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Avatar m tn I have had every blood test and stool test under the sun, as well as a abdominal CT scan, abdominal ultraound ( liver and GB fine) colonoscopy, and endoscopy. My question is, how frequently do colonoscopies miss something? I'm scared I might have a tumor. It was done by a gastroenterologist in Minneapolis. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks!!!
Avatar m tn I am 45 year old male with constipation and mild right side abdominal pain, i also have experieinced pretty significant lower right side back pain but recently have moved so i do not know if the back pain and constipation are related. I had a colonoscopy 2 years ago after a postive FOB test and only one small polyp was found that was benign. My appetite is good and other than the change in boewl habits during the last few weeks i have no other symptoms that could be considered colon cancer like.
1245294 tn?1268593416 I was healthy and had a normal stool and was regular (like clockwork) before having a colonoscopy about a month ago. (normal test done when you turn 50). In the past several weeks, I have had bouts with diahrrea, cramping in the stomach area to the point I head for the toilet and it all blows out. Lots of bile and yellow in the stool. I contacted my busy doctor who put me on BRAT diet. Well that lasted for few days and still am having this blow out about every 2-3 days.
Avatar n tn Eat yogurt it contains probiotic that helps to digest lactose properly(before you buy yogurt read on it what it contains it usually says what probiotics it contains and how it helps your stomach). By the way the best fruit to eat with lactose intolerance is grapefruit preferably with the white skin) or drink 100% grape juice.I eat grapefruit every day as it helps with digestion.
Avatar n tn You probably just have a *lazy bowel.* I have had this my whole life. I take stool softeners and eat yogurt and fiber. If the colonoscopy came out OK, I wouldn't worry. You can also try a fiber supplement like FiberCon or Benefiber and see if that works.
9090222 tn?1401645995 I eat a healthy diet that consists of fruits and veggies on a daily basis with no dairy besides yogurt because I am lactose intolerant. Recently I had a colonoscopy done to see what was going on and the doctor was very rude and called me fat and unhealthy even though I am only 105 pounds and 4'11" and obviously eat healthy. He did the procedure and didn't find Chrons or ulcerative colitis.
1168718 tn?1464983535 Hello, I am new to this part of the forum. I am on MS forum, as I have MS. I am a 52 year old female, and have been having bowel troubles of and on for years. Last year I went to the ER 5 times with the pain and vomiting..... they did a bunch of tests, cat scans, ultrasounds and such...... found nothing wrong. Then last April they did a cat scan at a different hopsital and found a 9 cm. growth on my right ovary, and small growths on the left.
7697210 tn?1393875868 Anybody else addicted to yogurt?OmG the harvest peach is my ultimate flavor.I dont like milk other than drinking it with my cereal so i have to get calcium in other ways.Its crazy because before my pregnancy i couldn't stand the texture or tast of yogurt and now i eat about two a day.
2028793 tn?1358874905 Is it true your not supposed to eat yogurt while you are pregnant??
403311 tn?1205951286 , My chocolate lab loves yogurt, she has yogurt with me all the time or I put some in a Kong and freeze it, she loves it, it this good for her or not?
Avatar f tn This might be a dumb question but is it safe to eat yogurt while prego?
Avatar n tn Erythromycin is notorious for goofing up the digestion. All in the world that has happened to you is, antibiotics kill all the bacteria, the "good" and bad, both. You need the "good" bacteria in your digestive system, to help break down waste. So, to restore good bacteria and thus better digestion, you need acidophilus, which is the probiotics you mentioned, and you can buy it either as acidophilus milk or "Activia" yogurt, in the grocery store.
Avatar f tn We need this for good digestion, and when it gets depleted, we end up with bowel problems. Try eating some yogurt everyday enriched with probiotics and see if this helps. You should see a difference within 2 weeks. Increase your fiber as well. If none of this helps then I would see a Gastroenterologist for an evaluation. Did you have your colonoscopy at 50 like we all need to do? If not, you need to do this as well. Take care!
405614 tn?1329144114 Yesterday I had my very first colonoscopy, after prepping for a day on a clear liquid diet and drinking that stuff that makes you need to stay REAL close to the bathroom. I had to drink half on Tuesday evening, and half on Wednesday morning. By the time I got to the hospital (I had it done under anesthesia), I was ready to get it over with! I was looking forward to going out for a nice meal when it was over, and my roommate had brought me a couple chocolate crinkle cookies for after that.
388261 tn?1215399844 I recently had my gallbladder removed and I was told that yogurt with probiotics will help regulate my bowel again and keep the yeast at bay after all of the antibiotics I have had to take. Is this true? If so, what is the recommended daily intake? Yogurt = yuckie, but I will eat it if it works. There actually are yogurts that don't taste like yogurt. (thank goodness! I am such a food wimp!
Avatar f tn Blood tests will help detect infections, besides stool examination which will reveal malabsorption. Colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy are procedures which are used to study the whole colon for infections and inflammations. Bacterial overgrowth is tested with a breath test. So, if your symptoms persist, discuss this with your doctor. Try to include yogurt in your diet as it is a probiotic which replaces lactobacillus acidophilus (good bacteria) that helps with digestion. Regards.
2212714 tn?1342258744 And as for diet, you can try small quantities of high fibre diet and then progress. Ensure to include yogurt in your diet, it helps with the symptoms. On colonoscopy, suspicious looking polyps may be biopsied for histopathological study. Please concur with your doctor regarding this. Regards.
Avatar f tn I know they will want to do a colonoscopy and I am Terrified of that as well. Mainly because I am scared about what they will find.
Avatar n tn there has been some kind of viral thing going on and some of the people I worked with have had the sme symptoms and their doctor had told them it would have run its course. The ER doctor told me to just to eat some yogurt and she wrote me a prescription for zantec. Anyway, does any of the above warrant a trip to the GI doctor for a colonoscopy? Do I need to have a colonoscopy done Did the CT scan show everything? My symptoms have subsided tremendously.
Avatar m tn Obviously you need to see a doc right away. There are medicines like hyoscyamine that relax bowel spasms and stop diarrhea-type symptoms. Most likely you have a bacteria in your gut that is causing all these crampy symptoms, which a doc can give you antibiotics for it. But there is also a chance with the blood symptom that you may have a growth that is obstructing passage of waste, and this must be ruled out!
184420 tn?1326739808 so im a complet idiot went down the shor this past weekend and drank fri nite (about 5 beers) and then all day saturday too much to count, sunday i felt like **** of course and had bad bleeding ... i mean scary bad... had a colonoscopy a few years ago because of some bleeding and was told it was just hemorroids, im wondering if the drinking with having hep c made them flare up so bad...
Avatar m tn colonoscopy, ultrasound, ct scan of pelvis and abdomen with contrast, cbc, metabolic, hida scan with ckk, stool tests including one time fecal fat test. upper endoscopy showed mild gastritis and gerd. However I just got results back from 72hr fecal fat test back(this is the test I have been asking for) and to my amazement it was normal. So its safe to say that my floating stool can't be caused by pancreatic cancer and its just my body is producing more gas.
Avatar f tn I have the same diet, same exercise,I actually get more fiber now cause of this problem......I had a colonoscopy and it was fine...I had an endoscopy of esophagus 2 weeks ago and nothing wrong...last week I had an ultra sound on gallbladder and they checked all of my major organs and everything was fine... ....why is it all of a sudden that i'm not able to use the bathroom on my own's like everything quit working....
Avatar m tn a skin cancer really...missed during colonoscopy..etc etc. So...all I know for sure is to get checked if you have a lot of bleeding.