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Avatar m tn Abnormal electric activity in diverse brain localizations may elicit hallucinatory phenomena of a peculiar nature. Alajouanine (15) quotes from Dostoyevsky's experience of an auditory aura and a sense of Epiphany: "The air was filled with a big noise and I thought it had engulfed me. I have really touched God. [No one] can imagine the happiness [epileptics] feel the second before our fit. Mahomet, in the Koran, said he has seen the Paradise...
1434024 tn?1329816440 They found it initially on a CT after my second fall down the stairs, when I got a pretty bad concussion. What they told me was, I probably had it for a long time (history of migraines and syncopal episodes off and on since age 4) but that the concussion probably "accelerated" it. I've heard different reports on injury vs. Non injury, and I'm not clear on all of it, but that's what happened to me.
Avatar f tn Sorry to hear about your test results, but at least it means you know what it is -- and that's the first step toward getting well. Sometimes Lyme messes with blood pressure and related bodily systems, and no two of us get the same set of symptoms, which is one things that confuses docs sometimes. Low blood pressure could, from what I have read, cause you to feel lightheaded etc.
Avatar n tn Go to for a good overview of "ocular migraine." I "suffer" from this and have nearly the same symptoms the posters here have described. I say "suffer" in quotes because it's concerning, but once I read about it, I now know to just chill and wait. I have tried to determine what triggers the episodes, but I've yet to find anything obvious.
Avatar n tn Hence, the quotes. He's a counselor and a recovering addict. So I don't think he owes anyone his undivided medical attention...especially since he doesn't qualify to truly give that sort of advice. His words of wisdom and experiences are very valuable, but he shouldn't have to share that with the world via his personal email address. If he gave it to someone in confidence, why should he have to expect that confidence to be betrayed? Second, this really isn't our business.