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Avatar m tn I took adderall continuously for about a year and a half to fight my exhaustion before realizing the zoloft might be causing my insomnia. I switched to pristiq and now the insomnia is gone but I became horribly dependant on adderall to the point that, if I went cold turkey on it, I would start vomiting, get shaky, sleep all day and have mental/mood changes. My doctor switched me to concerta about 2 months ago hoping it would be easier to get off of it as opposed to the adderall.
Avatar n tn Besides, Strattera seems to have a lot of side effects (though Concerta and other drugs also have), and can't be taken with Zoloft that my daughter is taking (as I read from the Internet). I read that when taking Strattera, one should not eat chocolate or consume tea/coffee. Is it true? My daughter reacts strongly against this because as a kid she can't accept that chocolate is not allowed (though she does not eat this frequently).
1575110 tn?1334668235 Hello, I also have adult ADD and I have tried both Concerta and Vyvanse. My doctor wanted me to try Concerta for a few weeks and I didn't like it at all. It didn't agree with me. It made it feel depressed and NOT motivated to do everyday things. I was on a 36 mg dose and when I went back to my doctor I told him I hated it. He mentioned that there is a new medication called Vyvanse and asked if I would like to try it. With nothing to lose, I said yes. I do like Vyvanse.
Avatar f tn Both my 7 year old and 10 year old daughters are on concerta. I like it. It is a gradual release form of ritalin and doesnt turn them into zombies. We make sure they have it every morning because if my 7 year old misses a day the first day back on it she doesnt eat hardly at all. But now that they have both been on it for some time they both eat regularly and are doing well. Their appetites are still a little bit curbed but at least they eat enough to be healthy and stay alive.
Avatar f tn Hi, i was diagnosed with severe clinical depression just about a year ago and have been put on zoloft. I started my dose at 50mg and am now at 200mg. I also take concerta for focus help at 100mg. when i first was depressed but not yet diagnosed i steadily gained weight till i was overweight at about 147lbs. i am 5'6" and a good weight for me is anywhere between 125-135. I am now 109, one year after starting treatment.
Avatar n tn 5 in the morning and at noon and a whole .5mg at night, Zoloft 25mg once a day, focalin 5mg in am, and clonidine 1/2 tab x 2/day and 1 full .1mg at night. He was started on the Zoloft in April of 2006 with the hopes of getting him off of the Klonopin and treating the anxiety however what happened is he became more hyper but with the smaller dose seemed to be more at ease and so was left on half the original does 25mg. We moved to another city and I have a new doctor for him.
Avatar n tn He is 10 and on Concerta 54 mg (for last almost 3 years) and Zoloft 100 mg and Intuniv 2 mg and recently Risperdal 0.25 mg every am and 0.5 mg q pm. The neurologist wanted to add another med Abilify on board as he was still having some outburst behavior. I find this troubling that he wants my child on 5 psychoactive meds. we sought a second opinion from a psychiatrist that our son's therapist recommended.
Avatar f tn Ritalin, Concerta, and Aderall. She is so moody and impossible to deal with. She cries all the time, and throws fits constantly. It's like she is never happy. I am not currently giving her any of those meds.) For the past 3 days I have given her a 50 mg Zoloft and day 4 i gave her half the pill. She has been so pleasant to be around, I have never seen her in such a great mood. She has been hyper, but not whiny and evil. She hasnt been yelling at everyone or throwing temper tantrums.
Avatar f tn My daughter is on Concerta 36 mg and Zoloft 20 mg for her ADHD and Anxiety. Has anyone had drastic weight gainon these meds or a combination of these meds? My doctor says they don't. I am not syure about that.
Avatar n tn Our 30 year old son has CP and Aspergers. He is on Ambien for sleep, Concerta and Zoloft. He has recently been experiencing some muscle aches and tingling in his muscles. He has also had some confusion and forgetfulness. Finally others are noticing he looks extremely tired although he says he doesn't feel tired. I am wondering if his medication could be causing his problems or if we should see a neurologist.
1756970 tn?1314380333 hi ok i was put on concerta 36mg about 2 weeks ago and weened off of zoloft 200 mg and put on at the same time 10 now 20 mg of celexa. the first week i was feeling great!! was finally sleeping well, woke up energized and moods were stable. than this week i went down hill. i felt like i was on crack all day!! my brain was foggy, yet overstimulated. couldnt interpret what people were wanting from me. i heard them but just panic mode set in.
Avatar n tn My son has ADD (not ADHD) and he was on Concerta 36mg and it seemed to not be working so we just switched him to Adderall. He is 12 yrs old 5ft4in and 170 lbs, the doctor put him on 5mg once a day on Nov 1st and it's Nov 26th and I feel like I'm losing my mind again, it's like he's on nothing. I've read different postings and it looks like it should've been increased already. what do you think? Thank you.
Avatar f tn i also take zoloft 50mg i have been on it for 12 years now, i took my self off of that about 8 years ago and i started haveing panic attacks so very bad i had to go back on and dont want to go back off. but my panic attacks are also heratitary (i cant spell lol) my mom, grandma, greatgrandma, great aunt have had them or have them. I of couse thought no one could have had or have them as bad as i was when i first started having them, they were horrible!!!
