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Avatar n tn Hard to be smart here, I guess your doctors know what they are doing. My guess is that you need colonoscopy (or sigmoidoscopy) to see exactly what is happening.
Avatar m tn s disease in the colon when a CT Colonography showed nothing it was followed by a sigmoidoscopy and biopsy. What i really want to know is, if i have complications in the small bowel would it show up in the CT Colonography images or do i need to have an MRI of the abdomen ?
Avatar m tn On the other hand, the procedure is much more comfortable than conventional colonoscopy at the patients end. With a clear CT colonoscopy and a positive sigmoidoscopy, the decision for a conventional colonoscopy/ conventional CT or directly initiating a management plan is best taken by the treating gastroenterologist based on the CT colonoscopy report. Though if the CT colonoscopy report is absolutely clear, chances that abnormalities are unlikely to be present.
Avatar f tn After some rectal bleeding I was recently sent for a sigmoidoscopy whch unfortunatel failed when the doctor after many attempts was unable to observe my lower bowel, she thought this was probably due to old scarring I had from a oophorectomy ten years ago. She told me they needed to rule out cancer and so asked for an urgent ct scan of the large bowel and adomon.
Avatar f tn I have a sigmoidoscopy in three hours, and the thing that is making me the most nervous right now are the three enemas. I have to administer three 4.5 oz Fleet enemas, 10 minutes apart from one another. That seems dangerous to me! Won't I get dehydrated? I know the doctors should know what they're doing, but this preparation method makes me squeamish. Has anyone else had to do this and know if is not dangerous? Thanks...
Avatar n tn In fact, the doctor could not even do the full sigmoidoscopy. Once my colon healed, my doctor did a colonoscopy to make sure nothing else was wrong.
Avatar m tn s just turned four years since the colonoscopy (the consultant who did the colonoscopy also did a follow-up flexible sigmoidoscopy in September 2009). My GP said that as the polyp was benign there's no need for a further follow-up. However, I've read some guidelines for follow ups after a polypectomy which say a colonoscopy should be carried out after three years for polyps that are 10mm or larger.
Avatar n tn Yes, colon cancer can be caused by changes in bowel habits, including changes in shape and caliber. A sigmoidoscopy and barium enema are adequate tests to screen for cancer, but as you suspected, a colonoscopy would be the definitive test. If you a truly concerned about colon cancer, I would pursue the colonoscopy. There are some institutions that do a "no-sedation" colonoscopy, but you have to be a motivated patient.
Avatar m tn Im suprised with cramping on the right side that they would just do a sigmoidoscopy. If I were you, I would discuss doing a colonoscopy instead. If your going to have them half way through your colon, might as well have them go all the way. Could find that its Chrons.
Avatar m tn Sigmoidoscopy doesn't go deep enough into the intestine especially if Crohn's is suspected. You will want a colonoscopy which goes to the duodenum (where the small intestine meets the large intestine). Did they check white blood cell count? Get a colonoscopy because that will also rule out colon cancer. If you're doctor doesn't do the colonoscopy find another doctor. GOOD LUCK!
Avatar m tn These include fecal occult blood testing (FOBT), double contrast barium enema Xray, endoscopy (sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy), Imaging Computed Tomography Colonography (virtual colonoscopy), stool DNA testing etc. For the average risk population, the screening recommendations are as follows (starting at age 50): 1. FOBT annually or 2. flexible sigmoidoscopy every 5 years or 3. Colonoscopy every 10 years or 4. double contrast barium enema Xray every 5 years or 5.
Avatar n tn I had a sigmoidoscopy and CT abdomen test which prove negative, but the diarrhea is still persistent, what else can cause this? I have a history of one colon cancer in the family.
Avatar f tn I'm 75 yrs. old. Had a colonoscopy in 2006. 'Impression was diverticula of colon' ' .However, in part, the report said,"due to malfunction of the scope, photos of the cecum were not obtained." I am now worried that because of the scope malfunction, could nothing be seen on the monitor and the test should have been done again?
Avatar f tn I have blood in my diarreah and also have bloody mucus, no pain from the bleeding like I have had before with anal fissures etc, I was sent for a flexible sigmoidoscopy and it cam back as normal.. so they have said it is ibs? All the sites and info I have read say that bleeding is not part of IBS.. Im confused and fustrated - any one got any thoughs or similar experiences I would appreciate any advice.
Avatar n tn I do not eat red meat or fat and my diet many consiists of fruit/pulses/fish, life-non smoker, 1/2 units alcohol per week. My doctor has recommended a colonoscopy with general anaesthetic. I am reluctant as would prefer the barium enema/sigmoidoscopy route and eleminate things as I go along. I have never had any form or anesthesia/sedation apart from gas and air during delivery which I reacted very badly to, especially anxiety and paranoia.
Avatar f tn Well I am due to have a flexible sigmoidoscopy tomorrow, and I am supposed to get the results back straight away so that might show something.
Avatar f tn I would ask him if he meant a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy or a Colonoscopy? The first can be done with out sedation and very little discomfort. It looks at the lower part of your large intestine from anus to the portion of the colon called the sigmoid. A full Colonoscopy can also be done without sedation but is not recommended. It can be quite uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn Do you have any family history of colon cancer? Have you had colonoscopy? If you don't get a satisfactory answer, insist on colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn Further evaluation can be done with a lower endoscopy, either a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy. This test can exclude anatomical causes leading to your symptoms, or a mass. I would also consider blood tests to exclude thyroid disease, which also can lead to constipation. Another GI opinion can be sought if the diagnosis continues to be non-revealing. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only.
Avatar f tn Honestly amnesia really depends on the person and dosage of the sedative. I was prescribed a sedative to help me sleep when I was stricken with an unexplainable condition that Doctors are still baffled by. One of the side effects was suppose to be amnesia but I suffered no such thing. I am sure if you ask for a minimal dosage of the sedative lorazepam @ .5mg's or less you should be fine. Of course I am not a Dr.
Avatar f tn Recently Gastroenterologist did not see anything on initial visit with very short scope, just suggested sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. Medicare will not pay because I had a clean colonoscopy in 2013. Blood is always bright red and mostly happens with even a little straining. I have a lifetime of IBS (I am now 66).Nice smooth movements, no blood, but sometimes colon gets all out of sorts from diet, stools come out like big pile of mud, or almost diarrhea.
Avatar m tn The Gastroenterologist told me that it was becuase I was sill having menstral cycles and was not happy when I pushed back about why this had changed. I was then scheduled for a colonoscopy which I had on December 28th. During the colonoscopy they found an ulcerated mass in the rectum. The doctor tried to remove it but it was hard and they could not. Samples were taken and they immediately sent me for a CT scan that same day.
Avatar m tn A sigmoidoscopy is a colonoscopy that only goes into the first part of the large intestine. It doesn't require any sedation and the prep is much easier. However it shows much less than a colonoscopy can.