Concussion and eye problems

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Avatar m tn My daughter has hit her eye and we are worried about a concussion.
Avatar n tn I., I thought he would be better by now, Is this common to still have these problems,and is there a concern with calcium, and how will they get rid of the calcium?
5876677 tn?1375906504 i passed out at a friends house 2 weeks ago i got a bad concussion and 10 stitches in my forehead the dizzy/light headedness has gone away when i lay down and sit up but still happens when i bend over,i'm having vision problems with my left eye,my hearing in my left ear, the left side of my face is always numb and will hurt at the same time,my boyfriend says i'm acting strange like i'm in my teens sometimes, i get sick to my stomach when driving,i sometimes feel like i'm going to pass out again,
Avatar f tn and was hit in the head from other team mates going for the ball,he was suppossably knocked out for at least 5 min or more,and when he came too no one was around and he didnt even know what had happen to him,he just remebers gettting up from off the ground,when my father went to pick him up from school he told me that my son was looking sorta gazed at him complaining that his head hurts bad and that he couldnt see good,now at the school function there was no adults around at no part of the prac
Avatar f tn My son at the age of 9 banged his head when he feel off his bike and sustained a cracked skull and concussion. Make an appointment to see your doctor too, as he may refer you for further evaluation, like scans. Hope you get on OK Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I had a concussion 6 weeks ago that has resulted in my left eye seeing dimmer than my right. this was the case when it first happened. it had become better after a fews days, but the past week or so it has gotten worse.... I went to an optimologist to have it checked out yesterday. no problems with pupils.. he did several tests including one where u look into a box and click button when you see light...... no problems at all.... everything seems normal...
Avatar n tn Could there be anything going on in my brain from the concussion that is causing the eye problems I am having and what should I do about these problems.
Avatar n tn Day three I started bruising around outside of my eye and became tired and confused a little. My dr. Tested me and said it was mild concussion and to take it easy. Does anyone know what signs I can look for if I'm to be getting better. I'm still tired, irritable and restless.
1433614 tn?1283452059 My question is, is can my eye pain (that feels like something is between the outside edge between my eyeball and the eye socket deeper inside) really be associated with the Concussion? and what are the Possible issues at hand? What could be wrong? Thank you again for your information and insight i greatly appreciate it would just like an idea of what could be wrong.
Avatar m tn Sorry, I get twinges 3-4 times of a headache above eye and like a pinch for a second near where I hit my head. I also have had horrible sleep, I wake up with anxiety.
Avatar m tn Brain/face CT came back clear. Have been diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. Am still dealing with executive function problems with specific issues with visual scanning. Since my accident, I've been experiencing narrowed focus for both near and far objects. My peripheral vision seems fine, but have to make an effort to focus on objects. I have trouble focusing on the "big picture" if that makes sense. It feels like my right eye is working harder than the left.
Avatar f tn I also couldn't cry at the beginning partly due to the TBI but also becuase my tears werent there.. the nueroopth. said it was dry eyes and eye strain. Most everythign has gotten better but on an active day my eyes get really worse...I know when I have done too much. How long will this "dry eye" thing last and the pain in my muscles behind my eye? Ive called a so many times for follow up but they say its normal.
Avatar n tn She finally went 15 days symptom free just to have a very big headache causing her to have an eye twitch on 3/18. She said the pain was an 8 on a scale from 1 - 10 and it was at the temple. The headache eventually went away but the twitch is still there. She had a CT scan on the 6th and it came out normal. Should I be concerned about the twitch or the length of recovery. She wants to play hockey again but I feel we should wait another month. What do you think?
Avatar n tn What is very apparent is that you must get a complete eye checkup by an eye specialist and not just by an optometrist. This loss of vision in the peripheral visual field can be due to optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma, high internal eye pressure, retinal detachment, occlusion of blood supply as in eye stroke, optic neuritis, and optic nerve edema.
Avatar f tn who underwent significant personality changes following a concussion that forced him to socially withdraw and stop singing. One of the problems is that head impacts can cause internal bleeding or pressure on the blood supply to the pituitary, which controls hormonal production. All that being said, the human brain is resilient, and I would never say that you will never return to normal. I would recommend you consult an endochronologist.
Avatar n tn I had to have three staples in my head, it took almost a whole year to get the feeling back in my head, and I have a short term memory problems till this day. I also have headaches to where when I get one I have it for weeks at a time, and vicodin only numbs the pain for a short period of time. I really do not want to come dependent on the pain pills for my pain, but I don't know what else to take for it.
