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Avatar f tn I had a complete blood count with differential yesterday that showed normal values for all ranges. Is this sufficient to show no HIV or is that a separate test?
Avatar m tn You can really tell from a complete blood count what type of infection you have (as said above). It does show a slight increase in your WBC count so you are fighting some type of infection. The RDW is high as well which just shows there is a variety of cell types. Sometimes this can mean iron deficiency anemia but it isn't too bad since your Hemoglobin is normal. The more important question is what are your symtoms and how long have you had them?
486038 tn?1300063367 The CBC tracker is a great idea, however, it is lacking several of the major components of a basic complete blood count. Please, it would be wonderful if you would add the details, such as the break-down of the WBC, such as the LY%, the MO %, and the GR% that are found on your CBC results. Other things to add include the MCHC and the MPV, which can also be tracked. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone has had several CBC's and had slightly elevated white blood count? The last 3-4 times in which I've had a complete blood count they notice that it's elevated but not to the point where it becomes a concern ( so the doctor says) but I still find it strange.
Avatar m tn chronic infection kna kz ang Anti Hbe mo ay reactive..try to visit Dr Jerome Gallestre dalhin mo labtest mo para mas maunawaan mo na rin lhat....
Avatar m tn Pero marami kasi side effect to so you can decide na magantiviral ng derecho depende kng bumababa hbsag count mo. Pero kng dna napapababa hbsag count mo mas ok na magpegniterferon na pra maclear. Again takingt vitd3 is important. Sa lahat ng condition na to mainam dn magpatest ng ibang liver blood test such as cirrhosis markers, vitd25OH, creatinine atbp dahil may ibang tao na dahil sa gamot nagkakaron ng side effect, kaya mainaman pdin nagpapacheckup sa doktor..
Avatar f tn Chronic yan sakit mo 2%or 4% lang ang gumagaling d yan pero kung negative yun HBEAG or hepatatis BE antigen mo at mababa ang viral count mo low infectious ka meaning pwedeng makahawa kahit papaano. pero pag positive yun HBeag malakas ang iyo hawa or infectious ka . kung may asawa ka patignan mo rin siya kung sakali nakuha niya yun sakit sa iyo as adult na 95% ma clear niya yun virus w/^months akter ma clear niya siya ay protectado for life .or mag pa vaccine .sana makatulong ito sa iyo.
Avatar f tn Kailangan mong pumunta ng gastro at magpahepa profile kana rin para malaman mo ang kalagayan mo wag lang po mawalan ng pag asa
1404708 tn?1286315983 So much useful info, I havent even really started this journey of helping myself with these problems because until I visited this site, I thought I was going a little crazy, have always been a sound minded person, I am 33 years old, I had a complete thyroidectomy in Nov 08, I spent the following year just trying to feel normal, anxiety attacks, sleeplessness, the list goes on and on, the last blood test that I had done was in April and my Dr said that everything looked good, but after getting a
Avatar n tn Did they do a CBC when they took your blood? Complete Blood Count? I am assuming they did since they did hypothyroid but I would make sure.
Avatar n tn Are there any other signs or symptoms present? Chest x-ray, complete blood count and complete medical and physical examination is needed to help with the diagnosis. It would be best to see your doctor to rule out any differentials and to reach a complete diagnosis. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Kelangan mo kumuha ng anti-hbc igm para malaman mo kung acute (temporary lang) or chronic (pang matagalan) ang status ng hep b mo. Pag acute, malaki ang pag-asa mo matanggal ang hep b s katawan mo basta alaga lang, maganda paconsult ka din s doktor. eto muna una mong gawen.. kng dami ng virus s katawan kelangan mo hbv-dna o hbsag quant tests kaya lang mahal to at gnagawa lang eto pag chronic active ka bago ka magumpisa ng treatment for reference..
Avatar n tn Normally simple blood tests results like hemogram, total cell count, complete blood checkup, blood sugar, electrolytes etc are available the same day. Some times the tests are done and the report not uploaded on the computer due to technical delays. So if you do not get them by tomorrow, yes, definitely follow this up. Hope this helps. Take care!
457438 tn?1302068407 I consulted the Doctor again today because I don’t get complete relief from fever and cough. He advice to do blood and urine test. After test my Platelet count is 2.8 Lakhs and TC is 4400 CELLE/CUMS. He checked the test result and retest after two days. He said that PC and TC level are low. May be Dengue/Viral fever. Can u advice me?
Avatar f tn My primary doctor has done numerous liver blood count, each time this is done the results are high liver count. He has order a ultrasound of the liver and results are that is slightly enlarged but not to worry. I have gained alot of weight, energy is low and menstral cycle us irregular.
Avatar m tn In November 2013, my heart doctor asked me a complete blood count, along with other test (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.). Everything was normal with the red cells, but the white cells were low (4090/mm3) and there were more leucocytes (2740/mm3) than neutrophils (920/mm3). She asked me about HIV and I replied her that I have been tested twice.
Avatar n tn They can also result from autoimmune disorders, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, bone marrow disorders such as leukemia, inflammation of the veins, as a side effect of certain medications, viral infections, such as EBV or Dengue and septicemia or infection in blood. A complete blood count, urine examination and a blood culture may be required to reach a diagnosis. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn parang same year tayo na diagnosed na merun based on my learning the presence of virus in our blood is always there kokonti lang ung count or dadami but pag malakas ang ating immune system may possible na mwala and during the test negative na..