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Avatar f tn There definately is a difference between Ritalin and Adderall. Adderall is stronger. For instance, if a person is on 30mg of Adderall and wants to switch to Ritalin, will need aprox. 50 to 60mg of Ritalin to be equivelant to the 30mg of Adderall. I am on 60mg of Adderall daily. I wanted to try Ritalin again just for the heck of it. I have shown proof from reliable sources, to my Doc that he needs to give me MORE than 60mg Ritalin for it to be effective as 60mg Adderrall.
Avatar n tn 2 years ago my 11 yr. old son w/ ADHD was switched from Ritalin to Adderall(because of bothersome side effects-stomache cramps) He was on the medication for aprox.3 weeks, during that time we observed very shocking behavior, which we later learned to be side effects. He was having what I considered to be psychotic episodes. He would get extremely angry, throw huge fits, break things, he would have a "crazed look" in his eyes & this could be over anything!
401095 tn?1351395370 i have taken adderal, ritalin, concerta, for adhd and i tried phentermine which is also an ampetamine for weight loss not sure if you read my story on the heath pages but i started my addiction age 9 with ritalin i also have hep c which causes extreme fatigue (and right not i am unisured i think my thyriod levels are low) i have taken excetorin which has caffine in it, just to make it through the day, but i felt horrible, yes i was awake but not energetic thats the thing with the prescription ad
Avatar f tn i do have mild add i found out dr changed me from adderall to also on xanax was on prozac dr changed it to wellbutrin sr..i have been reading where these meds can cause a seizure...
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Avatar n tn Switched from Ritalin to Adderall about 4 months ago, started on 20mg XR. I stopped noticing the effects of it, and told my psychiatrist, and she gave me a scrip for 10mg IR to take with the XR. Then about a month ago I mentioned that I've been getting distracted easily at school, so now I'm on 30mg XR/10mg IR everyday. For the record, I'm 6'1"/220 lbs, a pretty big guy... I only say that cause I know body weight has alot to do with med dosages.
Avatar n tn sure they're both stimulants but actually ritalin would be closer to coke, and adderall is close to methamphetamine. not that it makes it any better... kids are obviously the target market for Shire Pharmeceutical, which i think is awful. i agree with woozy that kids should not be on this stuff, unless it's the absolute last resort. it's given out to toddlers and grade-schoolers like fuggin' candy! guess what, they're KIDS, being inattentive is what they DO!
Avatar n tn My son was dxed w/ ADHD. He's been on meds since age 5. He's 9 now. Ritalin, Concerta, Dexedrine, & now Adderall XR and Inderall. Aggressive behavior since age 2 resulting in being thrown out of 3 daycares. Violent in school when he doesn't get his way, (e.g.
Avatar n tn some kids do have increased anxiety issues with the adhd meds, my son is on focalin after trying adderall, concerta..he had hallucinations on concerta wich they said was very rare 1 in a million have it, and ritalin, aggressive out burst, and then dexadrine which worked for awhile but then just stopped even after upping 2x...I wouldn't let the dr. up it anymore if it wont work at 2.
Avatar n tn While it is not highly probable that a switch to another stimulant would make a great deal of difference, it would be perfectly reasonable to see how your son does on a methylphenidate product such as Ritalin LA or Concerta. I do not know of any studies which document the impact of SI problems in conjunction with pharmacotherapy of ADHD.
Avatar n tn I believe that you can, but I am not an expert. I know that you can cut the pills for Ritalin and Metadate but not Concerta. You might ask the pharmacy for the literature that comes with the medicine. Sometimes it states in the paperwork if you can cut the pill. Depending on your pharmacist, he wil tell you if it is fine for you to split the pills. Also, your son should not show withdrawl. Even if your son shows withdrawl problems, these should be temporary and they are better than tics.
Avatar n tn If one feels they need to try a medication, in my opinon, it would not be amphetamine, such as Adderall. Contrary to popular belief, ritalin ( methlypenadate) is not classified as an amphetamine. Adderall is an amphetamine. Try going easy, do your homework, and meds do work. Just do the homework, and know what you are doing. Some people with ADD in adulthood can function without meds, but ritalin turned my life around for the better at age 52. Thx.
480448 tn?1426952138 We give Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta to patients at work all the time, but that doesn't help because I know that they work totally opposite for children vs adults. It will be a challenge for me to put some of these conceptions I have about certain meds aside. The other thing I would like to do is to just share a bit about my dgtr to hear your opinions. Now, I KNOW none of you can truly evaluate her by reading online, and that's okay...I'm not going to the bank with your insight...
Avatar f tn like landow kleffner syndrome and lennox gastro syndrome and other ones. My son was on adderall and then concerta witch both have the side effects that can cause seizures.and we have been told he could have LKS and then told it was more like to be LGS .
Avatar f tn My son was put on seizure medicine since 2006,and when I asked one of the doctor while he was in the hospital if he Concerta could have cause his seizures she said yes.H e was taken off of it right away.And when I re looked up Concerta and Adderall ,they both have the side effect of seizures. The doctors have told me that once you have the side effects of some medicines ,all you can do is treat the new problem.
Avatar f tn I did a lot of research. We got him an appointment with a Psychiatrist. After much trepidation, we put him on Ritalin. We saw almost immediate results! He was actually able to focus! It was like he was a completely different kid. he started succeeding in school. He was actually reading and doing his homework! Then, after a little while, the Ritalin stopped working. Instead, he became irritable and started lashing out at his sister. It was pretty bad. They would bicker and he would hit her.