779793 tn?1235859826 After 18 hours, he is still having problems with coordination and can't sit or stand. His breathing has become rapid and shallow. I am giving him water via syringe about every 30 min. His pupils are equal and responsive to light, but his left eye seems to pull outward when his right eye is looking straight. The Vet said to wait until Monday, but I feel like I should be doing more.
524760 tn?1212552249 hi, i have a baby shihztu and at 8 weeks my mom put her on kitchen counter walked a way and yes she fell i got there about the time she hit the floor she yelped one time i ran picked her up her head was side ways and she would not open her eyes, i took her to vet and for 30 mins she keep one eye shut but she was ok, he checked her out and said she was fine, she was very tired after but at 8 weeks they sleep a lot ,shes 10 weeks now and shes great, no problems, so plz dont be scared if she landed
Avatar f tn I was in a car accident several years ago and had post concussion syndrome--dizzy-headaches for 9months. I also noticed one pupil larger than the other after the accident. Had all of the tests and no brain damage other than concussion. Dr. thought my pupils may have always been that way but, that I never noticed before. I don't think so. Also, when the light goes out--the smaller pupil has more trouble adjusting to the difference in light as quick as the other eye.
1433614 tn?1283452059 My question is, is can my eye pain (that feels like something is between the outside edge between my eyeball and the eye socket deeper inside) really be associated with the Concussion? and what are the Possible issues at hand? What could be wrong? Thank you again for your information and insight i greatly appreciate it would just like an idea of what could be wrong.
5123318 tn?1417399436 Now 20 years have passed and I have digressed to the point where I cannot read, watch a television, look at a cell phone or make eye contact with people. Though my body is healthy, I live pretty much the life of a vegetable and have spent years sitting on my couch listening to audiobooks. If I do let myself look at a cell phone for a few minutes or try to read part of a book, my eyes will swell up and leave me in terrible pain for many days.
Avatar n tn 14, and we were told she had a mild concussion. In the first few days and weeks afterward, there were some behavioral changes, but we attributed them to lingering discomfort from the injury (and from an ear infection that came on right after the injury). For example, she immediately began having nightly sleep disturbances, which had never happened at all before. She also became angry or agitated at very minor things, which was also unusual for her.
Avatar f tn Blurrier vision despite recent eyeglass prescription change, cataract surgery 3 yrs ago and concussion with contusion on lower left skull. My right eye ball is shrinking! I changed eyedrops, not using those cross-linked starch drops; but I still have episodes of really blurry vision. The opthamologist exam ruled out intracranial hypertension vision problems. I am a 73 year old woman with corrective eyeglasses for near-sighted vision with astigmatism.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I hit the left side of my head on the door before the side air bags went off and suffered from a blow to the head and a slight concussion. Since that accident, I have had severe eye issues including pain behind my left eye, headaches that leave me irritable everyday, sensitivity to light, occasional blurred vision and spots. I had gone to my Opthalmolgists who diagnosed me with Optic-neuritis.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from post concussion syndrom since I wiped out and hit my head snowboarding in January. I still have headaches almost all the time and when my headache is really bad I get dizzy as well. It's really hard for me to sit still and let myself recover as I'm really athletic and I'm a 16 year old girl. It's really hard for my to concentrate in school because I have trouble reading the board and my classes get really loud sometimes and I don't low what to do anymore.
1051397 tn?1253817260 When I took her to the vet he said that she had some missing teeth, a concussion, brain swelling, and no activity in her right eye. He gave her a shot to stop the swelling to the brain and another shot for some other reason. He also gave me a creme to apply to her eye to see if she get's that vision back. She seemed to be in less pain when we got home but she was still very disorented. She was getting stuck behind things and walkng with no destination in mind.
Avatar f tn Could you PLEASE tell me what's the difference between concussion and PCS, and is there anything that I can do to get rid of it or how long it lasts? As of right now I can't even drive, work, or even go to any stores because of the dizziness and light headedness, I almost need someone with me to make sure I don't fall or walk into things like walls and doors (which have done already many times).
Avatar n tn I have extreme fatigue, headaches, numb spots that come and go in my face and head, nausea, and my eye hurts (I developed a black eye about two days later). These symptoms seem to be listed as normal, but I am very worried both about the symptoms and the resulting depression I feel. I can't get into a neurologist for 2 wks. Should I go back to the emergency room?