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7282682 tn?1397241335 I have a colonoscopy next week. The stuff they put you out with isnt an opiate is it? I don't want to do anything that jeopardizes my recovery.
Avatar n tn Since I am scheduled for a colonoscopy I was curious as to the cost of the procedure. I see from this forum many folks have had this procedure done. I live in the Southern U.S. I don't know if location has an effect on the cost or not. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! I would not recommend researching "what can go wrong in a colonoscopy." Yes, things do go wrong, but in over 99% of the cases, everything is fine. I (and most other people) will tell you that the worse part of a colonoscopy is the prep because it tastes bad and because you have to spend all day having diarrhea. I had a colonoscopy at 16 and I was totally fine. Do you know what type of sedation you are going to get?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, Well, I had my colonoscopy yesterday. I didn't think they would find anything after 42 1/2 years being a vegetarian. No polyps, just a little diverticulitis. I have to eat more greens. He said to come back in 10 years when I'm 75. Fat chance! LOL. The anethesia always makes me sick. I feel a lot better after a good long sleep. You definitely need a ride to and from the procedure. I was very groggy afterwards. Well another 10 days and I get my 3 month PCR.
Avatar n tn I form adhesions easily. Scheduled for a colonoscopy, concerned about the prep (Colyte), have to drink 4 liters of prep. Have heard unpleasant things about prep.
633143 tn?1262137135 So I woke up feeling like a dizzy, weak, headachey mess. I lost 4lbs in 12 hours (and they want me to GAIN weight!). The only thing keeping me going was that after around 3:00 I would be able to take some of my Treximet and get on with life. Not so much, it turns out. First off, I woke up feeling incredibly nauseous and didn't want to eat anything (despite not having eaten for over 30hrs at that point), so taking anything with an NSAID wouldn't be great idea.
Avatar n tn Needless to say I was quite ill and recovery was difficult. I am doing well now but I am so nervous about the reversal. I see the surgeon on the Dec. 1, 2009 and surgery is to be on Dec. 16, 2009. I would like to be prepared going into the surgeon office with a list of questions regarding this upcoming event. Any help would surely be appreciated.
398021 tn?1212594366 I asked for a CT scan of which everything was clear and two days ago had a colonoscopy which was the worst expierence in my life. At first it was fine then the doc had difficulty going further i screamed in pain he gave me more seditive and my blood pressure went to low to carry on. What does this indicate?
Avatar f tn Hi! I am a 27 yr old female who had a colonoscopy yesterday. I have been having frequent blood in stools, bm changes, and LOTS of pain in my lower back and side. The doc wanted to check for colitis or chrons. I have had problems with hemoroids for a while now (which are also painful). The doc talked to me in the recovery room so of course I don't remember a thing since I was still under anestesia. I am told he said everything was fine and he removed a small polyp but did not remove my hemoriods.
398021 tn?1212594366 Hi, i had a colonoscopy yesturday, which was the most painful experince in my life. They tried to give me more seditive which made my blood pressure very low i think. (i was out of it but not enough to feel that pain) Is this normal to have so much pain? it still hurts now, but i don't know if it was the shock to my body or the air they inserted.
Avatar f tn I went in to have a double colonoscopy and endoscopy last week. It was suggested by my friend who is a doctor to determine the cause of low ferritin levels. He asked to do the procedure himself. He later asked if I was comfortable having him do it. At the time I thought he would be my best advocate so I agreed to it. My family and other friends thought I was crazy to have a friend perform this intimate procedure.
Avatar m tn I was scheduled for a Colonoscopy on 07/21/2009 at 8:30am. I had told the doctors nurse the day before that I didn't want anesthesia, the last two Colonoscopies I've had I took no drugs. Anesthesia doesn't sit well with me and messes me up for days. I know the Colonoscopy is a bit painful without the drugs but doable never the less. Then the day of the treatment when I checked into the hospital I told the nurses again that I didn't want any anesthesia or sleep inducing drugs used on me.
