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Avatar f tn Hi! Normal platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 400,000 platelets per microliter (mcL). A count of 113 is on lower side but not low enough to cause any problems. Usually counts below 100, 000 per mcL are considered low enough to warrant action. However, please show these results to your doctor as someone who can examine you can correlate lab findings better.
Avatar n tn You need to call him back and have him fax a copy of the bloodwork to you or you need to go and pick it up and post it on this thread. My WHite Blood Count was 1.5 and ANC was at .5 Monday and and has hovered around .6 all throughout treatment (I am on week #40) even though I take Neupogen every week to keep it up. I have never reduced my interferon dose. What week are you on? I would wait until you know what the ANC (absolute neutrophils) are before you dose reduce.
Avatar f tn Now its been Nine years and she is now sick stomach pain and hurting took her to ER blood count is high fever. they gave her pain meds they put her on antibotices . the did a scan on her they said her ducts where in large. Please tell me what do you think this means how did this get inflamed ? Please tell me what will happen what could this be?
Avatar n tn it is not clear what you mean by liver count, what exactly is that? did you get copies of your blood work? if not, do so soon. a liver profile would include the measurement of the enzymes and hormones produced by this organ, things like bilirubn, AST, ALT and other markers would show results in the blood drawn. are you talking about enzymes or antibodies? you need to ask your dr what it is he is talking about. He should be answering your questions, not the internet.
Avatar m tn Common causes are Vit B12 and folic acid deficiency, leukemias, lymphomas, decreased production of thrombopoietin by liver, Dengue fever, HIV, hemolytic anemias, etc. Blood transfusions and plasma exchange are the prescribed treatments. Immunoglobulins are given through veins for a rapid increase in platelets counts. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral to a hematologist.
315094 tn?1201393650 Try to hang in there till your 12 week test - unless the side effects are unbearable or you have 0 liver damage. A lot of emphasis has been put on the 4 week test lately, but everyone's genetics are different and everyone's virus is a little different. Statistics are just averages anyway. If you started with a viral load of 2,000,000 you've had better than a 1 log drop and your chances are better than "slim".
7510956 tn?1411675017 They tested my liver functions and and did a CBC (complete blood count). That is pretty much standard when being treated. They are just taking care of you. The only thing that I noticed on my tests was my liver functions went into nornal range in the first week of treatment for the first time in 25 years since I knew I had hep c. The nurse may have been thinking of the other treatment with ribavirin. That can and often does affect red blod counts.
1475202 tn?1536274577 I don't really see how this can be measured acurately unless the amount of blood flow through the liver could be measured. A test I never had. Even with a liver biopsy diagnosis of the stage could very from what portion of the liver is taken from. Perhaps the degree of portal hypertension can be messured by what grade of varacies a patient has. I have grade 3 and they have not made a change in since the first endoscopy approx. 13 months ago.
Avatar n tn am 51 years old and recently had a complete blood work-up performed including liver panels, kidney panels, etc.. The results were all normal except for a slightly higher than normal red blood cell count; all other results including liver enzymes was normal. The doctor explained that the elevation of red blood cells could be from a B12 deficiency or drinking too much alcohol. Since I described myself as a social drinker she dismissed this.
1848257 tn?1319157390 I'm a 29 year-old male and I was diagnosed with Hep C (genotype 1a) in November 2010 after a routine blood test. I, for the life of me, have no idea how I got it. The most likely candidate is that I got it just after birth in 1981 (I was a blue baby and needed some blood transfusions). Anyway, I got a biopsy done this past January and the results were good: Stage 1 Fibrosis, no red flags. I started triple therapy with Incivek, Ribavirin, and Pegasys around mid-September.
Avatar n tn A single shunt with complete correction would have the best prognosis. If progressive liver atrophy has occurred due to the age of your dog and age of the shunt than prognosis is decreased. If Sassy's seizures were due to hepatic encephalopathy, than the shunt could eliminate them. If the seizures were just coincidental to the shunt, than the seizures will continue.
Avatar n tn Nephrosis (A Condition in which the kidney does not filter the protein from the blood and it leaks into the urine) Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (Emphysema) Acute hemolytic anemia Liver dysfunction Hypogammaglobulinemia/Agammaglobulinemia a few test that i can think of off of the top of my head that need to be run are kidney and liver function tests and a complete blood count with differential
Avatar n tn The nurse from Dr. Timothy Jahrus, (Margo, Last name unknown), called me to set up another blood test. She said that if my hemoglobin count fell to 8.5 they would cancel my meds. I asked if anything else could be done to boost my Hb levels and she said: "No, there is nothing you can do, we will wait till the levels fall to 8.5 and then cancel your medicine." I have researched the internet and there are several things a doctor can do to boost my Hb levels.
Avatar n tn I have hep c and cirrhosis,sever damage to my liver Ast and Alt numbers on your blood test are important.Prothrombin Time by its self not normalized.Theres lots of other things. I cant take the injections because my platlets are lower than yours with cirrhosis.Im going to University of Pennsylvania Tranplant Liver Center next week for final evaluation.If i get a transplant then when the HCV how much hep c do i have at that time i wii be able to start the injections.
