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Avatar f tn Ok so long story short i got a colonoscopy done at 6:45 this morning. I took a new type of bowel prep called Suprep. Its 2 16oz bottles and then after each bottle u have to drink another 32oz of water within the hour. My question now is how long after u are finished with it will it be out of your system. Its is now 3:30pm the day after i started it and 8 hours after my colonoscopy and im still having basically completely water diarhhea. So how long until this stops?
Avatar f tn Hi thanks for the reply; I have had for the past 5 months or so some diaherea with mucus,spots of blood in stool,recently have had an oily film with bowel movement?right sided abdominal pain sometimes feels like pinching.and sometimes bad(or a fullness). Joint pains started in my neck now seems to be affecting so many areas. .
7282682 tn?1397237735 I have a colonoscopy next week. The stuff they put you out with isnt an opiate is it? I don't want to do anything that jeopardizes my recovery.
Avatar m tn Is doing a colonoscopy very painful? How does it feel ?
Avatar f tn My bf and I had sex he did not pull out. How long should I wait to take a test its been one week and two days He wanted me to get prego...
Avatar m tn What is the risk of bowel damage from over inflation during a colonoscopy? How can this occur?
Avatar f tn Because the prep did not seem to be producing adequate results I added three Ducolax tabs on my own. I did get results, but nothing like my last colonoscopy, when I took a Fleet laxative. And, incidentally, at the time of my last colonoscopy a polyp was removed from the anal area. Anyway, when the colonoscopy was finished, the doctor told my husband that he had to constantly remove feces. He did remove two polyps from the anal area.
Avatar m tn Hi My friend wants to ask: I am having a colonoscopy next week to rule out bowel cancer, chrons, UC etc so have got to do bowel prep the day before. Obviously i know that by its very nature the bowel prep won't be nice but what i want to know is that once it gets going, roughly how long will i be stuck on the loo for? Will it be just a few hrs or will it be all night?
Avatar n tn I recently had a colonoscopy and my GI said the results came back normal. However, the pathology report states: Right colon: "mild nonspecific chronic inflammation and mild submucosal edema; no active inflammation or significant chronic architectural changes." Rectal colon: "mild nonspecific chronic inflammation; no active inflammation or significant chronic architectural changes." Inflammation and edema don't sound "normal" to me...
Avatar f tn Your geno type will be the same as the type you was infected with, as for how long it takes to find out its about 2 weeks to get the results.......... Hang in there, best to you. cando.
Avatar n tn A few weeks isnt too long of a wait. You'll be just fine. Having a cousin with colon cancer wouldnt be considered immediate family as far as colon cancer heredity goes. You would be looking at bro/sis, mom/dad. Knowing everything you have stated, Im willing to bet your colonoscopy will go well. Keep us updated, and try and relax the next few weeks.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy 3 months ago, and now I have a huge abscess in my right Bartholin gland, and they are trying to figure out if it is CA or not. Also, there is lots of old blood in it. I have had no sex in the last three months or any other activity in that area other than the colonoscopy, and my OB/GYN says that it couldn't be from the trauma of the colonoscopy. They are testing for CA and I will have results today. I don't believe her.