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Avatar f tn I went to the ER on Sunday after the lump got larger and the swelling was becoming worse. My ER doctor ran a CBC (complete blood count) and a CT on my chest and abdomen. Both came back normal but he told me he was still concerned about Lymphoma and that the CT "maybe" could have missed it. He said he was going to treat it as an infection with antibiotics and if the lump hadn't gone away in a week, I'd need a biopsy.
Avatar n tn You will then see if the itchiness will subside. I think a complete blood count and chest x-ray are reasonable initial diagnostic modalities to rule in or out the presence of lymphoma. Should there be a suspicious finding in the initial work-ups, further tests need to be done. A biopsy of the lymph node is diagnostic. Take care.
Avatar f tn If you had a recent viral or bacterial illness, then there can be both anemia and low white blood cell count. Folate deficiency, lupus, Hodgkin's lymphoma, some types of cancer, typhoid, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue, enlarged spleen or hyper-spleenism are few other causes. If this blood picture is flu related, then it will improve with time. Otherwise you need further tests for confirmed diagnosis. Take care!
Avatar f tn Imaging studies and complete blood count and blood chemistry may help. Talk to your doctor about this, write everything that you need to clarify and discuss this with him. A referral to specialists may be done if results of the tests are not conclusive. Take care and best regards.
Avatar m tn The only way to diagnose Lymphoma is by biopsy of a swollen node. They can do blood tests and scans, but these are often only used as a tool if the doctor suspects cancer. From what I've read about Mono, there is a long list of symptoms that patients can present with, a sore throat being the most prevalent, but also fatigue, fever, headache, and swollen lymph nodes (just to name a few).
183933 tn?1290220562 They are not big or anything, but I could feel them and they move around when I push on them. My doctor has given my several complete blood count tests and they are all normal except for my white blood cell count which is usually a little low, usually in the high 3's or low 4's. I don't know what to think. Any suggestions? Thank you!
455726 tn?1213096430 What is the result of your complete blood count and differential count? What other examinations were done aside from chest x-ray? What is the result of your chest x-ray? Infection is the usual cause of enlargement of the neck nodes as well as elevation in the white blood cell count. Lymphoma is also a consideration. Symptoms of lymphoma include fever, weight loss, sweating, and itchiness of the skin. I agree with your decision to have a biopsy done.
Avatar f tn initially prescribed antiobiotics, but they did not work so they suspected mono and took blood. The dr. said the test was positive for mono and that also my liver enzymes were very high and platelet count very low (not life threateningly low, but low). I was ok with that, but then did some reading and tied in some other symptoms I was having prior to the fever. I've been having mild trouble swallowing for the last yr or so and if feels like I have something stuck in my throat.
Avatar f tn Do you know why some lymphomas have a high white blood count while others have a low white blood count? Is it because of the type of lymphoma such as follicular, or if it T cell or B cell lymphoma?
Avatar f tn Steve, most cases of lymphoma are discovered when the patient (or a doc) just happens to feel a bump - neck, underarm, groin. That is most likely what happened with your dog. A crucial fact: where is the bump on her? The neck? If so, highly unlikely to be related to hematuria. Yes, you are probably correct that the abx resolved the UTI and that her UTI is unrelated to lymphoma.
Avatar m tn Hi. What is the result of your complete blood count? Did you have a peripheral blood smear done? Did you notice any change in the character of your lymph nodes? How long have you been taking wellbutrin SR? Acute or chronic infections can result in enlargement of lymph nodes. Even after treatment, the lymph nodes usually do not regress in size. Other considerations for enlargement of lymph nodes would be lymphomas and metastatic carcinomas.
Avatar m tn Two days later the results came back for the blood test came back with normal complete blood count, and normal liver function. So the day later went to see my dermatologist about my acne and he said since my blood test was all clear he would prescribe me to Isotretinoin. He said to only start taking the Isotretinoin once I have finished my Erythoromycin.
147426 tn?1317269232 This is still just his opinion I still have no diagnosis unless you count that as a diagnosis. Just had a full spinal MRI will see him soon. On Gabapentin 3 times a day for the burning and parathesias that I get. Believe I am getting worse and it scares me. Want an answer (I think) Limbo Lander, Udkas.
7549973 tn?1391962323 Is it normal to have such a low white blood count right in the Middle of an infection especially h1n1? I was soo miserable. And since then I am even sicker thn I was before (from the lyme disease). Cant walk more than 5 or 6 steps without getting winded, or leg muscles waning to give out. I am in a wheelchair when I have to go in public which I only leave house for doctors appts. I haven't showered for a week.
1405518 tn?1281157568 Hello, I have thyroid multi-nodular goiter, normal lab work but with complex & solid nodules. The one time they tried to biopsy in Aug 2010, the Endo hit something he shouldn't have & I ended up with a massive hematoma in ICU. Due to that incident, they didn't want to touch me for about 5 months so I could properly heal. While waiting, I had CT's, MRI's & US's which showed 4 enlarged lymph nodes around the thyroid that have not went away.
907672 tn?1381029323 Also, I think you're quite right in thinking that the small bowel series will not show anything, since the PET was good. Since you also haven't mentioned that his CBC (Complete Blood Count) was not a concern, that would tend to indicate that his marrow is okay. When a lymphoma gets into the marrow, it crowds out the normal cells that produce blood cells like red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. But your husband's counts are apparently okay, so that's a good sign.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure what kind of testing they do for STD's, but you can probably call the doctors office that did the test and see if you can get a copy sent to you before seeing the doctor. A CBC (complete blood count) test is a general blood test that is done to look for many kinds of diseases including cancer. However, a CBC isn't used to diagnose cancer, but often is used more as a tool to see if any levels are off.