316755 tn?1207987883 rispedal, clonadine, hydroxyzine, DDAVP, Singular, lamictal, melatonin XR, She has been on abilify, adderal, ridaline, concerta, stratera, tegratol, paxil, zoloft, welbutrin, and a bunch of others over the years. She's been medicated since she was 4. That's how we found the malformation. The concerta stimulated it and caused the seizures. We did an EEG, it came back abnormal, did an MRI and BAM, there it was.
Avatar n tn My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed w/ ADHD 3 years ago She has taken several medications and currently takes Wellbutron and Concerta In the last 7 months or so she has become increasingly more out of control she is verbally abusive to all authority figures and now me.
Avatar f tn We thought about actually suing our child psychiatrist over her putting my son on zoloft and not telling us that it causes so many problems as well as causes tics and possibly in your sons case could be causing him to have symptoms like he has aspergers. My son was on zoloft for 1 year and had the same exact symptoms and experienced tics and was a basketcase. He wanted to die and I decided to take him off of the zoloft.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am thirty eight and I have had OCD at varying levels all through my life. Most of the problems that I have concern feelings of being dirty and further contamination if I touch public things. I am currently taking 150 zoloft, but I don't see any improvements or changes in my OCD feelings. I was wondering if, maybe for some people, there just isn't any medicine or therapy that can help. I have been told about behavior therapy, but it scares me too much to try it.
Avatar n tn He has been taking effexor and is on 150 mg. now. Also we have added Lexapro 10 mg. He was taking concerta 36mg, then the teacher last year said she didn't see improvement in his behavior, so they doubled the concerta, which exelerated his anxiety. That's when they added the Lexapro, and switched the concerta to strattera. (which did nothing) Now he's on no ADD medicine. My child's doctor isn't very proactive with our situation. I feel like things are getting worse.
Avatar n tn I'm new to this board and just read your thread and was wondering if you got switched over to the concerta? I too will be starting nursing school and I struggle with staying focused and the typical ADHD symptoms. I was going to go to the Dr. and ask for Ritalin. Do you have any suggestions? I really want to do good in school and I know I will need help.
Avatar n tn my girlfriend were very high sexed when we were younger, she now takes Zoloft and has slown down also. I'm not sure if Viagra is safe for anyone with high blood pressure. But I think if my blood pressure was as low as yours I would have my doctor lower or change my level of BP medicine. Lopressor/(Metoprolol) is the worst. My dad was still taking the same dose for 20 years...even though he had lost 100 pounds, quit drinking and quit smoking. I have found if you don't tell you doctor...
712802 tn?1274649085 Hi, I am on Zoloft and Abilify and I am doing great. I know everyone is different but Abilify really made a difference for me for both my anxiety and depression.
Avatar n tn I took it for a short while but am going to ask if I can go back on the Klonopin to calm down and then in another month take Concerta again for concentration and focus.
880242 tn?1241286605 I can tell you if they worked/did not work for me or how it interacted with Adderall just to name a FEW Effexor Zoloft Lamicital Ativan Concerta Geodon Ritilian will list more soon... tired right now.
Avatar n tn I am so worried that it is something so serious. I have seen 4 different doctors and had blood work and urinalysis done and always given anxiety as diagnosis. I am currently taking lexapro for about 3 weeks now.. seems to help a little but annoying head pressure/pain will not seem to go away. Does anyone have any advice?
Avatar n tn She is on multiple medications - 300mg Budeprion, 100mg Zoloft and 36mg Concerta. Just found out she is smoking pot and drinking alcohol (and her mother does not have a problem with the pot/alcohol part of it - but that is another problem...). What are the side effects to the pot/alcohol with all of the medication that she is taking on a daily basis?
Avatar f tn I drink water, eat bananas, and I eat cheese and nothing is working. I am on concerta and zoloft but I have been on that since late 2010. I just want the muscle spasms to stop. They don't hurt their just annoying. I just want it too stop. They make me really depressed and they keep me awake at night.
Avatar m tn I was on xanax as well as zoloft and paxil.The anxiety I suffered from withdrawl of xanax was almost unbearable and lasted at least a year.The paxil,however,stayed with me for years and I could literally taste it in my mouth.Try taking 4000 iu of vitamin D3 as well as staying away from all stimulants ie...caffeine..Alcohol can also trigger panic when you withdrawl.
Avatar m tn I usually take a high dose of ibuprofen and take a nap and when I wake up it hurts less and I get along with my day and forget about it. When I was 17, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (biopsy of duodenum and blood tests both performed). I have had severe depression for years. I started psych meds at age 14, and have been on them ever since. My mother has lupus and rheumatoid RA. Her father died of leukemia. My father has severe, chronic back pain.
Avatar m tn The final medication we stopped with Concerta, which made me very angry all the time, caused violent actions against my family, made me gain wait, and gave me severe dark circles under my eyes, and also gave me severe depression. I went off of all medications for about a year, and then another doctor put me on Zoloft for the depression.