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Avatar f tn what is difference between Combivent spray (OR Duoneb nebules) and what dosages should be ordered for 1 combivent 18-mcg--103 mcg (90 mcg) acuation / 2 treatments 4 times per day. In nebule form. I cannot afford combivent spray. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Lately, it's sometimes a productive cough. I was told I have asthma and I get sinus infections. I use an inhaler (Combivent) but that doesn't stop the coughing. It will get so bad that I will start to gag. One interesting thing is that when I lay down, I have no inclination to cough. Could it be my tonsils? Should I see an ENT?
Avatar f tn Just a few weeks ago my mother had her Combivent inhalation Aerosol changed to Combivent Respimat inhalation spray and does not feel it works the way the old Combivent did. She used it as a rescue at least 4xs daily and since this med. has been changed she has taken a shortness to breath and ended up in the hospital for the weekend.Not saying it is the new Combivent but with her saying it isnt as effective she does not use it like she had before.
Avatar n tn recently diagnosed with COPD/emphysema. hospitalized three times: finally determined that i'm allergic to sulfate based albuterol, combivent, all of the usual "suspects." i'm now on advair (one week= 115 ) and doing okay - except the only rescue inhaler i can tolerate is primotene mist. just took an oximeter test - came out 86-87. i think it's too soon to go on oxygen, until we see if advair works. but i worry about the advair too.
Avatar n tn My questions are, How serious is this side effect, Should I continue using the Spiriva, Continue the Spiriva but stop the Symbicort, or Drop both and just take Combivent which I currently use as my emergency inhaler? Are there other alternative that I and my doc should consider.
Avatar n tn I also take abuterol in my nebulizer as well as combivent puffer along with nasal spray for the nasal problems. The LVRS did me well as I was off all meds for ten years till last two years when the desease seems to be reoccuring and now I am trying desperately to get on the lung transplant list at either Pittsburgh medical center or Cleveland clinic .
Avatar n tn I frequently went on antibiotics after that. Nothing worked until one day a dr gave me atrovent spray for my nose - this significantly reduced the amount of mucous in my nasal passages. Alhtough this has helped keep the number of attacks down I still have these coughing fits. Sometimes at night but most of the time while I'm eating - often vinegar on a salad or something else that tickles my throat. Of course once I start coughing my sinuses fill up with mucous and makes the situation worse.
Avatar n tn he takes a number of medicines including combivent theophylline breathing treatments with albuterol and atrovent. when he coughs he does not breathe well at all. often he cannot eat because he cannot breathe while he is eating. he has been hospitalized numerous times and been intubated several times or on the bipap machine. i am afraid he is dying right in front of my eyes and i feel helpless. please tell me what i can do?
Avatar n tn My meds include Metoprolol, Plavix, Ecotrin, Cozaar, Pravistatin, Niaspan, Protonix, Darvoset, Amitriptyline, Combivent, and Nitro Tab/Spray PRN. Over time, you will learn by the way your chest feels when to pop a Nitro. I do not know what else we can do in these situation. My Cardio will not let me work. I cannot walk far to exercise due to Spinal Stenosis. I know what it is like to get chest pains just from taking a shower, making dinner, or cleaning house. I quit smoking 2 months ago.
Avatar f tn I have been through 3 rounds of antibiotics, have tripled my dosage of Advair to 500mg twice daily from 250 mg once - I am taking Combivent inhalers every 4 hours, I have recently been given a massive cough medicine to make me stop coughing (isn't working) - which is the second kind of cough medicine, Singulair...
Avatar n tn In our case this is estimated to be only about 20% of the reason for his cough. 2) Rynatan, 3ML (1 AM if necessary, 1 PM) to manage the mucus orally. 3)Atrovent noise spray (1 spray each nostril 1-3 times/day) to manage the mucus topically. We back off on the Atrovent first, then the Rynatan AM dose, then the PM dose, then the Pulmicort. Hope this helps and best regards.
Avatar m tn A mean of differential diagnosis for those physicians who did not attend medical school in the Trobriand Islands. Spray an albuterol inhaler into the lungs and see if there is a significant increase in P02. This would suggest the problem is in the blood transfer mechanism in the lungs.