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1478333 tn?1287401534 “The effectiveness of vitamin D in fall prevention in all people with stroke has not yet been determined,” Bachelor explained. He said that while previous research had illustrated that fall-prevention programs that included exercise were effective for seniors, what wasn’t as clear was whether such regiments helped individuals who had differed a stroke.
Avatar m tn I would say in general terms that loss of peripheral vision be it from glaucoma, stroke, retinal disease like retinitis pigmentosa or other causes is usually not something that can be rehabilitated. There are some new computer programs with vision simulators that try to help patients try to rehabilitate the use of lost peripheral vision mainly from stroke and there has be at least some encouraging, though limited, results with that.
Avatar n tn I agree that education and prevention should have the same emphasis as medical research, but how do we keep the medical community focused on that when we see all of the newspaper articles talking up the breakthroughs in medicine? For example, prevention programs take money to administer. They don't have the possibility of making billions like the one attached to a potential cancer cure.
Avatar n tn I recently had an MRI following an incidence of weakness and staggering gait. I was told I had a small stroke of the cerebellum (couldn't tell if it was old or new). I had another episode in 1996 where I lost the vision in one eye. The doctor said that even though the MRI showed signs of a stroke, it didn't explain either of my episodes. I have had an MRI/MRA, echocardiogram and an assortment of blood tests looking for clotting disorders.
Avatar m tn My patient had an ischemic stroke 1 month ago. ECG shows sinus rhythm, echo: mildly dilated left atrium (44 mm) mitral regurgitation 2+, otherwise normal. (no MVP , no rheumatic fever in previous medical history) Is it necessary to give VKA or ASA ?
Avatar f tn You should have posted this in the HIV Prevention Community. I will provide a brief answer: what you describe does not qualify as an exposure. You were not at risk. I have nothing more to say unless/until you have posted in the HIV Prevention Community.
469720 tn?1388146349 Peripheral Vascular Disease and Cardiovascular Disease affects over 12 million people in the US and the most concerning aspect of that high number is that most people are not diagnosed early. Our ability to successfully manage the process is significantly improved when the conditions are diagnosed early. Early identification is improved when the public is informed about the risk factors and symptoms of the disease.
Avatar m tn There are various possible resources for stroke patients starting with the community programs and support organizations including local hospital as well as local government organizations. Check out also the National Institutes of Health site for list of resources. Also, talk to his attending physician for referrals that may also help. Take care and best regards.
Avatar m tn I hope your doctors are helping you through that -- you should not feel overwhelmed with all of these medical decisions (looking for the right meds combination, etc.) - let your doctor guide you. They should have you on a good stroke prevention regimen (something for blood pressure, something for cholesterol, diabetes, if you have it, and a blood thinner or something like aspirin / plavix / aggrenox).
1032715 tn?1315984234 I just read the overview and noticed it said it's for people off all drugs,I still take 4 different medications prescribed by my doctor-Zoloft for depression 200mg,Valium to help with the counselling I'm going through and in the beginning to help with the withdrawals 10mg,I'm also on a blood pressure tablet Ramipril 10mg and Omeprazole 20mg for reflux and heartburn.
Tbd // It gives a nice list of what to eat and what not to eat. Sodium is something experts agree to cut down on as well as processed or fatty foods.
Avatar n tn I have been reading all the really helpful posts. My mother had a stroke on August 11th left side, that affected the right side. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and rehab for 1 week and now she is at home doing all the rehab work. I am trying to find out what all benefits she may qualify for, such as handicap stickers for car, just things that will make her life a bit easier.
Avatar n tn I am making a website for stroke prevention as an outside project. What do you think? I am about halfway done. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Is the Aspirin really helpful for the prevention of stroke? What can you advise me to take in order to prevent the fate of the other members of my family.
1337001 tn?1276883841 What is Pharyngitis (Sore throat)? Pharyngitis (sore throat) is caused by inflammation of the back of the throat. It is one of the most common ENT problems. The throat may be scratchy and swallowing can be painful. Usually a sore throat is the sign of another illness, such as a cold or the flu. How is it caused? Viruses or Bacteria may directly invade the pharyngeal mucosa, causing a local inflammatory response. What are the causative agents?
Avatar n tn i was having sex right stroke after stroke and when i was about to ejeculate i felt that the condom has bust and i withdrew but when i withdrew i ejeculate but out side the vagina and im not sure if i had contact with the skin but when i withdrew to see the broke condom immidietly ejculated
Avatar n tn My Dad went to an adult day care for several years. My Mother had a stroke and he had Alzheimer's. It was WONDERFUL FOR BOTH AND HE LOVED IT! It was also paid for by Medicare and he was picked up and dropped off at the house.
Avatar n tn I think your question is one of the best that's been asked in a very long time. As you see from this forum, addiction is rampant and the percentage of involuntary addiction created by prescription meds is at the top of the spectrum. I have been searching for the answer to your question for quite awhile.
Avatar m tn Linking community experience with science, the Foundation develops ground-breaking prevention programs and bold policy initiatives to promote health and create sustainable progress against HIV. Established in 1982, the Foundation refuses to accept that HIV transmission is inevitable." My emailed question to SFAF: "My question is....
649848 tn?1534633700 ” Funding also went to “Operation Safe Kids,” which sought to “develop and implement an effective community-based supervision model for at-risk juveniles to minimize residential placements without compromising public safety.” The project also included criminal justice reform, to “identify non-violent substance abusing offenders who may be amenable to treatment, and place them under community-based supervision with intensive drug treatment combined with strong judicial oversight and support.