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Avatar n tn He feels fine sometimes, but at times he complanes of tingling in the body of the left limbs, and he feels dizzy and has to sit down to relax. He cannot concentrate on any tasks for a long time, and when sometimes he becomes extremely sensitive to light. Doctors said that he has a 'pinched' nerve, and he is recovering from a concussion.
Avatar m tn , which you can find under the search feature here and I and others may be able to help and support you since I've also been in a similar situation - a concussion falls under this category. It takes time, and can be frustrating at times, and sometimes some symptoms (especially cognitive) go unrecognized. In the meantime, I hope you feel better and know that we are here to support you and educate you on how to cope with this.
Avatar m tn I hit the back of my head very hard in October 2012 i have had dizzy / light headness since. but recently i have been getting tingling in my arms , neck and face. Sometimes in my legs, i get some headaches sometimes and the dizzy feeling sometimes seems to clear up after about 2 months . but from time to time returns. i had a CT Scan a few days after it happened . then again recently after i started getting tingles in my body.
Avatar n tn I had an injury to the head about 3 days ago and was diagnosed with a mild concussion by my doctor yesterday. My headaches seem to be getting better and I guess I've been feeling less nauseated but just recently I feel a tingling almost cold-like feeling in my right foot. What could be the cause of this and is this something I should worry about? Is it associated with my concussion?
Avatar f tn My balance is off and I stumble constantly when walking. The Cat scans and MRI is normal and does not show any permanent damage and the doctor assures me that everything will return to normal in time, but it has been 6 months and I really don't see any improvement. Do you agree with this diagnosis and can you give me some advice?
Avatar f tn She currently has constant headache at the back of her head and neck, head pressure, numbness and tingling in her arms to name a few symptoms. Any thoughts/experience with this situation? A NS was consulted at the time of the mri (6 weeks ago). At that time he said the chiari was asymptomatic and to return for follow up in 6 months. What is a reasonable time to wait and see if her symptoms are from the concussion at this point? I have never posted a question on a message board before.
Avatar m tn Went to the doctors and was diagnosed with concussion. Rest and pain killers, I thought ok  Then I started getting numb tingling in my finger tips on my left hand, mainly my little finger, also now have a strange feeling in my left ear (with some pain) feels like I’m going deaf but can still hear?
Avatar f tn For a while since everything happened, I've been having a periodic tingling sensation that happens in random parts of my back and sometimes spreads. It's an extremely strange sensation and likes to happen when I slouch, which is almost all the time possibly due to a large.. Ahem.. Chest area for a 150 pound teenager. Very recently it's been spreading to my right thigh area and sometimes at random points in my body.
Avatar n tn I sat and rested for about 15min and the pain was gone. Starting the next day had numness and tingling and my calfs stay so sore. Went to my doctor and he said it may be buerger's desease, and put me on a pill called platel and tested my blood flow, the test came out good now I have pain in borh legs from knee down burning, numbess, I can stoop down now and have a hard time getting up.
Avatar m tn There was also a mile seizure/convulsion for less than 10 seconds within the first 30 minutes of the injury. They did a CT Scan and EKG in the ER and I've subsequently had an MRI and sleep deprived EEG. All were normal expect "occasional slowing over the right frontal central region" in the EEG. Since my injury, I've had random tingling in my skull that occurs throughout the day in various locations.
Avatar f tn After weeks of trial and error we settled on Maxalt, Topomax (now at 75mg BID), and Verapamil. I am now diagnosed with Post-concussion syndrom and currently in PT for Cervogenic Dizziness and while there has been no improvement in the HA, the dizziness is almost gone. :). HERE IS THE WEIRD PART--During this journey I was sent for IQ testing by my disability insurance.
Avatar f tn My chiari was found after opening a car door into my face trying to enter the vehicle and knocking myself out. Was dx with post concussion syndrome. It wasnt until i had trouble walking and whole body numbness started that we were able to find out after many many frustrating (multiple) dr visits. I agree with Viva. Please seek a peds chiari specialist. Not many PCPs, NS etc are familiar with chiari and the process can be frustrating and depressing.
Avatar n tn I lost conciousness, have no memory of being hit, and was disoriented and in and out all the way to the emergency room. I ended up with 41 stitches in my head and after a ct scan, was sent home about 5 hrs later. It has now been 8 days. I have extreme fatigue, headaches, numb spots that come and go in my face and head, nausea, and my eye hurts (I developed a black eye about two days later).
Avatar m tn My forehead area including my left eyebrow and above have been numb but very very slowly have been tingling and slowly gettin more feeling back in it. I still cant move my left eyebrow down when i squint but my question is, do you think the tingling is because my nerves or feeling is coming back there? its been numb since the accident but i can do more with it now then when i first woke up. Let me know what you think cause any advice will help me.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a concussion about 3 wks ago and after that I have had a tingling sensation in my feet. I want to know if this is expected and what can be done to resolve this. As a a positive side effect, I have also noticed that things seem to be moving in slow motion some times. In other words, I see things much quicker and my reflexes have improved. Is this normal ?
