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Avatar n tn My EKG was normal too. The problem does get worse when I ly down and when I eat. The cardiologist thinks it's acid reflux which can cause wheezing, coughing, shortness of breathe, etc; even without having heartburn which has not been a problem for me. I have been on Nexium for 5 days now, and I feel slightly better, but was up all last night because I couldn't breathe, then around 3:30am I was fine! I have an echocardiogram shceduled for this afternoon. I'm sure it will be fine too.
486038 tn?1300066967 The CBC tracker is a great idea, however, it is lacking several of the major components of a basic complete blood count. Please, it would be wonderful if you would add the details, such as the break-down of the WBC, such as the LY%, the MO %, and the GR% that are found on your CBC results. Other things to add include the MCHC and the MPV, which can also be tracked. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn Not sure what you are asking specifically. I'm not a doctor, just have done a lot of research. A CBC is a complete blood count. Gr% stands for granulocytes and the (H) means they are elevated. Gr# stands for absoulute count of granulocytes and the (H) means they are elevated. These are the same thing, just two different ways of calculating them. Granulocytes are also called Neutrophils, which are a type of white blood cells or WBC.
Avatar m tn You can really tell from a complete blood count what type of infection you have (as said above). It does show a slight increase in your WBC count so you are fighting some type of infection. The RDW is high as well which just shows there is a variety of cell types. Sometimes this can mean iron deficiency anemia but it isn't too bad since your Hemoglobin is normal. The more important question is what are your symtoms and how long have you had them?
Avatar n tn i did a complete blood count and it read hb 9.1 ne 3.6 ly 1.5 mo 0.6 e0 0.2 ba 0.0 wbc 5.9 nrbc 0.0 and the definitive messages read hypochromia please explain also rbc 3.61 hct 28.4 mcv 78.8 plt 227 mchc 32.
Avatar n tn complete blood count, urinalysis, VDRL and a fecal culture. The results of the complete blood count, urinalysis and fecal culture were all approximately NORMAL according to the reference values of the lab. The results of the count of WBCs were: NE 48.3%, 3.0/mm3 ; LY 40.7%, 2.5/mm3 ; MO 8.0%, 0.5/mm3 ; EO 2% 0.1/mm3 ; BA 1% 0.06/mm3. The results of VDRL and HIV were: NEGATIVE. My questions, Can I feel sure, with the NEGATIVE that I got from this HIV test, that I don’t have HIV?
Avatar n tn I started having verdigo-type symptoms and went to see not my reg doctor, but another in his same office who checked all my vitals and ordered bloodwork after he didnt see anything obviously wrong. I had 2 blood tests checking for whatever by a hemotologist; the scores were normal except my wbc was at first 11.2 (I'm not sre of other factors at this point; but doctor concerned, so ordered another test 1 week later. this time wbc up to 11.8.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am sorry to learn that your infant son has had to endure so many investigations, although it is not very clear from your post the reasons for these extensive tests. About the Complete Blood Count (CBC) report, total White Blood Cell count is on the upper range of normal, lymphocytes (absolute count 8400, differential percentage about 75%) are elevated, with corresponding relative low granulocute percentage (20%).
4043517 tn?1374010173 Looking for an interpretation of these results, am I high/low/anemic, only know I'm hep c positive CBC (Complete Blood Count) Date Test Name Result Range 08/31/2012 BA % 1.4 0 || 2.0 08/31/2012 EO # 0.2 0 || 0.7 08/31/2012 EO % 8 1.0 || 3.0 08/31/2012 EO % 6.8 0.5 || 11.0 08/31/2012 HCT 36 37.0 || 47.0 08/31/2012 HGB 12.2 12.0 || 16.0 08/31/2012 LY # 1.3 1.2 || 3.4 08/31/2012 LY % 37 25.0 || 33.0 08/31/2012 LY % 37.5 20.5 || 51.5 08/31/2012 MCH 32.
Avatar f tn The usual symptoms are sore throat, swollen lymph nodes under the throat area, high fever, and around half have swollen spleen. Some have swollen liver as well.If you had a complete blood count as well there will be higher number than usual of lymphocytes and they will look atypical. Here is a website from the CDC that talks about EBV and the testing. I have a Geographic tongue too. It is genetic. Don't worry about it.
Avatar f tn LOW BLOOD PLATELET COUNT (Thrombocytopenia, low PLT) Platelets help blood to clot. They are found in the blood flowing through the blood vessels. Platelets also line the inside of the blood vessel. When low blood platelet count is present, this layer thins and tiny drops of blood can leak through the spaces made when this layer thins, causing red dots on the skin called petechiae (pa-TEE-kee-eye).
Avatar f tn This in turn caused a low platelet count. Many of us have lived with a low platelet count for years. So it is usually manageable until it gets too low. Down into the 30s and below. I never had a platelet count above 70,000 for over 6 years myself and had many surgeries before getting my transplant. They give us platelets if we need them during the surgery. I had some minor bleeding issues over that time but nothing too serious.
Avatar n tn A co-worker let me try on of her pills called Lorazepam. It did calm my symptoms. I had a complete blood count and everything was normal. Someone here said that if felt like someone injected ice water in their veins; it seemed like someone injected hot water into mine. I am constanly checking my body. I am going NUTTS!