Avatar f tn CBC/plts = Complete Blood Count with platelets Liver-LFT = Liver Function Tests Cirrhosis (571.5) Any reason to believe you might have cirrhosis of the liver? Abnl findings gi tract = Abnormal findings in the gastro intestinal tract; that could be anybody's guess, but apparently, there's something there. We're a thyroid forum, so not really equipped to answer these questions. Strongly suggest that you contact your doctor as soon as possible for definite answers.
Avatar n tn Exams and tests While the history and physical examination are vitally important in determining the cause of abdominal pain, testing often is necessary to determine the cause. Laboratory tests. Laboratory tests such as the complete blood count (CBC), liver enzymes, pancreatic enzymes (amylase and lipase), and urinalysis are frequently performed in the evaluation of abdominal pain.
Avatar m tn 4/12/2010 HVBsag +, HBsab-, HVBeag- HVBab + HVB DNA count, 118,000 IU or 565,000 cop ALT 51, AST 28 5/05/2010 Doctor put me on Viread I took it for 1 month 6/11/ 2010 HBV DNA count, 77 IU or 448 cop ALT 29, AST 18 my question is, should I expect the viral load to go down to zero? if it does, what is my chances getting HVBsag-?
Avatar n tn He went through Hodkins disease 10 years ago and the past 3 years they have been monitoring his liver because his ALT has been slightly elevated. Last year it was at 69. He just went in for his annual check-up and is now at 95 and also has elevated hemoglobin count. They did an ultrasound onhim last week and it showed abnormal liver and now they have him scheduled for a CT scan later this week. They have not told us a whole lot but say that sometimes people have what is called a fatty liver.
147426 tn?1317269232 This is still just his opinion I still have no diagnosis unless you count that as a diagnosis. Just had a full spinal MRI will see him soon. On Gabapentin 3 times a day for the burning and parathesias that I get. Believe I am getting worse and it scares me. Want an answer (I think) Limbo Lander, Udkas.
Avatar f tn I also looke up the Alkaline Phosphate test and what it's used for. I copied this info also. "In some forms of liver disease, such as hepatitis, ALP is usually much less elevated than AST and ALT. When the bile ducts are blocked (usually by gallstones, scars from previous gallstones or surgery, or by cancers), ALP and bilirubin may be increased much more than AST or ALT.
230202 tn?1370797179 I'm 45 and have just been diagnosed with chronic Hep C by a hepatologist. My liver function test showed ALT 198 and ASP 81 and Globulin 36. All other test results are in the normal range including the rest of the liver function test, full blood count, Fasting Glucose, U&E (including Cr), Cholesterol HDL LDL etc, and the Thyroid Function test.
Avatar m tn See: In order to view you may have to register at but it's free and easy and worth the time and effort. "...Currently, no specific dietary program can be recommended, although diets low in fat and carbohydrates and supplemented by probiotics may be appropriate.[46]..." "Pharmacologic therapy of NASH is limited and no specific therapy is currently approved for treatment.
438204 tn?1254080848 probably congestive heart failure, kidney failure, end stage liver disease..and probably an esophageal varicies bleed (when an enlarged blood vessel that looks like a varicose vein, ruptures)...IF she stabilizes,(and I mean conscious, breathing on her own, able to make her own decisions, and medically unchanging) there are things that can be done to give her back some quality of life..
Avatar m tn “Two years ago blood tests showed high counts pertaining to liver disease.” What blood tests were done and what were the numbers of the results? What is your platelet count? Are there any other abnormal blood test results? “Milk Thistle was good for liver.” Studies have been done that show that milk thistle has no effect on liver disease. Because it is on the Internet doesn't make it true. “To date, the blood tests are now showing "normal levels".
Avatar m tn 99 Hyaluronic Acid - 149 Alpha 2 Macroglobulin – 481 Glucose- 103 BUN – 26 Alkaline Phosphatase – 118 AST – 68 ALT – 63 Red Blood Count – 4.07 Hemoglobin – 13.0 %Saturation – 16 Alpha Fetoprotein Tumor Marker – 9.7 I don't understand what these levels mean?
796855 tn?1237434999 Before you get worked up any further you should get a complete blood count and a liver panel as well. Those results will allow your doctor to determine whether your liver shows any evidence of disease. If by chance it does show evidence of liver injury then a viral hepatitis test can be done to determine whether you have any viral hepatitis -Hep A, B or C. In the meantime I see no reason for you to be freaking out - unless I missed something.
682838 tn?1240607930 my local doc said for me to go to the liver transplant doctor and get established with him. He knows them and he said he doesn't believe that they will want to try treatment until after I have a transplant. Anyway more waiting I guess. I'm going to try to get in to see the transplant doc asap. Thanks for all the input. I'll keep y'all up on what the docs say.
Avatar n tn My husband was dignosed with hep c and has been on the combination interferon and ribivaron for almost a year we have 3 weeks to go. His liver viral count when we started was 500,000 and is now 65 yet they tell us it should have been in the negative the last 2 blood test. WHat is his chance of having this go into remission and if he takes the treatment again what will be the chances of a complete recovery..