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Avatar f tn My son graduated last year and he said it's everywhere for sale in school and i still have a 16 yr old plus 3 others behind her..just trying to arm myself with more info..This is crazy..thankyou for any info..
Avatar f tn I am totally off Prosac now , my Concerta is half dose. I was taking 4-5 10MG/650MG Loricets for too many pains too count. I have gotten down to 1.5 a day in 6 weeks. As for my Clonapin I was on 4MG then 2MG which I have cut to 1MG for sleeping (I am bi polar) I have talked to many people who have told me that cold turkey on Clonapin can lead to siezures so I am trying to get a new shrink to help me detox them. No luck in my area yet.
Avatar n tn They keep it illegal so they have something to spend all the tax dollars on. They keep it illegal because if it were legalized they would have no way of controlling it. They couldn't roll it up, package it, then tax the hell out of it. Why???? Well... too many people know how to cultivate it. That means us users can grow it ourselves and Uncle Sam gets zilch tax-wise. It has to do with controls.
988870 tn?1284810404 ) Stress is a definitetly a part of increase in sx for dysautonomia and for other autoimmune diseases as well. It is easy for someone to tell another to try and not stress to much.......But in reality, Easier said than done! Your parents are in my thoughts and prayers as you are too.
Avatar f tn 5mg four times a day, 10mg four times a day, 20 mg four times a day, Concerta, etc. etc. And for some reason it wasn't weird at all to her that 20 mg four times a day plus 2 concertas in the morning wasn't a lot for a 100 pound woman.... (many pharmacists cautioned me, but it always pissed me off, and when I told my doc about that, it pissed her off too, and made her even more willing to just prescribe whatever.