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535822 tn?1443980380 I have just had a disturbing report sent me , that many are sick from having Unnecessary CT scans performed , have you heard about this I am going to google it, apparently 1 CT Scan has enough radiation to power 113 Xrays withe people getting 500-1000 Rays ......and more than one half of them are unnecessary .. what do you think about this .does it mean we should say no when the Doctor thinks we need a scan ?
Avatar f tn which is my only vice. I have my colonoscopy scheduled for the 19th of December and doctor wants to run a tube down my esophagus to see what else is going on in there right after that; should I do that test before the colonoscopy? What else could it be and should I be doing anything else? I also had an abdominal ultrasound done last week and everything turned out normal. I carry arounf 40-50 pounds of stenographer equipment everyday, so just wondering if I could have ruptured something.
Avatar f tn I had an mri, an x-ray, a ct scan, and other tests that all came back normal. The specialist who saw me had me released from hospital when I could walk again on my own and referred me to his office for further tests. Later, a colonoscopy showed my intestines were in perfect condition. My only diagnosis has only ever been IBS. I take Dicetol for my symptoms (I need to have my meds work with my other meds...
Avatar m tn They said there was no exidence of a stone but I feel a very faint, dull pain on my left side. Is it possible the CT scan missed it? I think they made 5 passes... Any help or info would be great, thanks!
Avatar n tn About the same time that I stopped my meds (7 mo ago) I had rt side abdominal surgery, and I have been having complications from that which all point toward adhesions. Tests (blood and urine tests, abdominal CT scan, colonoscopy) all come out normal, though I have had thirst causing me to drink 5 liters/day, side pain which sometimes extends down the inside of my thigh, eczema, etc., etc..
Avatar n tn The MRI showed it to have characteristics of hemangioma however because ultrasound was atypical a follow up CT was recommended to ensure stability. Now I just had another CT scan (three months since very first CT) and it showed no change in size but still could not rule out other primary or metastatic disease. The report recommended an MRI. But I already had one!
Avatar n tn i had a HIDA scan, CT scan and ultrasound perfromed. all turned up nothing. it ws decided i would be sent home to heal from c-section and later have a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. which turned up nothing. the GI doc was shocked by negative results because i was irritated from top to bottom epecially the terminal ilieum. i then had a small bowel follow thru x-ray which also showed thickening in the ileum. then has a prometheus blood test which showed no crohns or colitis!
Avatar n tn I had transvaginal u/s showing a 2cm septated cyst. Then had a ct scan abdo/pelvic can you tell me your understanding in laymans terms. Within the mid and low pelvis the uterus is enlarged and heterogeneous and low density septated hetergeneous mass which appears to involve the posterior and lateral left wall of uterus. It is impossible to exclude neoplasm on imaging basis. Appearance is somewhat atypical for fibroids although could possibly represent necrotic fibroid.
436191 tn?1256649906 Make sure you have a complete workup to include the HIDA, right upper quadrant ultrasound, and CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis. If everything comes out normal, then you may have a cholecytectomy based solely on your symptoms, according to the examination of a surgeon. The "cyst" described above is likely not clinically significant, so I would ignore that.
Avatar n tn Unfortunely IBS is usually DX by ruling out other disease entities and it is a painful, draining, brain-gut disease. I too have the same lower left colon pain and was told that is where the stool basically is stuck. All my test, CT,ultrasound etc are normal. Peppermint tea, fennel tea, heating pads, have been helpful as is mild exercise. You have to educate yourself on soluable vs insoluable fiber to find the right balance so you can move your bowels.
Avatar f tn I've had an endoscopy (normal), colonoscopy (some blood), sono of my abdomen (normal) and a cat scan (showed a cyst, free fluid in my pelvis & a complex cyst vs solid nodule in the other ovary) I'm now having problems regulating my blood sugar (dropped below 60 a few times) and have lost 8 pounds this week. This started as having severe pain and urge to use the bathroom a few times a week for a few months, and now has been a daily struggle for just under a month.
Avatar n tn There is a separate type of CT scan, known as the appendiceal CT scan, where rectal contrast is used, that can evaluate for appendicitis specifically. If negative, I would consider a colonoscopy to look for inflammatory bowel disease. A non-revealing pelvic ultrasound would make GYN causes less likely. Regarding the enlarged lymph node, you can consider a neck CT scan to better image the area. This can also better characterize what the mass is (i.e. lymph node vs cyst vs mass).
Avatar n tn I get some relief when I am lying down. I have had 2 CT scans, a mammogram, a bone scan, colonoscopy, endoscopy, chest x-ray, 3 abdominal ultrasounds and a HIDA scan which checks for gallbladder function. In August, I had a 15cm borderline malignant ovarian tumor removed along with my right ovary and I thought the pain would go away and it did for about 3 weeks and now it has been back for 5 months. Any advice?
Avatar n tn Since then, I have had mri of lower spine (disk problems/herniated disk discovered and two doctors believe this could cause ab pain and two say no - anybody have experience with this?), CT scan of pelvis, transvaginal ultrasound (plus CA-125 to rule out ovarian cancer, which was normal) and lower GI, plus the usual blood work. Nothing abnormal found. I had blood drawn to evaluate for food allergies and intolerances.
Avatar m tn I have suffered from daily RLQ pain for 8 months and on five separate occasions have experienced increased pain, nausea and decreased appetite lasting anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. CT scan showed a normal appendix. I have had a colonoscopy to investigate inflammatory bowel disease vs IBS. I have been started on meds for questionable IBS while waiting for biopsy results but have not had any symptom relief so far.
