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Avatar f tn My 8 year old son has been suffering from severe abdominal pain, headaches, eye pressure, and even back pain just about every night. He just went through a endoscopy, colonoscopy, xray, and sonogram. For the most part, the endoscopy and the colonoscopy went very well and the GI Dr. had no real concerns only that she saw in the xray that the bile is backing up into the stomach. This was the same thing she told me in 2005 and prescribed Prevacid and now prescribed Nexium.
Avatar f tn Ive been to the er due to dehydration and pain and waited to meet this dr. for over two weeks. I went to gastro dr. and had a colonoscopy last thursday........Whats next.....Im desperatly in pain....and want to feel good again.
Avatar f tn I was being pre-screened for a colonoscopy last week. First you sit through a presentation then you meet with a nurse. At the end of the session you can schedule a colonoscopy if you want one. I wrote that I was HepC positive on the information sheet and that in the last 30 days all I'd taken was Tylenol. When the nurse saw that, she gave me a lecture in a round-about way. Said her husband had a friend who had HepC and nearly died and then got a liver transplant and is now HepC free.
Avatar f tn I get alot of acid buildup but am trying to drink decaf coffee only. I have had slip ups. I try to take a tylenol for sleep and my klonopin at night. .1mg at night of klonopin and .5 in am's. I was asked to ask you your input in these medicines. I amalso trying the eating for IBS book.
Avatar f tn Could possibly be cdiff. A stool test can check for this. I would say a colonoscopy should also be considered.
Avatar n tn If it is an infection you should be having a fever, make sure you are not masking a fever with pain medicines like Tylenol, Advil, Aleve or prescription medicines that contain Tylenol like Vicodin. If you feel your doctor is not doing enough to find the source of the problem, find a new doctor.
Avatar m tn About 1 month ago, she was to have a routine colonoscopy. The gastroenterologist was unable to complete the test since there were several 'tunnels' and he did not want to perforate the intestine. She obtained a CT Scan which revealed a large mass in the pancreatic tail. No further treatment was recommended. Could the accidental fall have caused this pancreatic mass imaging? At this time, she has no real discomfort.
1925157 tn?1328929017 What's this hole thing going on about tylenol?
Avatar m tn Well it has been about 24 hours since I have taken 24 tablets of Tylenol started taking some more to see how much my body can take still feel pretty good am I in the clear if not what am I in for long term
Avatar f tn Yes I get migraines. I usually try not to use Tylenol for them so most migraines I sleep off but some I can't and take Tylenol. Could migraines be the trigger?
Avatar f tn I have a medical condition that causes me a great deal of pain on top of the pregnancy pain My doctor told me it was ok to take tylenol im 19 weeks and have took it a total of 4 times so coworkers just told me it isn't safe for the babe ..
8987249 tn?1404774097 @Nonishy- Caffeine is not the main ingredient in Tylenol. It's not in Tylenol at all. @OP Tylenol is fine during any stage in pregnancy. Just don't take more than 3000 mg of it in 24 hours. There are studies that link something to everything. They aren't all accurate.
10221785 tn?1410990458 I was having a terrible migraine for several hours and I finally caved into taking a Tylenol (500mg) I took it before I went to bed and during the night I was having cramps that would wake me up and switch laying on my sides (if that makes sense). Anyone else have a similar experience with a pain killer?
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm about 7 1/2 was preggo and have a pretty bad headache. I know we can take Tylenol, but has anyone discussed the side effects of it during the first trimester on the baby?
Avatar f tn What kind of Tylenol is safe to take? Mainly for headaches. In my first trimester.
Avatar f tn My friends doctor told her she can take tylenol while pregnant. And ive read online that you can.
Avatar f tn Do you have an actual tooth problem, like cavities? Or are they just generally aching? I would recommend seeing a dentist. It's pretty bad for your body to have untreated dental problems, because of infection getting into your bloodstream. Pregnancy is a particularly bad time for that because the baby is getting things that are in your blood.
Avatar f tn Tylenol is pregnancy safe.nothing else though. NO ibuprofin, aspirin, Advil, or aleve.
Avatar f tn I heard that Tylenol could be linked to adhd. And it makes me worry because I have been taking Tylenol for pain but I almost don't want to believe it since it is one of the only things we can take. But it still concerns me. What do you think?
Avatar f tn Tylenol is the only medication we can take. I have the extra strength bottles wrap is cut off so I can't read what's the dosage someone can take. Anyone kno I believe they are 500mg.
Avatar f tn My head is pounding so bad to the point of wanting to puke!!!! I took two Tylenol regular strength I tried avoiding taking the pill just to be on the save side but I couldn't handle it anymore... Is that ok?!