Avatar n tn My symptoms involve very sensitive skin on my face which means harsh medicines, drinking anything, laughing and such causes tightness along with slight redness and a constant tingling sensation. I've experimented focusing on every skin problem possible (acne, rosacea, dermatitis, etc) but my skin problem doesn't really pertain to any of them. I have been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis, but I've kept the symptoms at bay..
Avatar f tn I've experiencing extremely light tingling and pressure mainly in my legs and sometimes (rarely) in my hands or arms during the last four months. For the last years I've been experiencing high levels of stress/anxiety on a daily basis and I've been diagnosed with severe depression recently by my doctor. I've been prescribed with prozac and victan. Appart from this tingling I do NOT have any further symptoms. I don't feel tired, I don't have double vision nor any coordination issues.
Avatar n tn This has taken over my life as I am forced to be bedridden 90% of the time. I've missed out on normal things like working, having a family, and missed several weddings and family funerals. I only drive a few times a year and I can't do my own shopping. I've had so many bad episodes while shopping that it causes severe anxiety when I go in there now. Sometimes I can control it, until the dizziness kicks in. Then I have to run out to the car. I was scanned for MS in 2005 and it was negative.
Avatar n tn I've been finding when I drink too much caffeine - a cup of coffee in the morning and a soda at lunch - I often find my tongue starts to tingle or my lips go numb and I become light headed. Just recently, it's been my right arm or hand that starts to tingle or will go from normal to immediately falling asleep. I often times have a pain in my right arm, even when I'm not drinking caffeine. But I've noticed these effects almost immediate with a little too much caffine in my system.
Avatar n tn 42, have always had hellacious headaches, but started left sided tingling and numbness last July, followed by dizziness and visual disturbances (tunnel vision, and jerky, jumpy eye movements, lasting only a few seconds) Tingling and numbess started in my foot, and gradually went up left side of body. Mid-Oct. was when it hit my face....
Avatar n tn However, my husband has primarily the tingling in the hands and feet. We are detoxing and the symptoms are improving. At first we thought it was just mercury poisoning from eating fish. However, consider that metals like lead, aluminum etc. could be a part as well. Here are some of the sources: cooking ware, dishes, lotions, any kinds foods especially from polluted places like China like teas, canned foods etc.. Also, consider electrosmog from wireless devices.
Avatar m tn Any questions I should ask or requests I should make as far as treatment? I understand that healing from a concussion can be a long process and that no 2 people are alike. But as I stated before this is starting to concern me and I am sure that the stress/worrying about it does not help my situation. I appreciate any advice given and Thank You Very Much for taking the time to read this/reply to this post.
Avatar n tn I have been working alot more at my desk lately and for the last few weeks now I have started to have a very acute tingling sensation rush from the middle of my torso down my hip area and through my legs, lastly making my tongue and fingers go slightly numb, when I look downward or lower my chin while I am sitting. It only lasts as long as I am looking down, but the tongue and fingers stay slightly numb for a little while after this happens.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a concussion about 3 wks ago and after that I have had a tingling sensation in my feet. I want to know if this is expected and what can be done to resolve this. As a a positive side effect, I have also noticed that things seem to be moving in slow motion some times. In other words, I see things much quicker and my reflexes have improved. Is this normal ?
Avatar n tn my gait is normal, no ringing of my ears but a tingling sensation to my scalp instead. i went to my internist, checked my ears and eyes and said that i'm ok and he can't provide answers to my dizziness and tingling sexastion to the scalp. he ordered neck x-ray plus CT scan of brain with and without contrast. this is about two weeks now. is this a brain tumor. im really worried. can someone enligten me. thank you and god bless us all!
Avatar m tn These days, in the United States at least, an inexpensive MRI is usually available during the day (a CAT at night) in most emergency rooms. If there is a concussion and swelling drugs must be given to prevent further swelling, which will possibly cause permanent brain damage. There is a window of opportunity to intervene, and if that is lost, long-term neurological issues can result.
Avatar f tn neurological symptoms I've been experiencing for the past month. Yesterday, I woke up with NO tingling in my legs and thought, holy this the day I finally start on the road to recovery? Today however, my hope has been bashed by a searing pain in both of my eyes. The tingling has stayed gone but instead I've had to deal with this nauseating headache that won't answer to tylenol, advil or alleve.
Avatar n tn I was told I probably slept on my arm wrong and it was asleep, but there was no tingling like normally when your arm goes to sleep. My question is can post concussion syndrome start two weeks after the injury? I see a neuro in 1 1/2 weeks but I'm really scared something might happen before then. Any clarification you could give me on post concussion syndrome would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Yes, I've had muscle pain and weakness. Tingling and muscle weakness started 5 days after the vaccine for me. However, my biceps were sore and I had fatigue immediately after. I remember having two dizzy spells and a weird feeling in my stomach like something in it dropped right after the vaccine. I hope you get into see the neurologists that you want soon. Please don't forget to keep us posted as to what they say.