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Avatar m tn I would say in general terms that loss of peripheral vision be it from glaucoma, stroke, retinal disease like retinitis pigmentosa or other causes is usually not something that can be rehabilitated. There are some new computer programs with vision simulators that try to help patients try to rehabilitate the use of lost peripheral vision mainly from stroke and there has be at least some encouraging, though limited, results with that.
Avatar m tn My patient had an ischemic stroke 1 month ago. ECG shows sinus rhythm, echo: mildly dilated left atrium (44 mm) mitral regurgitation 2+, otherwise normal. (no MVP , no rheumatic fever in previous medical history) Is it necessary to give VKA or ASA ?
Avatar n tn i was having sex right stroke after stroke and when i was about to ejeculate i felt that the condom has bust and i withdrew but when i withdrew i ejeculate but out side the vagina and im not sure if i had contact with the skin but when i withdrew to see the broke condom immidietly ejculated
649848 tn?1534633700 ” Funding also went to “Operation Safe Kids,” which sought to “develop and implement an effective community-based supervision model for at-risk juveniles to minimize residential placements without compromising public safety.” The project also included criminal justice reform, to “identify non-violent substance abusing offenders who may be amenable to treatment, and place them under community-based supervision with intensive drug treatment combined with strong judicial oversight and support.
1032715 tn?1315984234 I just read the overview and noticed it said it's for people off all drugs,I still take 4 different medications prescribed by my doctor-Zoloft for depression 200mg,Valium to help with the counselling I'm going through and in the beginning to help with the withdrawals 10mg,I'm also on a blood pressure tablet Ramipril 10mg and Omeprazole 20mg for reflux and heartburn.
Tbd // It gives a nice list of what to eat and what not to eat. Sodium is something experts agree to cut down on as well as processed or fatty foods.
Avatar m tn I'm a 50 year old male with a family history of heart disease and stroke and am trying to prevent it if possible. I exercise daily and maintain a healthy diet. Will this be good enough in the long run? I tend to worry about it too much because of the problems my parents had but I think my numbers are good. BP runs about 115/65 on average and my total cholesterol is about 100, HDL 45. My glucose is about 85 so hopefully this will keep me out of trouble.
Avatar f tn For TIA the diagnostic challenge is greater, and the ‘mimic’ rate higher (and more varied), because there is no definitive diagnostic test. TIA heralds a high risk of early ischaemic stroke, and in many cases the stroke can be prevented if the cause is identified," http://pn.bmj.
Avatar n tn Okay, thanks Teak. It is to bad that this site doesn't have an overview of frequently asked questions and reviews. It would save you folks answering the same questions over and over but I guess everyone feels there situation is different. I read a bit more on it and agree that there may be a slight HCV risk but not and HIV risk as there has never been a documented case. I guess the few questions regarding this subject to the docs shows not to many people worry about it.
Avatar m tn org/forums/HIV-Current-Topics/show/596 Please DO NOT post references to research articles or information from other websites in the HIV Prevention Community in an attempt to debate its advice. The answers here WILL NOT change. Both groups have been set up to allow members to engage in free-form discussions. All views are welcome; censorship will generally be limited to clear violations of MH's community standards. J.
Avatar m tn Of course there is a difference in preparation and lowering your risks to help prevent stroke or heart attack. Prevention is always the best approach, as much as possible that is.
Avatar m tn I asker to stop because i felt uncomfortable, i pulled the condom out my self and overview the condom and i dint notice any thing wrong. Next day when i urinate the smell was strong and i still feel a small burn sensation, more like if hot pepper burning sensation. I not sure if is just me sinse i been depress not sure. everythigs looks normal including my urine and nothing hurts but still concern.
Avatar n tn However, as HIV-2 and group O infections are extremely rare in most countries, routine screening programs might not be designed to test for them. Anyone who believes they may have contracted HIV-2, HIV-1 group O or one of the rarer subtypes of group M should seek expert advice.“quote from“” and some article shows that there may be false negative result of type O so in case of that,should I test more times using EIA test?
Avatar n tn * This HIV Community is a place to discuss HIV Prevention based upon the criteria established by MedHelp’s doctors. There is no debate (among experts) about the HIV risks associated with oral sex. The risk is so low that almost nobody who cares for HIV infected patients has ever had a patient believed to have been infected that way. Among experts, it's a semantic issue about using terms like "no risk" and "very low risk". There is no difference between my or Dr.
Avatar f tn Disease and Condition Overview Stroke, or CVA ( cerebrovascular accident ), is characterized by a sudden loss of consciousness and is often accompanied by partial facial paralysis, slurred speech, and hemiplegia. Due to the sudden onset of the disease, Its muhiple symptoms, and the rapid change in condition, stroke is considered similar to properties of wind. Clinically, it is important to differentiate between the ischemic and hemorrhagic types of stroke.
Avatar n tn Well i have been suffering a lot of anxiety the past few months and I am trying to beat it without meds and what works for me is exercise and talking about it with my therapist and family. I recently stumbled upon this website that gives anxiety programs on the top right of the link bellow. However i only discoverd this website today im thinking about trying the Panic Away book. So if he is ready to try anything ,look at a few of the programs and decied for yourself.
Avatar m tn This forum is HIV prevention community, which is free of charge.
Avatar m tn Heart Failure - Treatment Overview You asked: "Is heart failure permanent???" From the link above - you will see things like: "Sometimes heart failure can be fixed if another problem can be corrected, such as by replacing a heart valve or treating hyperthyroidism.
333672 tn?1273792789 //, they list all the upcoming programs by state. They also say you get "complimentary educational materials" so then I wonder how much propaganda you get with that.
Avatar f tn I seem to remember reading an overview or two, explaining Lyme to the reader. Of course I have no idea where I read them... that would have been when I was still really sick.
Avatar m tn I am having an argument with my doctor, who thinks I am taking too much Vitamin D supplement. My last test was 39 ng/mL. I see that Gimel recommends getting Vitamin D up to 50 ng/mL for thyroid function. Can you direct me to any research that supports the 50 level, so I can show the doc?? Thanks.
Avatar f tn 'HBV got explicit asks for funding for vaccines. There are accepted, effective vaccine programs for HBV PREVENTION. There are no such programs for HCV.' That makes sense.