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Avatar f tn Would see an ENT to evaluate the throat clearing and cough - but most common cause of this is acid reflux (even without symptoms of heartburn). TSH too low - would decrease synthroid dose - talk with your doc.
567489 tn?1297250714 about 6 years ago, I had mono for the second time, and where the first time I had it the most obvious symptom was the WORST sore throat I'd ever had, this time the symptoms were totally different - difficulty breathing, feeling like my throat was closing, and extreme fatigue. It has occurred to me that in the past year, whenever I'm under stress I have the very same throat issue - feels like it is closing, to the point that my voice changes, and it comes on very quickly.
799695 tn?1257579598 m not sick from the flu, because I can clearly feel my muscles tightening in my throat. Is this common? (or as common as it can be for this totally unpredictable disease!
Avatar m tn HIV has no specific symptoms. If you had a risk the only way to know your status is by testing.
Avatar f tn For me with eyes I do not play around. It probably is nothing but you should tell your Neurologist. I have floaters from normal aging and bright spots from headaches and so far do not have ON. I have a lot more blurred vision since I passed 40. When I had an abnormal VEP I was sent to a Neuro Opthamolgist by my Neurologist. Everything was normal. They do more diagnostics than an Othamologist, who does more than an optometrist.
Avatar f tn ve had a cold for over 2 weeks now which really knocked the stuffing out of me! Symptoms - a cough i cannot get rid of, phlem, sore sinuses, fever, feeling tired, loss of voice but not a sore throat. My doctor gave me Amoxocilin an antibiotic which seems to have worked - fever gone, less congested, and i feel better, but my cough has stayed. I had this earlier this year too. Is this just a cold virus?
3147301 tn?1345714034 seems like i get a headache everything i cough sneeze and even sometimes when i laugh.... i was wondering if these are common symptoms with Chiari malformation. I recently went to the er for fainting. The doctor was concerned when my blood pressure and pulse rate was so high (which isn't normal for me). He was also concerned about my MRI findings & my symptoms. He then told me i needed to see my family dr and see about getting me referred to a neurologist.
Avatar f tn Some of your symptoms such as fever and sore throat do overlap with the symptoms of recently acquire HIV infection however these same symptoms are also caused by a number of other far more common problems including both bacterial and viral (non-HIV) sore throats. In fact when symptoms typical of the ARS have been studied, less than 1% are due to HIV. Further, the presence of white patches on your throat is typical of bacterial (strep) throats. I woul urge you not to worry.
Avatar f tn ve been eating soups, drinking oj.. as it is, I already deal with discomforts from the pregnancy, my symptoms from this cold at making it much harder to be prego. I just feel worse.. Any of you get sick during pregnancy? If so, what made you feel better faster.. Help!!!!
Avatar m tn So I posted on here a few weeks back with concern about exposure, after doing a bit of digging and reading I convinced myself that I DID NOT have HIV, and ignored it for a while.
Avatar f tn Actually you're not really far from the norm. Check out a condition called "LPRD", which is related to GERD. Basically the acid doesn't stop at your chest, it goes up to the back of your throat, dousing the vocal chords along the way. Pain in the ears doesn't seem to be common, but I've felt it as well, so I know what you're going through.
351724 tn?1267537018 Hello so far for almost 2 wks ive had a cold and cough it first started off as your general common cold or possable sinus infection ? had runny nose ,pressure in forehead, itchy raw throat , sneezing, and a little bit of acheyness and a dry cough when i first started to cough i coughed up some greenesh brown phlem . as the days went by my cough started to sound like i was gargling, and nothing else was coming up, i would feel my chest rattle . then i noticed my right eye having pressure in it.
Avatar f tn I frequently get a full thickness feeling in my throat and a sudden onset of DIB. My HR goes up to around 90-100 per min. It is getting more uncomfortable. Is this to be expected or am I having a symptom I need to be concerned about. Have talked to my PCP but de does not feel it is anything to be concerned over.
Avatar m tn Enlarging a narrow sinus opening or endoscopic sinus surgery to remove obstruction are the common methods to treat sinus problems. Sinus problems can occur either due to infection or obstruction or due to allergies. Surgery is a simple procedure and usually a successful one. Hope this helps. Best.
Avatar f tn Streptoccocal infection is the most common bacterial infection and can cause nasal symptoms too. Common allergens causing these symptoms are pollen, mold, dust, pet dander. High eosinophil counts too can cause these symptoms. Viral flu, infectious mononucleosis etc can cause these problems. A comprehensive investigation including CBC, throat swab, allergic tests etc is required keeping all the points in mind. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.
Avatar f tn You may also want to consult a dietician and consider an elimination diet in case your symptoms are food related. A common cause of respiratory symptoms from a food allergy/intolerance is dairy. Eliminating dairy from your diet may help.
Avatar f tn I'm very early in my second pregnancy. Is a sore throat just a common early on symptom? I didn't have it w my first.
Avatar f tn Do u think anxiet can case same symptoms in all of them even thou most of them didnt even think about hiv till they got these symptoms ? Is there a different virus they got and duno about it thats why all of them experiance the same symptoms !? Im just thinking loud and would like to hear ur opinion ..
Avatar f tn This is my second pragnacy. With my first i never had any symptoms. I am 8 weeks pregnant. Now im constantly having diarrhea last 2 weeks and I can only eat sertin foods or i get sick badly. Is it common?
Avatar m tn I recently visit an ENT because i was having problems with phelgm clearing, horseness with my throat. ENT said i have a few vocal cord noduls and my throat looked a little sore. He has me on prilosec, because he figures it GERD. Med seem to help a little, but still having phelgm and horseness. Will visit ENT again in a few weeks. Another problem is my neck is begining to cause pain on bith left and right sides.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for a hiatial hernia to cause problems with my throat and voice. My symptoms are loss of voice when I talk for a little while---I can no longer sing---I can't get any range at all----my voice has grown so low that when I answer the phone people think its my husband answering. If you have any ideas I'd certainly appreciate it. Thank you very much.
Avatar f tn But for the last 6 months ive had throat problems,by that i mean the right hand side of my throat gets inflamed every so often and every day i have a sensation in my throat like i need to make myself cough as if theres something stuck,ive been to my gp,at first he said i have a virus and gave me antibiotics(didnt work),then went back again,he said try medicated lozengers(didnt work),then a swab in the hospital(came back all clear),then last week i had to back because it was really inflamed,plus