Avatar n tn blood work, chest and abdominal x-rays, small bowel series (taken just prior to onset of constipation and left sided pain), colonoscopy (taken just after onset of constipation, but before left sided pain), CT scan and stool culture. All tests were normal. One week after colonoscopy, constipation worsened and I developed left sided crampy pain (just above hip area, across from belly).
Avatar f tn I've had constant burping/belching/farting for over 3 months now non stop! It's so bad till it caused me 10 visits to the ER thinking it was something with the heart but EKG, xray, bloodwork & CT Scan came back fine.
284770 tn?1198183894 All they say is that if it was something major that it would show up in a CT scan. THIS IS NOT NORMAL!! I want some help but the docs just think Im crazy and I am exaggerating. Im not!! I dont have any problems with my urine or bowels..they are normal. No naesea or indejestion...just the pain! Does anyone have ANY ideas about this?? If you do PLZ message me back or you can write me at my email which ***@**** If anyone has had similar problems also..plz let me know!
Avatar n tn He also mentioned it to them several times in the hospital. He had a big set back and had to have a CT and they noted fluid around his gallbladder. Finally they did an ultrasound which was normal and he just had a colonoscopy which was normal however he was said to be aneimic and there was blood in his stool. He still says he feels bloated, has pain, and belching. This occurs mostly in the morning. They said they might do a HIDA scan.
Avatar n tn I was then reffered for a CT scan the next day and to stay on clear fluids until after the Scan. This revealed the tortuous bowel! Prior to this have been constipated more over the past 3 - 4 years. What I find relieves it best is Aloe Vera juice, I get mine from Cytoplan, I put 25 mls Aloe Vera in a pint sized beaker and sip it throughout the day. I have more normal bowel movements with much less discomfort. Also Actimel or similar.
Avatar n tn turns out i was correct (you know your body) finally i had a CT scan and they found thickening of the lining of my stomach. they followed up with endoscopy biopsies. no h pylori found (good news) but i do have inflammation right where i have terrible pain. they tried h2 blockers. they made me turn white and pass out.(blood test to rule out anemia) they tried others but, they never helped. so now i have to wait to see what they will do next. i am not a drinker.
Avatar f tn Blood pressure and heart rate are normal. I have an upcoming EGD and Colonoscopy as well as a possible gallbladder surgery in December. I am concerned about feeling this way for so long and taking propofol for these procedures. My symptoms are so bad that I have been in bed for 6 weeks because the symptoms are overbearing. Would anyone be willing to share their experiences?
940391 tn?1255758976 I had 10 noncalcified pulmonary nodules from 3-7mm show on a CT scan for something unrelated in Nov 08 when these were found. Since, CT scans revealed 2 more nodules in June 09 and now a whopping 15 nodules 3-7mm in size on my recent scan a week ago. Anyone have a take on what could be causing these? I am 32, non-smoker as of 6-09 and smoked for 23 yrs, since I was 9. the 3 newest nodules have come after I quit smoking.
Avatar f tn Mild thickness of the bladder wall found on CT scans means that outcome won’t be nefarious, however in 2%-3% of CT scan findings they are, so Urologists generally want to make sure.
Avatar n tn I too suffer from the above pain mainly below the upper right abdomen just below the last bone in my right rib cage. I have a CT abdomen scan done 4 months ago (april 07). It ruled out any liver, kidneys or gallblader stones. I have hiatus hernia as confirmed by an endoscopy done in 2005. I had a colonoscopy in Feb 06 so I don't think it's my colon. What else could be wrong? Is it time for another endoscopy? Do you think the primary problem is the hernia?
178345 tn?1242539846 for the removal of something. Adhesions can be seen on a CT scan, Some adhesions get very involved in the abdomen, netting up around intestines and can cause a lot of problems. They can attach to the lining of the abdomen and grow every which way in time.Tthey are elastic to a point, but when stretched will pull and cause pain. What the body rolling does is to gently "break up" those endings where they are attached. It also increases the blood supply to those areas.
213044 tn?1236531060 No water retention. On 1-08-08 my urinalysis was all good. My comprehensive metabolic profile was all good. My GFR was 75, which is good. Something in there hurts. If the cheapskate insurance company would do a complete CT scan (I didn't have an MRI) instead of "only what counts", I'd probably know something. The penny pinching misers wouldn't even let my second Endo scan my thyroid while he was doing a CT of my adrenal glands. Like that extra two foot was going to bankrupt them.
Avatar n tn Right upper quadrant tenderness can be indicative of liver or gallbladder disease. An ultrasound or a CT scan would be helpful in determining this. If there continues to be bloody stool, a lower endoscopy - such as a flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy - can be considered. A typical anti-inflammatory medication (i.e. Motrin or Aleve) would make the bleeding worse. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn After two sessions of antibiotics, my doctor performed a CT scan and determined that I had gallstones. He ordered an ultrasound which revealed liver inflammation. After an endoscopic test, MRI and finally liver biopsy, I am awaiting my doctor to determine what is wrong and steps to take. The liver biospy was 12 days ago, but I am still waiting for him to refer me to a liver specialist (this is third business day). All I "hear" him say is maybe liver cancer, maybe not.
Avatar n tn ) Also, I explained some more about my situation in a seperate thread called CT Scan vs. Ultrasound / Fact v. Opinion Thanks for the reply!