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Avatar m tn I also hit the back of my head and had a severe concussion and brain contusion (bruising of brain) 1 year 10 months ago and still suffering with 24/7 dizziness, stuffy head, ringing in ears etc., When it comes to Post concussion syndrome it is really a collections of many many symptoms and confusing. You are only 3 weeks away so it may be too early to call it and most people recover within few weeks or months. I am the unlucky one.
Avatar m tn my name is gaurav and iam 16 years old about a month ago I,met an bike accident and i got mild head injury on my head had vomiting and was unable to remember what happened just before and after my accident then next day when i woke up my vision was blurred and there was ringing in my ears and i was unable to watch television and was sensitive to light and loud noise I thought that it was due to my head and kept on fighting with my symptoms watched television gone to school for about 10 days the
Avatar m tn If you develop nausea, vomiting, excess sleep, severe headache, difficulty in walking and balance, tremors, seizures, vision problems, ringing in ears etc then consult a doctor immediately. These symptoms develop if there is a brain injury or bleed. Otherwise this pressure will go in a few days. However, it is important to get a medical evaluation. So please consult your doctor once. Take care!
Avatar f tn I'm not seeing stars anymore but I am dizzy and sometimes nauseous. My ears start ringing at random times. Sometimes not too bad but sometimes it really bothers me. My head feels really heavy most of time too... Should I see a doctor or is it just a minor concussion that I shouldn't worry about.???
Avatar n tn Ringing in Ears are getting worse, and Headaches worse. Had an accident in '03 docs said - no permanent damage, I guess should not have signed the papers from my lawyers. Anyway, problems not getting better, some worse. THere is also a clicking ringing sound in my right ear that wasn't there originally. Sometimes the pitch of ringing changes, and makes me more dizzy, and have to stop everything until it stops.
Avatar n tn My mother suffered a concussion about 4 weeks ago and she still gets a terrible high pithced ringing in her ears sometimes lasting up to 24 hours. She has been to a neurologist and ENT, but they have not been able to tell her anything. They prescribed xanax and while it helps dull the noise, it does not do much else. Has anyone suffered this before? Should my mother expect this to last forever, or is this a common problem post concussion? Please help. I am very worried about her. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Following that I noticed ringing in one of my ears, that lasted a few seconds, and a slight headache began to develop that was no generalized to a specific area, but rather kept feeling pain in different areas of my head. The headache pain is mild, but is concerning to me whether I have gotten a concussion, I do consider myself a chronic worries as I tend to think I have certain conditions. I also seem to not be able to focus clearly or think clearly.
Avatar m tn From what I have read online, one of the leading indicators of a concussion is having no memory of the incident. As well as nausea and a headache. Apparently on Friday night, I fell on some stairs, hitting the back of my head. I say apparently because I was black out drunk at the time.(Yes, I am of the proper drinking age. No, I don't do this sort of thing every day, let alone every couple of months.
251315 tn?1198200157 For the first 5 months i suffered with horrible head aches, dizzyness, concentration/ processing / thinking problems, slow movements and slow speech, balance was horrible, i would sway back and forth like a drunk person, couldn't multi task, couldn't sleep well and my memory was absolutely horrible. Constant ringing in my ears and and even seeing double. I couldn't do anything. My mom says i had no personality and i was like a zombe. I spent many hours on the couch watching tv.
Avatar n tn Hello it sound more like B12 deficiency. Are you anemic? I get this ringing of the ears and headaches and nausea and fatigue, when my levels of B12 are low. I have pernicious anemia. Why don't you ask your doctor to check this. Is important because if you are B12 deficient, either you not taking it in from the diet (problems in the lining of the stomach, or other reason), the neurological problems can lead to lost of balance or death if you are not producing red a good amount of red cell.
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? It is possible to have post-concussion syndrome for months and even years after the incident. This condition is a complex disorder in which a combination of post-concussion symptoms like headaches, tinnitus and dizziness are experienced. There are no specific treatment for post-concussion syndrome but treatment for the individual symptoms you experience is made by your doctor. Regular follow-up with your doctor is highly recommended. Take care and regards.
471949 tn?1236907626 I was in a car accident about a month ago and had a mild concussion along with injury to my C2-C5. I've had horrible headaches every since the accident. Just yesterday it was so bad that I actually blacked out (hit the floor). I'm dizzy quite often, have ringing in my ears also. I'm being treated by a chiropractor for my neck injury. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with post concussion disorder and i have constant migranes, memory losss, sensitivity to light and sount, nausea, and dizzyness, and i just recently have begun to have auditory hallucinations. Ive been seeing a neurologist but so far nothing is working for any of my symptoms, can anybody please recommend anything?
Avatar m tn On Jan 3rd, I suffered a severe concussion when I fell and hit the back of my head. I developed dizziness, ringing in the ears, bad headache, unsteadiness and nausea. Its now going on 2 months and I'm not getting any better. My Neurologist said that I have Post Concussion Syndrome. What's the difference between concussion and PCS and when will it go away? I can't even drive, or work and to even go to a store, I'm afraid to go without someone with me.
Avatar f tn by a rocket blast (explosion) in Baghdad in April 2008. Initially, I had some headaches and ringing in my ears but my migraines started in earnest in late June 2008--two months after injury. As for me, the my Migraines have just now began to stabilize a bit with drug therepy (Topamax), but still can be debilitating. My MRI was normal too. I wish I had better news....just don't let anyone convince you that because an MRI is normal you don't have a bona fide injury.
