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Avatar n tn Hi, Sorry you are going through this. One normal MRI doesn't count our MS just so you are aware. It can take time for lesions to show up. There is something going on and some of what you said is going on sounds like it could be your fibro but others don't. Just keep working at it until you find some answers. There is obviously something going on so keep at your doctor until they find you answers.
3712143 tn?1347939865 And you can become iron deficient before it every shows in your complete blood count (it happened to me). This problem can exacerbate your tachycardia and your fatigue, etc., so if you haven't had an iron panel (with ferritin, iron saturation percentage, T.I.B.C. and blood iron level) you might ask your doctor for that kind of blood testing. Does your stomach empty slowly?
4173379 tn?1355360151 It sounds like you are having both Hyper and Hypo symptoms, make sure your MD is aware that you are having these, also your indication regarding getting shaky indicates a blood sugar issue, I have Hypogycemia, which causes low blood sugar, and in turn causes shaky and light headedness, also Diabetes can cause the same symptom, some of your symptoms could be from blood sugar issues, but you definatly are having mixed thyroid symptoms also.
Avatar n tn A complete blood count (CBC), to make sure that you have no underlying infection and that your body can tolerate loss of a small amount of blood during surgery A urinalysis to screen for infection and diseases such as diabetes or kidney problems A blood sample to check your blood type, in the unlikely event that you need a transfusion A recent chest x-ray or recent electrocardiogram (ECG) if you are over 40 years old In Surgery If you have a large cyst, your surgeon will probably remov
125112 tn?1217277462 Make no apologies for that "tone"...I feel at home with it. >I also forgot to mention I had IBS symptoms and had a gastric empyting test done, which showed I had gastroparesis - a slow empyting of the stomach and difficulty swallowing.< This will definitely be "filed away" for reference. Thank you. >as my stomach was not dispersing the blood sugar normally....this I worked out myself after 3 years of suffering low blood sugar attacks< How did you remedy this?
Avatar n tn The funny thing was, I was on oxygen, IV, leg massagers for blood clots, a catheter, blood pressure, finger tip sensor for oxygen count, I asked to go, they checked with the Dr in the unit, unhooked me and in 2 hours i was on my way. The discharge papers I signed (NY) stated I had someone to help me for 24 hours, no lifting over 10 pounds, do driving, no sex, no work, no Tub-bath (shower ok)and limited stairs until I follow-up with the Dr in 2 weeks.
329994 tn?1301666848 The last time it happened, 3 weeks ago, I went to the ER because I just could not take it again. My white blood cell count came back at 20,000 so they ordered a CT scan. The CT scan showed an inflamed appendix so they thought I had chronic appendicitis, where it flairs up and backs down over and over. So they scheduled emergency appendectomy.
Avatar m tn SVRs are people without detectable hcv in their blood, relapsers have hcv in their blood, you don't count them in SVRs. 50% is out of 100%. some simple math. 50 get SVR, 50 relapse. here is one result you might encounter when you search:
Avatar n tn I ended up needing a blood transfusion... and not because I lost alot of blood... Our blood cells will break down under situations of extreme stress... yet doctors still continue to tell me that Thalassemia Minor should have no symptoms.... I am always tired god help me if I should run.. I get so out of breath so easily. I get heart palpatations off and on out of the blue, My hands and feet (mostly feet) are always cold!! I used to get bad headaches but not as much anymore...
Avatar n tn I told him I can easily live with the symptoms, as long as the bleeding doesn't get heavy again as it was before the hysterectomy. (my blood count got quite low.) He used the silver nitrate yesterday-- today is RED blood- light, though, and "feels like everything could drop out the bottom!
167895 tn?1189759425 winn periodically to follow up. If an MRI is needed I do it locally. Blood work is done at Quest Diagnostics on San Bernardino Road in Rancho. I am on Intervalley Senior Health plan and they approved everything. Of course, it gets pricey when I reach my drug limit & have to pay out of pocket. However, I am now on catastrophic until the end of the year so my copays are very low.
Avatar m tn Wash off your hands with soap. The blood vessels on one side of the nose swell up with blood, on purpose, to close off that side of the nose to air. This gives the cilia in the closed nostril a chance to clean out all the pollution and mucus. When it’s clean, it opens up and the other side is closed to repeat the process. The things that swell up to close your nostrils are called turbinates. Keep this in mind when you are blowing your nose.
Avatar m tn Is this common and how long does it normally take for the pain to go completely away along with the swelling? My scrotum hasn't swollen and i've had a ultrasound, blood test, and urine sample and all came back negitive for cancer or a tumor. I'm really frightened about it and hope that this is just epididymitis. Also, the epididymitis came after working out and I also have pain in my tighs, is it possible that i pulled my groin and also have epididymitis?
Avatar n tn DHEA BEST WITH ACCUPUNCTURE AND BABY ASPIRIN. Because DHEA increases your testosterone your red blood cell count will increase thus actually thickening your blood. So it is really good to do it with BABY ASPIRIN AND ACCUPUNCTURE to thin the blood a bit and get it over to your ovaries. Poor responders, in conjunction with low testosterone, can also have poor blood supply to the ovaries reducing your response and Accupuncture can take care of that. 8.
