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Avatar f tn I had a complete blood count with differential yesterday that showed normal values for all ranges. Is this sufficient to show no HIV or is that a separate test?
550622 tn?1247656720 An elevated MPV is usually accompanied by analytes of the complete blood count being out of reference range. Slightly elevated or decreased MPV values if the rest of the CBC is normal are usually not significant. Values 15% out of range should be referred to a physician to determine cause. Your numbers are so slightly out of range, they more than likely mean nothing is amiss. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn The further you progress in treatment most of the values on the CBC (complete blood count) will fluctuate over and under the reference intervals. I just popped into the LabCorp site and did a print screen of one of my labs during treatment. Not sure which week but I think it was after I started Procrit so maybe week 18 or so. Notice how many values are in the High column and how many are in the Low Column.
Avatar m tn I has CBC (complete blood check) test in which it showed CD4 count is 980 and lymphocytes is 19.1% for range 20-40%. What does these values mean. Does this indicate weaker immune system in the body. I am little nervous please help me. Thanks.
10947 tn?1281404252 With this tracker, you can track the results of various lab tests, including White Blood Cell (WBC) Count, Red Blood Cell (RBC) Count, hemoglobin, hematocrit, iron levels, total iron-binding capacity (TIBC), and transferrin saturation. This tracker can be used on its own or in conjunction with the other trackers, such as Hepatitis C, HIV, Thyroid, and Kidney Disease. You can access the CBC Tracker here: .
Avatar m tn What were her other lab parameters? Do you know what her white blood cell count or platelet count were? Also, what kind of symptoms does she have - how was this initially detected in her?
20841648 tn?1574339564 "Microcytic erythrocytosis is an underrecognized and **underevaluated** complete blood count (CBC) finding." The Results of Hemoglobin Variant Analysis in Patients Revealing Microcytic Erythrocytosis on Complete Blood Count 2018 (A synonym is 'microcytic polycythemia'.
Avatar f tn What they do is give you a value which comes from a analyzer that gives the white blood cell count and red blood cell count, platelet count etc. and if this is abnormal they do a manual count which is under the microscope and they read the number of cells. The normal range for lab tests can vary depending on their control values and type of instruments they use.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone has had several CBC's and had slightly elevated white blood count? The last 3-4 times in which I've had a complete blood count they notice that it's elevated but not to the point where it becomes a concern ( so the doctor says) but I still find it strange.
Avatar m tn Hello~The fever and bitter taste in your mouth cause me to wonder if you have a hidden infection. When you had your blood work, did they do a CBC (Complete blood count) I am wondering what you white blood cell is, they could very well be elevated. You could also be very low in vitamin B12 and the other B vitamins. I would suggest a good, high potency B complex along with a good multi-mineral.
Avatar f tn my doctor just said because of blood test values that it was "recent" all info about blood lab values is getting more and more confusing. since first outbreak i assumed it had to be 2 to 20 before?
Avatar f tn I just had a routine complete blood picture done. Everything is within the normal ranges however I was just comparing my previous test results and WBC count was first 8000, then increased to 11,000 and now with the latest test it is at 4940. The normal range is between 4000-10,000. The neutrophils, lymphocytes etc are all within normal ranges. So is my wbc a cause for concern? It is within the range but I've googled and now worried myself sick as it's apparently on the low end of normal.
Avatar m tn as a part of routine check up doctor advised me to take the complete blood count (CBC) , am suffering from very very health anxiety , all the time am looking my body for lumps or sores , if one doctor says nothing to worry then i switch my doctor , i consulted almost 17 doctors in this month , all said the same ( i have no problem ) after getting the cbc result , my total wbc count is little high 11900 , (11000 is the maximum range ) all other values are in normal 2 docotr said its just beacuse
Avatar f tn I just had a blood test, and my white blood cell count is 18.2. what can this be a symton of? Do I need to take care of this immediately? I get very tired very quickly and get dizzy if move too fast.