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Avatar n tn fatigue has continued; he is constantly complaining of feeling cold and achy. In the past 2 months he has been experiencing momentary black out spells, usually upon standing from a sitting position or after walking a short distance. He notes a "bright light " just prior to the collapse. He is slightly anemic: extremely low blood pressure, very pale and drawn.
Avatar f tn I just don't know what to do, I'm not looking forward to going to sleep mainly because he will be up every couple of hours being angry and complaining about his symptoms. I'm sure there is no answer but if you have any suggestions or advise it will be greatly appreciated it. He just started using again he went about 6 months which was his longest period of time and things were looking good for us, now he wants to try again (to be clean).
Avatar f tn Anyone else dealing with an inconsiderate spouse? I swear, things just go right over his head...he knows I'm uncomfortable, can hardly walk, due to all the pressure and pain, yet he comes home and while I'm already having a hard time sleeping (which he knows), he has the t.v. turned up to the point I can't even try to doze off...i ask to turn it down he turns it down 1 notch...he can't do anything for himself, so its like I have 4 kids soon to be 5...
665908 tn?1225295452 I am having doubt on this.. Is my spouse depressed. We normally have regular fights twice or thrice in a month on some silly reasons. The main things we fight are: 1) She asks me shall we go out for dinner, most of the times I accept it and go, but some times I say why cant we prepare here? we shall prepare here. I will help u. she gets angry and goes to bed and hence doesnt talk for 2 days with me :(. 2) She doesn't keep any object in a specific place.
Avatar n tn have you thought about asking the doc if something like vaigra, lavitra,ciallis, could be prescribed to help your spouse out. i know with my lady friend and mines biggest issue was the double protection and mearsures taken to make sure she would not get pregnant. the sides from the drugs he is taking can be very harmful to a fetus while on them. hang in there i am sure many more will be responding to you soon. i wish you and your hubby the best.
Avatar n tn Good for you! Congratz!
Avatar f tn i would say kids. i dont have a spouse (as you kno) but if i did.......
Avatar m tn I too, would advise You bring these issues before Your attorney. I'm sure He will know what Your "rights" are concerning those items. That being said, EVERYONE loses in a divorce and if this is going to be a "big" fight or cost "big" money, perhaps You should just "cut Your losses", move on, and put Your NEW life together?
Avatar f tn It is human nature not to want to be around someone who is down or in pain. My mother could not stand my father's complaining about Cancer. Communication is a key and understanding people deal with things differently. My husband deals with the different bad news we get from Neurologists differently from me. I have to leave him alone. I like it when he has someone outside the marriage to talk to. We signed up for a couples retreat set up by the MS Society with a Psychologist.
Avatar m tn She usually succumbs only after a great deal of failed romantic overtures, pleading and then complaining, We then repeat the cycle. I've warned her many times that I can't go on like this and asked her to please help me come up with a solution. I've suggested many things but they all seem to falls deaf ears. She's been to doctors who tell her there's nothing they can do. I'm at a loss. At what point is it justifiable for me to find a "girlfriend?
80575 tn?1207135964 I am excited for you. IT is a major thing and I am sure you are excited. Have you explained to your spouse what an impact this may make on the hepatitis community? Have you shared the excitement about perhaps only dointg 24 weeks instead of 48 or longer (not that you personally will be doing a short course)? It might be that her thinking would just be to wait so that may backfire but I empathize with you and agree with your decision.
Avatar n tn She is 7 years old and has breast development as well as some pubic hair growth and has started complaining lately about stomach pains....Can anyone tell me what to expect with our first visit? I am terribly concerned as my mother had cervical cancer at the age of 28 due to too many hormones...please give all the advice/info you have it is all welcomed. thanks.
Avatar n tn My spouse was attacked by men with baseball bats on August 16th of this year, they split his scalp wide open he had 40 staples, and 200 plus stitches. has had a headache since, underwent an ekg, and now is scheduled for an MRI. I am very concerned because since he was attacked he keeps passing out sometimes more than once a day, and has constantly been complaining of a headache, and feeling extremely tired.
Avatar m tn These come and go and we manage it by anti alergy tablets. In the last month however my wife has started complaining of electric shock like sensations all over her body and pain in both tissue and bone. These are not joint pains. The pain is all over the body and sometimes in such weird places as her cheek bone, collar bones etc. She is also complaining of heat sensations on parts of her body coming and going. This feels like being rubbed with chilly.
1126464 tn?1300803301 In the name of Jesus Christ I bind, rebuke, cast out and bring to no effect all spirits of division, discord, disunity, strife, anger, wrath, murder, criticism, condemnation, pride, envy, jealousy, gossip, slander, evil speaking, complaining, lying, false teaching, false gifts, false manifestations, lying signs and wonders, poverty, fear of lack, fear spirits, murmuring spirits, complaining spirits, hindering spirits, retaliatory spirits, deceiving spirits, religious spirits, occult spirits, wi
Avatar n tn Hi, My spouse had subdural hematoma removed after an accident 13 years ago. Now for the past 1 year he has been complaining of constant headache,noisiness in ear, tingling and burning sensation in head,nausea, dizziness, bad breath and tummy ache. I need advice. HIS GP is not reffering to a neuro.Do I have to ask about this to his GP? Kindly,kindly advice. I am worried sick.
