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Avatar f tn // And one last thing... thank God that a new blood test that can diagnose CFS is on the horizon ! To all of those who didn't believe CFS was real.... remember not to do this in the future when other new illnesses emerge. If bird flu, SARS and West Nile Virus didn't kill their victims... then we probably would have questioned whether or not these people were ill as well. Stop the judging and do your research !
544292 tn?1268886268 I want my life back. There was a full second where I wanted to say YES!!! Not a split second. A complete second. It might been two full seconds, maybe three? ...Which was new for me. A craving? More like; It would be so nice to stop the fight. But we all know what A LIE drugs are. The offer of pain all over your body and esp in your belly going away!? And someone else will BRING you the pills!? Wow. Sounds too good to be true. (AND IT IS!
Avatar f tn I will be picking my children up from school after the meeting. This meeting is with my director of nursing only it seems. Really that tells me that they want to keep it private for many reasons I'm sure, and that I will be terminated. Her office is not big enouph for a review board of pharmacists and other people. I believe she probably has all the information gathered and will terminate me. I wonder if I have the option to resign. I do not know about these things.
Avatar n tn With Gods grace it will be 4 yrs this yr,I cannot imagine kicking at many mgs/#of 7.5s or 10's were you taking per day? The best thing they gave me was catapress,blood pressure reducer. That with Quinine for the cramping made the physical tolerable. The depression?Time,God and knowledge that their is life after you get out of vic/lortab hell. God bless and good luck brother.
Avatar n tn my sleeping pattern is better this past week, but i don't count it to stay. sorry you feel so bad. Good luck and Blessings. post to me or email me, especially about the endo. meagain, i hope you can make it this time. but you have a legit reason for the pills, chronic pain right? do not try to put yourself though something your body can't handle. if you going to try to get off, i am here for you.
547368 tn?1440545385 Your work is so important. I was a CNA before I went to Nursing School. It was very rewarding. If you have been doing it for ten years you must be dedicated. My father has a CNA through Hospice that comes in twice a week. She has become part of our family. We all love her. Thank you for all you do.
Avatar n tn Out stories are similar and I'm feeling for you but once you know what the w/d symptoms feel like its a little easier to take but very hard when you are working or needing to meet responsibilities. I think most people on pills started getting them from the doctor and then took more and more. You sound like a nice girl and its good you found the web site, wasn't it surprising to hear all the people talking about what you keep a secret everyday?
Avatar f tn I had it check out and they say I am fine. I feel sluggish then a jolt of energy with the pooling of blood then that push of fresh blood. Kind of a similar feeling I get when I fall in love with a hot girl that I am afraid to ask out. I know it sound kind of juvenile, but it the closest feeling I can think of that makes me feel like I do when the PVC's come on strong. Exercise can improve health.
Avatar f tn I have a rabbit and she uses that as an excuse to barge in the room. My fiance is an only child and his mother is his only blood relative left. It's hard to put boundaries on that.
Avatar f tn I realize everything is supposed to be confidential, but I'm an RN and I cannot afford to be seen by colleagues, patients, or the nursing board. This might be just an excuse, but that just isn't something I'm comfortable with. I have found 2 sites online that you can do anonymous meetings - considering that. But the chat-room based 1 I did try was *awful*.... so not sure. Hanging in there - w/d *****. It's more mild than before, but the sleeplessness it the killer.
Avatar f tn if someone is in so much pain that they are seriously considering suicide, does that count as 'death-bed' ? I read ALL the info that comes with the drugs, as well as chking the net for further advice. the responsibility lies with the patient. take the meds as prescribed. if you can't then you need to tell your dr about it. then he can help you. If it weren't for strong painkillers, I'd have been dead in my mid-20's. not much more to say. hope you don't think i'm being nasty. i'm not.
Avatar n tn I was killing myself on dilaudid. I want to complete this program where I will not ever go back to that needle. I do and will use NA meetings for support. Thanks for asking. You are clean right now, right? Post me back and let me know how it goes with you.
Avatar n tn hello there, i would wait a little bit longer then get tested again, a blood test would be more accurate! that way you will know for sure! when i first got pregnant i went to the dr and got tested every week each of them come back negative then i finally went in for a blood test and found out i was 5 and a half weeks along, a blood test would settle this for sure! GOOD LUCK!!!
195469 tn?1388326488 (For example, has it brought you closer together, do you find that you argue over little things when you aren't feeling well, do you think that your family tries to unload too many responsibilities onto you; when you just don't have the energy to even clean the kitchen or take out the trash? I personally suffer from periods of doubt in my abilities to contribute to those around me. I do wonder what 'tomorrow''s' challanges will bring and if I will be able to meet them head on.
Avatar n tn If you can, try to take over your wifes responsibilities with the children, maybe get some help from friends or family. However, the sooner she hits her bottom the sooner she'll find recovery. ALL OF YOU STOP ENABLING HER!!!!! You nor your children can get her sober she has to want it for herself ! And please remember that this is not who she is, I'm more than sure that behind her drinking there is a beautiful and intelligent woman .
Avatar n tn However this could also mean some sort of cardiac issues as well. Rather than taking a blood test and try and figure out what screening range we fall in we elected to go for a cvs. We should have the first set of results back by Monday. I've done some research online and well basically it is telling me stuff I already know. We probably have a 10 to 15% chance of something being wrong. We choose the CVS cause it is conclusive, we want a yes or no answer.
Avatar n tn all of my siblings have been captains of there sport. and that so far is the only goal i have been able to complete for my family. i want to get help for this but it would crush my family and make others look down at them for something i did. i am trying to quit on my own but withdraw makes me sick and shake and get bad fevers. it makes my legs feel like a thousand needles our in. i want to know if there is an easy way to quit in secret.
Avatar n tn She said all results were good-normal but my white blood cell count was borderline high, which means that my immune system was working big-time to counter-act the vaccines. Yes, I can't look at anymore of these diseases and conditions online either because my heart starts racing and I feel sick. Until one of these doctors give me a "firm" diagnosis I am staying away from finding out more.
Avatar f tn Well, I went i nto have some blood tests done and all was fine............I have been on a health kick all this year (lost 40 pounds and brought down my cholesterol, triglycerides 55....basically pretty healthy. I started having constipation, so upped my fiber...but sometimes straining to go to bathroom, belching and burping, white spots in stool and yesterday a little blood in the stool. At the time I met with the gastro doctor, was asked if I had blood in stool and I hadn't then.
485259 tn?1519050626 I have just read the complete thread and it was not only comical but very very informative for me. I have posted under other topics but this one pretty much covers 'all' my interests/questions.
Avatar n tn I left there feeling more comfortable then going in. I'm not going to count on this result until I actually see something that says "no cancer." I mean, I guess it is a pretty bold statement for the doctor to say if he wasn't that I'm hoping for the best. The waiting game is still tough though... I want to thank you ladies again. You both have been very helpful during this last week.