Avatar m tn I have hep C and have always contributed the fevers and fatigue to it. My viral count is now 6,000,000+ but the drs. don't want to treat because of the damage it would do to my liver. I have monthly labs done and there are some points of concern with them. GGT=449, Alkaline Phosphatase=689, Eo% = 12.7, BA =2.1, RBC=3.62, HCT-34.7, LY-30.9. Post transplant, my bilirubin dropped to .08, and stayed there until about 4 months ago. It is now at .42 and appears to rising.
Avatar f tn Their weight, total cholesterol, LDH, triglycerides and blood pressure are down...but not the HOMA. Blood sugar and insulin have remainedc exactly the same as 3 months ago. And get this....either with or without Metformin (some needed the Metformin because their blood sugar was high).
Avatar m tn I recently told my psychiatrist about my usage and he told me that abusing this drug can cause blood clots, stroke, high blood pressure, and it can increase your temperature to 106 and you can die. The positive side effects we all love include, loss of appetite, hyper-vigilance(being hyper and attentive), feeling more awake, feeling more confidant, and euphoria (very very happy).
Avatar n tn So the 1st thing I did was make an appointment with a doctor to gets some more tests doen as this didnt seem right to me. they did blood tests blood pressure etc.. and said I was fine and that I have anxiety and gave me something called EFFXOR FX and I took it for a week and it made me feel really strange and disconnected so I stopped talking it. And for about 2 weeks I was fine sleeping normal and feeling relitivily fine.. Then it started all over again.
Avatar f tn I just got back from ER and was tested for everything , liver/kidney/inflammation / CBC test , EEG , complete panel of blood work all came back Perfect!!!! I was tested for MS , had an MRI done was negative, I dont know why yourDr would say you have MS that is detected by an MRI , sory to hear that .
Avatar n tn He was only sleeping about 6-7 hours a night so he would wake up before the son got up and he'd go outside and wander around in front of our house, he was constantly repeating himself, you could hardly hold a conversation with him because any time you asked him a question he would be totally engulfed in his own world and it was very difficult to ever get an answer, he was hoarding food under his bed and eating boxes of cookies and fruit snacks in single sittings, he was hyper and couldnt focus
Avatar f tn i am a 48 YO woman and have high blood pressure and have panic attacks if i don't get the opiates into my system on a regular basis. i still have to work; can't take time off work but still need to be able to function.
162279 tn?1270604959 have you had a good friend that had a child very early and then felt her life wasnt complete because she missed out on so much? or still went out and partied while the baby suffered? well have to say i have. its not fair to that baby, and while some 18 yr olds are mature and responsible and will make great moms, im not always sure. when they think its about money and a house and their parents financial freedom that makes it, they are sadly wrong.
Avatar f tn I've had evoked potentials, spinal tap as well. All tests have been normal. I do think you need complete testing including c-spine MRI and evoked potentials. Sometimes evoked potentials can show lesions that are not present on MRI's. I don't think you have had enough testing to rule MS out. I would go right to an MS specialist instead of wasting your time with general neuro's since you don't have a straight forward case of anything( just like me).
Avatar n tn Vanessa, My blood counts and serum amylase and everything is normal so far. Nothing, I mean nothing, is out of the ordinary. I am not overweight either. You didn't mention your gallbladder. Is it okay too?
Avatar n tn Well it's nice to know that I am not alone. I have been experiencing this "fizzy sound" for the past few weeks now. It only happens when I am lying down, usually when I first wake-up in the morning and lasts for about 1-3 seconds. Sometimes there will be several of these sounds shortly spaced apart. I am 9mos pregnant and have "mild pre-eclampsia" (elevated blood pressure). I was wondering if it could be related to the blood pressure. I don't have any other symptoms (i.
1294995 tn?1330666336 Nothing new to report. I had tons of blood work on Friday and waiting to hear results. I am glad to be on vacation with my ds. The dh and I sold his truck last week and we went and bought a Denali... I wanted something bigger for the family and for our vacation this month. It sounds like spirits are up today which is great.
Avatar n tn My doctor also gave me a prescription medicine called Atarax, which only makes me drowsy and doesn't help the itchy feeling. Any suggestions? Btw, I've taken blood tests to see if there is anything wrong but everything came out fine.
Avatar m tn But the truth of the matter, is that after a few days, I feel my equilibrium has returned to a pretty awesome level, and I forget about how the major anxiety attack I just had a few days ago made my life complete hell. That's how **** works. Out of sight, out of mind. If I don't have one for a few days, I start thinking I'm invincible again, and we go party. I need to grow up and realize that there is a cure to feeling this PURE AGONY! And it's in the form of alcohol abstinence.
Avatar n tn thankyou for the info im due to start on the 16 of this month all i can do is wait but i've been having pregnancy signs had blood test as well as hpt they both came out neg of course this was in oct first week and im still having the flutters in my stomach and dizziness breast leaks nausea sensitive to smells what do you girls think about this ive posted on some other boards spoke to a few women who say that they're hcg levels were low and couldn't find out until they were 2 1/2 mths
Avatar n tn I am 52, female, slim, very healthy, runner, swimmer, healthy foods, occassional red wine, plenty of sleep, good blood work, low blood pressure, etc, picture of health. Have been this way forever. Went to Dr. in fall, they said I was healthy and would not even order a stress test. Same symptoms as others describe, can't get air all the way into lungs without straining or yawning. Now is constant, whether sitting at desk or running 5 miles.