Avatar n tn Hi, My spouse had subdural hematoma removed after an accident 13 years ago. Now for the past 1 year he has been complaining of constant headache,noisiness in ear, tingling and burning sensation in head,nausea, dizziness, bad breath and tummy ache. I need advice. HIS GP is not reffering to a neuro.Do I have to ask about this to his GP? Kindly,kindly advice. I am worried sick.
Avatar n tn Hi, My spouse had subduralChronic subdural hematoma removed after an accident 13 years ago. Now for the past 1 year he has been complaining of constant headache,Nausea , dizziness, Breath odor and tummy ache. I need advice. HIS GP is not reffering to a neuro.Do I have to ask about this to his GP? Kindly,kindly advice. I am worried sickSick sinus syndrome.
Avatar f tn I have had a blood test. spouse hasnt been tested. i was wondering if i could have transmitted it to my genital area if i had intercourse immediately after giving oral sex. otherwise, is it true i could have only gotten it by receiving oral sex from someone who has hsv-1? i'm so ignorant to this. my doctor didnt seem concerned and i freaking out!
Avatar n tn Well my husband has been complaining of his head going numb.He stated that the front top is numb and know he is starting to feel it all over his head!!! He had CT Scan and MRI and blood work done and they say he fine but the symptom won't go away. We even saw a neurosurgeon who also start that he was find. Our PCP is saying that maybe my spouse is making it up or it's all in his head!! Is there something were missing or the doctors are missing for him to still have the symptoms???
Avatar m tn My 9 year old daughter was complaining of some chest pain and shortness of breath following some strenuous exercies over the summer and my wife and I decided to have her checked out. She had a Chest X-Ray and an EKG. The chest X-Ray was normal, however, the EKG came back as abnormal and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy was written on the scan.
Avatar f tn I myself didn't care how close my spouse was to their family or how much they wanted to b in the room. I just told the Dr n nurse I only wanted the father in there during delivery. Ur the one exposed n its up to u who u want in there. They might b mad at first but once the baby is there they won't care. I hope u decide what us right for u.
3236191 tn?1451025079 I woke up yesterday and my Facebook account was banned from writing publicly for 3 days because of a picture I had up for months that wasn't even really against guidelines at all if the person complaining actually knew anything and if Facebook didn't do this all in an automated system. So I just told Facebook to delete my account since I'm getting in trouble for using it as I should. I shouldn't have to unfairly censor myself in ways I shouldn't even have to in order to use it.
Avatar f tn Sometimes we forget about the risks our caregivers take every day when they go to work. We celebrate our firefighters, rarely complaining about the quality of their work. When one of them loses their life doing their job, All of their co-workers show up for their funeral, collect money for their spouse and for their childrens college fund. etc. What do we do when one of our caregivers gets sick or even dies because of some unavoidable mishap. I don't think we do anything, do we?
Avatar f tn Maybe your spouse could try to talk to them?
Avatar f tn Im glad im not the only one! My first pregnancy was amazing and loved every minute of it because I didn't feel pregnant, had no symptoms what so ever. This time around im miserable and just want it to be over! When I try to talk to people about it they always say "well you wanted to get pregnant". Just because I wanted to doesn't mean that complaining is unacceptable.
Avatar n tn how many of you are finding that your illness (or illnesses) are damaging your marriage---or are you lucky enough to have a spouse that is able to keep it together most of the time and be kind, helpful and understanding? i realize that having a sick spouse is a tremendous strain on a relationship, but it also has the potential to bring couples closer together.
4971738 tn?1390568984 If your children are young, then, at the very least, have an hour long session with your spouse and let the psychiatrist answer questions your spouse may have. We ended our meeting with solutions, like how to intervene during a suicide attempt, in my case. Everyone felt better about it afterwards. My doctor answered their questions and gave them good advice. My therapist was also in the meeting. We all left on the same page. There are support groups for families and friends.
748902 tn?1286038358 3) Quit trying to pull people on your journey who don't want to travel with you! -Either they believe in you and value you ...or they don't! 4) Quit complaining about things you can't and won't change! -I am not working on being a size 6 or a instead=2 0of complaining about the weight charts, I negotiated with my doctor for a "comfortable weight for me." Forget the charts! I created my own "healthy weight!" 5) Quit gossiping about other people!
Avatar f tn It began over a small stupid reason about picking up something off the floor. I was watching tv and my spouse who was constantly trying to interrupt my show got mad that I didn't pick up a magnet that fell in the kitchen, and I waved him off when he told me about it. He then through a piece of paper at my face to get me angry I guess, so I threw it back. He came over and playfully bit me on my leg. Still tempers were not flared.