suggestions. You and your sister suffereing for very long time and definetely brave. I live in Washington D.C. area and I did tried neurofeedback. I The psychologist who treated is very well known to treat TBI patients and she is very good understanding my issues too. I was able to go for around 15 sessions. It did help somewhat may be to bring down my anxiety. My main issue is persistent dizziness, feeling heavy headed (not headache) and fatigue.
Avatar n tn I took some aspirin and now I only feel a small throbbing where I hit it, and it kinda feels warm like it's bleeding but it's not. I'm 16 and not taking any meds besides birth control and anti anxiety meds. Do I have a concussion?
Avatar n tn I recommend continued follow-up with your neurologist, paritcularly if your son's symptoms do not improve or he develops new symptoms. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
Avatar f tn I am curious to learn more about post concussion syndrome. In the past 4-5 years I have had 4 or 5 "mild" concussions and am starting to get worried. I received all of these from sports and have since pulled myself from such dangerous situations but I fear I am still dealing with the after effects of my reckless youth. After my last concussion I had extremely bad vertigo, memory loss, and headaches.
Avatar n tn I had previously had a Ct scan a couple of weeks ago that showed no bleeding or abnormality. I had to see a new Dr this week for this work related injury & because of the CT scan results, he said that I did not have a concussion & i should to start to ignore the headaches & get on with my life. Would an MRI show more. The pain moves around from my temporal area to top of my skull, sometimes on the left middle or right with pain around left brow bone...forehead to nose.
Avatar f tn @parvosufferer Yes those are the common symptoms of brain concussion make sure you post in the neurology forum as well The fact that you can't do a proprioceptive sensory exercise means that your internal system of the brain got affected sometimes can be shock sometimes can be severe that's why is really important to check with your doctor regarding internal bleeding and so on.
Avatar f tn Just so you know some people take years to heal from a severe concussion and some will always have lingering symptoms like what you have described. If you are unware of their stories google Troy Aikman and Steve Park(NASCAR) to learn the full extent of what a head injury can do. Also a hematoma on the brain is a very serious condition and you mentioned increased intracranial pressure which is also very serious, I would not take the risk and take a year or two off.
Avatar n tn I am so sorry to hear about your accident and I do hope you recover from your symptoms soon. The symptoms associated with a post-concussion syndrome (PCS) can last from a few weeks to several months, and is dependent on the severity of the concussion. Have your symptoms worsened during the last 8 days? The symptoms you mentioned do indeed fall under the known symptoms associated with PCS.
Avatar n tn I was bleeding from the back of my head and The doctor just said that it was nothing to worry about and gave me a staple in my head. After 2 years I think I'm seeing the symptoms of Brain concussion. I have short term memory loss, loss of concentration and when I think I feel like my brain is fogged out. I got scared and researched this on google which happened to be a brain concussion. I think my neurogical status is decreasing everyday.
Avatar n tn Nonspecific white matter lesion. No bleeding. I don't smoke, normal weight and blood pressure, no diabetes, exercise regularly, have eaten a low-fat diet for years. I am 70, female, and have had five concussions in my active life, the last one 20 years ago. Could these be responsible for the findings since no cardiovascular disease seems present and tests for peripheral blood vessel problems in my legs are normal? Carotid artery is clear.
Avatar f tn In 2014 the year of my GCSEs, I suffered from a concussion in January. I will give you the full details, so that there is no misunderstanding. I fell during hockey, and hit the back of my skull, behind the ear. I did lose consciousness, but was not aware of it until later on. I remember the pain of touching my sore spot being a burning sensation, as though hot liquid was being poured into my head from the very spot.
Avatar n tn Post-Concussion Syndrome After Mild Brain Injury Patients with long-term symptoms were more likely to have radicular symptoms, anxiety, sleep disturbance, blurred vision, "symptoms of cranial nerve or brainstem dysfunction," and signs of osteoarthrosis of the spine. These patients were also more likely to report more pain immediately after the accident.
Avatar f tn I've been suffering with increasing hypo symptoms for about 10 years now. Hair loss including pubic and eyebrows, extremely dry skin, 35 lb. weight gain w/out over eating, unusual bruising, edema, hoarse voice, cough, ridged and spooned fingernails, etc. etc. I was having blood labs done by various doctors for health problems following mold exposure in my home. None of the doctors seemed to read each other's tests and seemed to just put them in my medical file, and I wasn't getting better.
1448748 tn?1312959808 Wgen I had a seizure and fell and had major concussion and confusion and head contusion, they did an mri this was a year ago, I had no symptoms. Now I have symptoms that my doc thinks could possibly be ms, my question is do they have to be specifically looking for ms type lesions to find them, our would they show up on an er mri looking for other emergency related things?