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Avatar f tn I went to my GYN on 2-2-12,, she said that this type of cyst could be cancerous, but that there were other types of cysts it could be. Then she referred my to oncology surgeon and ordered an OVA1 blood test, saying that the test was 93% accurate in when looking for the possibility of cancer. I got the blood test done after I left her office and they say it will be up to 3 days for results. But no matter what I will have to have the cyst removed and checked for cancer.
Avatar m tn With so little complex carbs allowed, protein is necessary to keep the caloric count up to a modicum 1800 calories. Less protein would mean wasting away unless fat was increased over 50-60% which in reality is what often happens on a diet like the zone in order to maintain even lean body mass.
Avatar m tn They were following another clinic's algorithm, but they had no clue how to recognize problems when they appeared, do a complete assessment of those problems, use some critical thinking and problem solving, and make a decision on how to best deal with the problems. Before I began treatment I asked about treatment with Procrit for anemia if I got it. No answer the first 2 times I asked. The third time I was told yes.
Avatar n tn I believe most of us perceive complete erradication of the virus as the end-point of tx, but I think his take is that tx is actually more training the imune system as opposed to erradicating the virus. I think this position is reasonably aligned with the blood test Jim described that measured presence of a particular T cell at end-of-treatment in order to predict relapse. Comments?
233488 tn?1310696703 For persistent problems a complete medical eye examination by an Eye MD ophthalmologist is needed plus telling the Eye MD about your symptoms and how troublesome you find them. Self education on OSD is extremely important. If you are menopausal or post-menopausal be sure you and your gynecologist maintain optimal hormonal balance. (Many women with dry eyes have dry mouth and dry vaginal canal).
Avatar n tn but i lost it yesterday on the phone with my sister, i just couldnt stop crying. I had just came back from the doctor to do blood and they had to strart taking it from my hands cant get it out of my arms anymore, my white count is low again and it makes me feel so sick. Im gonna hang in there, i have to.
181575 tn?1250202386 Assess early predictors of efficacy at Week 24; go to 1 of C C1. If complete response (HBV DNA negative by PCR) then continue and monitor every 6 months. C2. If partial response (HBV DNA 60 to =2000IU/ml) then add a more potent drug and monitor every 3 months. C3. If inadequate response (HBV DNA >=2000IU/ml) then add a more potent drug and monitor every 3 months. 7.
476246 tn?1418874514 45 yrs old female, 57 kg, GT 3, VL 580.000, ALT 56, All other blood counts normal, Biopsy not done yet 1. Ribavirin 1000mg, predose for let's say 1 week ??? 2. Pegasys 180mcg 1 x week Ribavirin 1000mg / day PCR at 2 weeks PCR at 4 weeks If RVR... do treatment for 24 weeks PCR 8 weeks PCR 12 weeks If EVR ... extend treatment. Count 24 weeks from time of UND. So how does that sound??
5658923 tn?1372211976 that the medication would kill me because of what it did to my platelet count and white blood cell count, my position, which I am adament about, is that I need to see a specialist, not some Bureau of Prisons doctor that is not going to take any action to deal with my platelet count drop or white blood cell count drop other than (a) adjusting the interferon or ribavirin and if that doesn't work, (b) stop my meds and say, "oh well we tried". That is not acceptable.
Avatar f tn Restriction of portal blood flow, leading to higher than normal pressure in all of the portal vein connected blood vessels, with the tendency of the body to develop collateral ways to remove the blood from the portal system, therefore esophageal and gastric varices, in the spleen the extra venous pressure can lead to enlargement. 2. The synthetic capacity of the liver can be reduced due to a reduced mass of functional hepatocytes. (Albumin, clotting factors, prothrombin time etc).
167895 tn?1189759425 winn periodically to follow up. If an MRI is needed I do it locally. Blood work is done at Quest Diagnostics on San Bernardino Road in Rancho. I am on Intervalley Senior Health plan and they approved everything. Of course, it gets pricey when I reach my drug limit & have to pay out of pocket. However, I am now on catastrophic until the end of the year so my copays are very low.
Avatar m tn Ergo it is the last measurable day where similar drug levels are present compared to on treatment, assuming blood levels were measured during treatment the day before the injection. In other words, you draw blood for EOT the day before the 49th injection that you never take, assuming a 48 week tx duration. After that, of course, you are *post* treatment as serum levels of both peg and riba start to decline as per during tx. As to why not the previous week?
Avatar m tn In fact, no hand pain the last couple months....very surprising. my blood sugars are normal again, I have no need of type 2 meds so have discontinued them.. my seizures are much better than before and I am able to sleep again without the dopamine antagonist requip. Actually doing better without it since adding the ALA than I was doing with the requip and no ALA....(and no headaches like the requip gave me...
151263 tn?1243377877 In this study performed in patients with chronic hepatitis C who achieved an SVR, HCV-RNA was measured in serum, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), liver and anti-HCV antibodies titers were assessed, during follow-up. Methods: 278 patients with an SVR after treatment with IFN alpha-2b or PEG-IFN alpha-2b+ribavirin, were studied. HCV-RNA was tested: in serum for all the 278 patients every year and at the time of PBMCs or liver collection; in PBMCs in 71 patients 3.9±3.4 (0.
Avatar f tn A fibrosure is just a prediction of a certain score based upon an algorithm of blood scores. Often times damage staging improves after SVR. Good luck!!
Avatar m tn 00 AM No itinerary selected 1789. Blood tests of liver fibrosis in patients co-infected with HIV and HCV. P. Cales; P. Halfon; D. Batisse; F. Carrat; P. Perré; G. Penaranda; D. Guyader; L. d'Alteroche; C. Michelet; P. Veillon; L. Weiss; P. Cacoub View Pres.
Avatar m tn HI Steve, Of course we all know that alcohol is bad for hep c - it actually induces higher replication, like food for the virus. But LDN and alcohol use are separate issues. Same with the coumadin. If I was drinking an occasional glass of wine and still had the virus, I wouldn't worry so much about the LDN, but I would take alpha lipoic acid before, after, and the morning after even the single occasional glass of wine or beer.
Avatar n tn I have had an ultrasound of my abdomin that should fatty liver filtration and was + for Murrphy to the gallbladder (a pain response to a technic used by the tech). I had blood work that was poitive for H pylori with a result of 5.5 I am on day 2 of my antibiotics . I also had a hida scan that was normal except a 15.8% ejection fraction. When given the CCK I experienced severe nausea and severe abdominal pain and cramping immediately upon the injection.
Avatar m tn All of my hearing and inner ear testing came back as normal. No problems with blood sugar, pressure or any other test. It wasn't until I took the balance tests where I was moving my head back and forth while starring at the dot on the wall did it become clear that something was amiss. The dot was moving all over the place. As it was explained to me, balance problems can still go undetected even if the normal ear, nose, and throat hearing and balance tests are performed.