Avatar m tn Was getting the odd headache since then but didn’t think much of it until around the beginning of October when I was working (On computer a lot) and suddenly got blurred vision and strange visual disturbances which lasted about 2mins then since then the headaches worsened off and on usually with a dull aching pressure pain around the point where I banged my head on the fireplace kind of like something throbbing and a ringing pressure in my ears.
Avatar n tn I am still experiencing disturbed sleep,head ache/pain, ears ringing, left sinus plugs at night and burns during the day and occasional nausea.The MRI and CT scan both show nothing. I find this strange and a bit frustrating. This leaves an open arena for misdiagnosis. Aren't there any tests that show clinical proof of injury in this day and age of advanced technology? Is it possible for a radilogist to miss something?
1602878 tn?1304339616 My neurological symptoms are getting much worse. Ringing ears, sensitive to light, nauseous , thinking causes worse headaches, hot and cold sweats, fingers go numb. My question is how long will I need to stay down and quiet? They say to have total rest both mentally and physically. I shouldn't be writing now but need some input. The answer I am getting is until the symptoms go away and stay away!
Avatar f tn A little over 3 months ago I got up in the night to go to the bathroom and (we aren't sure if I fainted or felt and knocked myself out) but I hit the dresser and was unconscious for a while. I actually woke up back in in bed without knowing how I got back in bed and the room was spinning wildly. I was sweating, sick, nauseous, throwing up and couldn't walk. I finally made it to the bathroom and could see I had dried blood under my nose.
232639 tn?1211417480 I have had the CT scan the MRI everything looks fine but I did suffer a sever concussion and whiplash the Dr. said. I have very similar symptoms as samanthalee. Ive been off of work for a month and now allowed to go back with strict limitations, Im very moody, I dont feel comfortable enough to drive yet, even when riding in a car with someone and they turn a corner too fast I get dizzy and sick for hours later. The specialist said this could last up to 6 months!!
Avatar f tn And last but not least, the most annoying this is my ears WILL NOT stop ringing. I've been to the doctor for this and he said I should be okay within a couple weeks. But it hasn't gotten any better, it's actually gotten worse. What could be the problem and should I make another appointment with my doctor?
Avatar m tn First off hello and thank you for reading this, I think I have a concussion because today I was playing a game of soccer with some friends and one of them accidentally kicked the ball in my face. What happened was it hit me in the head and my head tilted backwards 3-4 iches and it hurt a little in my head but mostly on my face i saw my glasses fly away to I went to get them and my face was in pain for about 2 minutes.
Avatar f tn 5 days ago I was at the gun range and had a very loud gun go off with out adequate protection quit close to my ears. Ever since I have had a very loud very consant ringing in my ears. I saw an ENT yesterday that also performed a hearing test and determined that I had some hearing loss more on the higher frequency sounds. Everything sounds musled and the ringing is so loud it is very hard for me to consentrate.
Avatar m tn Following that I noticed ringing in one of my ears, that lasted a few seconds, and a slight headache began to develop that was no generalized to a specific area, but rather kept feeling pain in different areas of my head. The headache pain is mild, but is concerning to me whether I have gotten a concussion, I do consider myself a chronic worries as I tend to think I have certain conditions. I also seem to not be able to focus clearly or think clearly.
Avatar n tn By the time I saw my neurologist, my pressure headaches had subsided completely but i still had the fullness and ringing in my ears. The ringing went from beating/whooshing sound to a low ringing from time to time. My optic nerve swelling has improved with wt loss & treatment but i still have ear fullness esp. When lying flat. I really hope you've gotten the help you need because those symptoms are no picnic to deal with.
Avatar n tn The pain subsides from a 10 to a 3 or 4 within a few minutes, but my blood pressure sky rockets for a short period of time due to the pain and it leaves my eyes sore and my ears ringing for hours. Usually, I have to take ibuprofen or tylenol to make the pain go away. I am seeing my doctor on Friday and will update as soon as I figure out anything.
Avatar m tn Today the bump is not there much but i feel constant ringing in my ears and feel drowsiness after lunch. I also noticed sometimes i feel at loss of words while speaking. Also while sleeping i notice my heart beats become faster as i go to sleep. Am very stressed out. Is it a cause for concern or i need to see a doctor? Please suggest what kind of doc i need to see for this.
Avatar m tn Took a day and a half just to acknowledge the bump on my head from where it hit the floor. Took about two days for my ears to ring, and they're still ringing. I'm at a loss when my light headed/dizziness will fade. Went back to the doctor days after incident and he set me up for an MRI and sent me to a audiologist. All hearing tests went fine, I'm not def, and doctor told me to put the ringing in my ears in the background. How may I ask? Anyone know? I have the MRI real soon.
Avatar n tn I tapered off last year and when I was completely off it, I developed tinnitus in both ears. My GP and the ear doctor both said they knew of no connection; it was just a coincidence. I started Zoloft 50mg and the tinnitus subsided. At zoloft 100mg, it subsided even more, almost disappearing. I went off Zoloft completely again and the tinnitus returned with all its fury. I started again and the tinnitus once again subsided. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Avatar n tn On 3/16/10, my son (15 1/2) bent over to pick up a baseball & as he stood up & turned around was hit with an overthrown ball. He had an orbital fracture. His eye pressure after 1 1/2 months was finally down to 19 (60 was the highest) and inflammation is down. However, his pupil is still dilated, and ophthamologist feels that at this point, it is permanently blown.