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214864 tn?1229715239 He is going to have me placed under general anesthesia for the procedure, due to my having lost consciousness 3 years ago. I agreed, or shall I say that I had nothing to say at the time he was arranging this. Now, I am thinking about the last time I went under general anesthesia for sinus surgery, about 2 years ago. I had a very hard time in starting to breathe on my own. I guess because I kept falling back to sleep and would not breathe.
Avatar n tn When I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy they gave me general anesthesia and intubated me and everything. This was probably cause I'm young and have other health problems but it isn't unheard of to give someone general anesthesia for a colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn The arguments against general vs local anesthesia revolve around the fact under certain circumstances surgical landmarks are more pronounced under local. This is not relevant during a colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn i was wondering if for this it would be best for me to go under general anesthesia and not be conscious throughout this procedure as the thought of that calms my axieties? and also do you think it is a necesary procedure for me to have considering my bloods came back normal and my doctor hasn't even taken a stool sample?
212161 tn?1599427282 That seems very strange that they are giving you general anesthesia. Are you sure they said that are giving you general anesthesia? They usually have to intubate you (give you a breathing tube down your throat to breathe) and there are a lot more risks with general anesthesia than with just sedation. Most people who are given sedation for their colonoscopies (which is the norm) do not remember any of their colonoscopy and they have no ill effects.
Avatar m tn colonoscopy withoout anesthesia? I am a male and going to be 58 shortly but I have never had a colonoscopy. Of course my health care provider is strongly recommending me getting one. The only way I will consider getting one is if I can without any anesthesia. My reasoning is first of all i don't want my wife or anyone waiting on me while the procedure is taking place. The next reason is I will drive my self home after the scope is done.
Avatar n tn Can anyone recommend a surgeon that will perform catarct surgery under a general anaesthetic? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy. The anesthesia didn't work even though they gave me twice the normal amount. It felt like labor. When it was over they explained that the anesthesia didn't work because 3 of the meds I take counter act it. (I'd given them the complete list twice-I can only come to the conclusion that they didn't check my meds against the anesthesia or they would have given me the alternate anesthesia.) I was in discomfort for a week.
88793 tn?1290227177 I'm not sure we are communicating. What they call "conscious sedation" most certainly DOES NOT leave you conscious. You are most definately in the twilight zone. But you don't know it. It's kind of like somebody hits the "pause" button and then hits the "play" button later. You have absolutely no awareness for the time frame of the sedation. I do not have really clear memories of either the day of the ablation or the day of the implant.
Avatar n tn As mentioned, you are given instructions on how to clean out your intestines, not eating or drinking anything for a period and then to drink a laxitive preparation (that is flavored). The colonoscopy procedure is done in the OR under general anesthesia. You experience no discomfort or embarrassment. A tube is inserted into the rectum and on through the large bowel and the doctor looks into optics that will show him any or no problems with your large bowel.
Avatar n tn Today, he was scheduled for surgery to remove some colon polyps. Just as they put him under the anesthesia, his resting heart rate dropped to 30 bpm. He was barely under as this happened (he said that he could hear them start to talk about it). They did not end up doing the surgery and he was awake about a half hour later. My question is this: Is this normal for a heart patient to have this drop in heart rate under anesthesia? Is 30 bpm ok for the patient to have?
Avatar m tn Unless that scope either (a) traversed the entire length of your small intestine in order to reach the duodenum (which is next to the stomach) or (b) broke through the colon and THEN somehow reentered through the duodenum (which may explain the two sharp stabs; ask the hospital if they treated anything down there), your perforated duodenum could have been caused by something else.
941766 tn?1257796601 Although there is always some risk involved with general anesthesia, now a days that risk is very very small. Also, the test you are having are pretty quickly done, so you will not need to be under for very long. The smaller dose of anesthesia you will need, and the short period you will need it, greatly reduces the already small risk associated with general anesthesia. Just try not to think about it too much from now until the 7th. I know this is easier said than done, but you will be fine.
Avatar m tn Have you considered seeing if the doctors can do a colonoscopy with general anesthesia? But if you wanted to do it without anything then I would find a place to get it done so you don't have to deal with the issues of this place. Sorry, I don't know anything about insurance stuff so I can't answer those questions. Good luck.
Avatar m tn First of all, I think you should try looking around in the Gastroenterology forum of this website, since your symptoms are connected to the gastro exam you had. And if you would tell us any symptoms you may have that required you to have the exam done in the first place, it might help determine if your lack of focus is from a previous condition, or the anesthetics. Also, if you could tell us any other health issues you have, that would help.
Avatar f tn please if anyone here has ever been put under anesthesia please tell me how it felt when you woke up. nausea, upset stomach, tired, ect.
Avatar f tn Has anyone out there ever had to receive more then general and/or local anesthesia? I read that sometimes, so the patient does not cough or move during surgery, there will be a tube put down their thoat to be put on a breathing machine. This scares me - if anyone has had this done or know why its necessary or the pros & cons, please reply.
Avatar m tn I was scheduled for a Colonoscopy on 07/21/2009 at 8:30am. I had told the doctors nurse the day before that I didn't want anesthesia, the last two Colonoscopies I've had I took no drugs. Anesthesia doesn't sit well with me and messes me up for days. I know the Colonoscopy is a bit painful without the drugs but doable never the less.
599170 tn?1300973893 t actually protruding, but responding to the disc with inflammation, etc) If you are having general anesthesia (unusual for diagnostic tests) the intubation procedure would not affect the spine either. Please clarify if you are having "surgery" at this time. Endoscopic procedures are usually done under conscious sedation which produces a sleep-like state and decreases the perception of discomfort during the procedure. When is your endoscopic procedure scheduled?
Avatar n tn I made an appointment for the colonoscopy, but I am now feeling very uncomfortable about being alone with this doctor under anesthesia. I need to know if a breast exam is routine in this circumstance. I would ask my physician, but I know she and this doctor are friends. Help!
212161 tn?1599427282 my dr only does the propofol they say its safer and a better way to do it.