Avatar f tn Bleeding from a wound Bleeding in your digestive or urinary tract Frequent blood donation Heavy menstrual periods Nosebleeds When to see a doctor A low hemoglobin count is often discovered during a complete blood count test. If your test reveals you have a low hemoglobin count, ask your doctor what this means for you. Make an appointment if you have signs and symptoms If you experience signs and symptoms of a low hemoglobin count, make an appointment with your doctor.
2948462 tn?1359651493 Hi, My friend just developed anemia and informed me that his white blood count is a bit low as well. He underwent some tests but the results aren't out yet. We are very worried even though I think the anemia is as a result of the intense stress he's been under at work. He gets tired quite a lot and now he gets some chest pain as well, left side. What could be wrong? I am very worried.
5836904 tn?1375167257 I have had a high white count for three years now. the blood doctor said if it was fluctuating that it was okay not something to worry about. when he tested me it was 12 (12000) since then it is back up to 18. when this started it was 33 now it stays in the 20ish region never lower than 12. his test got the lowest I have had these past few years. I have not been tested this month so the 18 is last months number. my internal med doctor monitors it but he has not sent me to see any one over it.
Avatar n tn I was just told that my blood test is showing abnormal blood clotting so my dr took more blood to check my vitamin k level. She spoke to me a little telling me depending on what this shows I might have to see a hematologist. Also my blood test came back showing my neutrophil 78.3, mpv 12.3 and lymphocyte 13.9. She said she was concerned and did another blood test to re check it.
Avatar f tn -Shortness of breath -Severe Body Pain -Fatigue -Headaches -Pin prick marks showing up on chest during periods of severe pain or shortness of breath My doctor ran a blood test and these are my results. I worry that I may have aplastic anemia or lymphoma or something scary. I am scared so if you could help, that would be really appreciated. . . WBC: 2.0 (flagged low) RBC: 3.87 (flagged low) Hgb: 13.1 Hct: 39.2 Mcv: 101.3 (flagged high) Mch: 33.9 Mchc: 33.4 Rdw: 11.
Avatar m tn 00) Neutrophil Count - 4.44 (2.00-7.00) Lymphocyte Count - 2.52 (1.00-3.00) Monocyte Count - 0.63 (0.20-1.00) Eosinophil Count - 0.34 (0.02-0.50) Basophil Count - 0.04 (0.01-0.10) Serum Total Protein - 78 g/L (60.00-80.00) Serum Albumin - 47 g/L (35.00-50.00) Serum Bilirubin Level - 11 umol/L (4.00-25.00) Serum Alkaline Phosphates - 76 (40.0-130.0) Serum ALT Level - 40 (10.00-50.00) Serum C reactive protein - <3 mg/L (<11.00) Serum Sodium - 140.0 (133-146) Serum Potassium - 4.3 (3.5-5.
Avatar f tn The doctor told me the same thing as the others that I shouldn't worry because it's most likely not cancer .. She did a complete blood count and came back in and told me my blood test look great .. Now I'm sitting here with a pain that comes and goes in the same area .. What are the chances of this being lymphoma ?
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks 3 days pregnant and my obgyn just told me that my white blood cells and platelettes are high. I am seing the hemotologist / oncologist soon. But what couldcause this? She said cancer is her main concern. Help!
Avatar f tn I can tell you that I have had crippling nerve pain for many years in my feet mainly, my back, head, hands and pretty much my entire body, along with night sweats, severe fatigue, low white blood count, anemia and swollen glands. I do not have luekemia. I have a parasite or bacterial infection causing an imbalance in my gut. It is difficult to get rid of. I am currently taking supplements that kill both. It is possible you do not have leukemia. I am sorry I can not help you more.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Some medications and antibiotics, including skin fungal treatments for ringworm, can reduce platelets too. RED BLOOD CELL COUNT (RBC) (5.5 - 8.5 X 100,000/L) This refers to the erythrocyte count. The cause of abnormalities is the same as Packed Cell Volume and Hemoglobin levels. In the main, low readings point towards anemia and iron deficiency. Severely low readings suggest hemorrhage, bone-marrow disease, vitamin B12 deficiency, parasites, copper or folic acid deficiency.
Avatar f tn A hematologic disorder can present with a bruise or spontaneous hematoma formation. You will need to undergo examinations like a complete blood count, bleeding/clotting parameters to help determine the possible cause. A CT scan or a lactic dehydrogenase determination can help rule out possible recurrence of your non-hodgkins lymphoma. Regards.
Avatar f tn Laboratory examinations helpful in the diagnosis of lymphoma are complete blood count with differential count, blood chemistry including lactic dehydrogenase. Imaging studies like chest x-ray, CT scan, and magnetic resonance imaging are also helpful. A definite diagnosis can be derived from a tissue biopsy. In general, lymphomas are treatable. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are among the mainstays in the management of lymphomas.
Avatar f tn That is simply a complete blood count and nutrient panel. It is one of the most basic blood tests. It should test your iron levels and not just your red blood cell count. Size matters to determine anemia. So, it will count your blood cells, and it will determine cholesterol levels and iron, and your basic vitamin panels. Be sure they include your vitamin D levels.