Avatar n tn I haven't had it checked out yet by a doctor (due to insurance issues), but my ma has told me that one of the signs of a blood clot is a warm sensation. My grandma was just complaining the other day that a spot on her leg felt hot, and she went to the doc, and sure enough, it was a blood clot. I guess it can become serious if you don't get it treated.
Avatar n tn He ran tests - CT scans, swallowing x-rays, blood work, etc. I saw a speech pathologist and everything. The swallowing x-rays showed that my hyoid bone did not more in unison. It appeared that the hyoid, which I'm told forms in the womb from 3 point of origin and then fuses into a solid bone before birth, had never fused into the solid bone at all.
Avatar n tn I had to have a physical from my own doctor who had to sign some paper work from GHI and I had to have a blood test as specified from GHI Medical. I followed the 500 calorie diet religiously. I had plenty of energy to exercise which I did 5 - 6 aerobic work outs and 3 weight training work outs. I am a personal trainer and I was having an extremely frustrating time loosing weight after the birth of my 3rd child. Yes, I washed my hair and conditioned it.
181575 tn?1250202386 Assess early predictors of efficacy at Week 24; go to 1 of C C1. If complete response (HBV DNA negative by PCR) then continue and monitor every 6 months. C2. If partial response (HBV DNA 60 to =2000IU/ml) then add a more potent drug and monitor every 3 months. C3. If inadequate response (HBV DNA >=2000IU/ml) then add a more potent drug and monitor every 3 months. 7.
Avatar n tn You see, hepatitis virus's dna should not be able to leak out from the infected liver cells into the blood stream for us to measure. And they cannot count Dane particles in a test-tube (no yet). So I assume they collect the Dane particles in the blood into a test tube, then break down the outer coat and inner core, then measure the amount of viral dna.I try to research on this using Google, I did not get a definitive answer. So I hope some one would correct me if I am wrong.
Avatar n tn I've been hospitalized several times, had all kinds of tests - CAT scans with and without contrast and dye, blood work, etc. etc. They've ruled out kidney stones, gallstones, appendix, ovarian cause, growths, etc. But the pain is so severe that I faint. It can last anywhere from 1/2 hour to many hours. Sometimes, Gas-x and advil seem to help. What helps the most is lying down and stretching in the opposite direction of the spasm.
Avatar f tn ( Just also for a side note, ecstacy and stimulants seem to strengthen these symptoms for one reason or another,sometimes alcohol, which caused me to think it was a heart related problem. Ive had blood tests done, EKG, nothing heart related as they could see. They told me it is just bad GERD. (which to be quite honest i hope it is.) any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as I'm sure theres 1000 other people that have this problem exactly.
Avatar m tn I remember reading on here someone commenting on how they could even make out the blood cells moving in the veins, which wouldn;t surprise me. When I wasn;t looking for anything, of course, I saw nothing, which kind of underlines the point about hyper-awareness. It's a mystery to me. Maybe I'll find out when I finally get seen again by a retinologist.
1647691 tn?1363727302 He also decided that because they didn't officially retrieve any eggs it doesn't count as a full cycle so the insurance company will pay again. He wants all to grow more closely together. I think they grew so fast because I was secretly taking the DHEA pills. Anyways I am scheduled for a baseline on Monday. Hopefully, my follicles can grow by themselves without me taking any secret medication. Great quotes ladies.
Avatar n tn I have been to hospital, had a blood test, scan, and everything was fine. I am a dancer, and do gymastics so am very flexible, I often wonder if that is anything to do with it. When I lean back, my back crunches, and my hips crack and knock lots, probably due to all the dance. How is everyone else getting on with it?
Avatar n tn I left there feeling more comfortable then going in. I'm not going to count on this result until I actually see something that says "no cancer." I mean, I guess it is a pretty bold statement for the doctor to say if he wasn't that I'm hoping for the best. The waiting game is still tough though... I want to thank you ladies again. You both have been very helpful during this last week.
Avatar n tn I get a lot of assumptions that I'm talking about a lower back problem/sciatica which is complete wrong. I did have sciatica which a little bit of PT cleared up. - I've been on NSAIDs (ibuprofen and naproxen), muscle relaxers, antibiotics, neurontin, percocet, vicodin. Only the NSAIDs in large amounts (800mg every six hours) helped a little bit for about a week, but now even they do nothing.
Avatar n tn She said all results were good-normal but my white blood cell count was borderline high, which means that my immune system was working big-time to counter-act the vaccines. Yes, I can't look at anymore of these diseases and conditions online either because my heart starts racing and I feel sick. Until one of these doctors give me a "firm" diagnosis I am staying away from finding out more.
Avatar f tn Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he'd already had that happen in both arms simultaneously years before, and the doctors talked about the infection getting into his blood stream and killing him, or the possibility of having to amputate both forearms. Of course, my son was so medicated he doesn't remember any of it. At least this time, he is actually feeling the physical consequences of his stupidity.