Avatar m tn My turn around 4pm tended by Endoscopist, Anaesthetist and Nurses. Woke up in recovery returning to normal fairly quickly. Colorectal Surgeon told me nothing nasty found, no Polyps present but he did find Haemorrhoids at 3, 7, & 11 o'clock which he rubber band ligated. Had fairly severe pain in rear end and was given pain relief for this which subsequently lasted around 12 hours. Also had mild stomach ache for 2 days. Discharged about an hour after proceedure.
214864 tn?1229718839 I have had 2 colonoscopies in the past done by two different doctors. Conscious sedation was used for the first without any problems at all. The second I had done 3 years ago, I lost consciousness during the attempt to consciously sedate me. They were using valium and versed, which I am really accustomed to, due to having had eleven cardiac catheterizations. No problems with allergic reactions to these drugs ever. The doctor said it was due to dehydration!
Avatar n tn During that time, all of your vitals, including blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and your respiratory rates are being watched very closely by a highly trained recovery room RN. If ANYTHING at all looks the least out of whack, the doctor is called immediately. You couldn't possibly be in a safer place. Everybody reacts to anesthesia differently. Some people come out of it very quickly while other's are still a bit groggy a few hours later.
Avatar m tn 30 pm and began taking my prep for my colonoscopy that is scheduled for today. after taking the directed amount every 20 minutes as told by my doc, i noticed my stool was a clear yellow liquid with no solid matter. I was told that when i notice that, to stop. I woke up this morning, and went to the bathroom and there was what appeared to be a small amount of solid like matter that went straight to the bottom of the toilet.
18663 tn?1198175415 I had a emergency right hemi-colectomy after my colon was punctured during a colonoscopy. I was in surgery for 3 hours. Before my surgery, my asthma was under control and I could run for 25-30 minutes. Now, 2 months later, breathing is awful. My chest feels tight. I am not wheezing and do not feel I need my inhaler but I can not run for more than 2 minutes without being short of breath. If I do use the inhaler, it does not seem to change anything.
Avatar f tn I had my colonoscopy awake. I asked my female doctor if it was more painful than labor. she said no, and it wasn't. The staff talked to me the whole time and explained what was on the monitor, it was uncomfortable, just when the pain felt like bad labor it was over. I put off having a colonoscopy for years because I didn't want to be anestitised. When several of my friends told me they had the choice to be awake, I then had it done - awake.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, some of you might remember me, I am 18 years old and have been having problems with my stomach. 2 weeks ago I had a colonoscopy, but we lost our internet connection so I was unable to post earlier. I'm going to explain the process in as much detail as I can, so that I might be able to help relax some people, and inform others. I was given colyte and told to drink a gallon of it, lovely.. 10:30AM rolled around, and off I went, to take my first 8oz., 8oz every 10 minutes.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've some question about colonoscopy: Does anyone has had a Colonoscopy before?? Is it a safe procedure to be perform ?? Is is expensive?? How complex is it compare to a gastroscopy, which one is more complex (since I have one before, so I have some idea on how a gastroscopy is).?? Does anyone has experience any complication during this procedure ?? Please share your experience with me.
Avatar n tn I have had a partial hysterectomy in the past. I had already been scheduled for a colonoscopy after having two bm's with alot of bright red blood and pain in my lower left abdomen. Had the colonoscopy yesterday, was sedated with a mix of demerol for pain and valium for sedation. I went in expecting some discomfort. Doctor found a small polyp and removed it for analysis. I know this is alot of background but figure it might help you answer my question.
Avatar n tn When I turned 50, the docs started bugging me about getting a colonoscopy, especially due to my age and the anemia. I was a wreck, but the colonoscopy turned out fine. I would bet your anemia is due to your nosebleeds. Try not to worry. And if I could offer a tip to you...drink lots of fluids before you begin your colonoscopy prep. I'd recommend gatorade or something with electrolytes. The prep is rugged, but the test itself is nothing.
Avatar f tn Or is it reasonable to assume you may end up like me when you have a colonoscopy. By the way, this was my second colonoscopy - the first was done by another Doc without incident.
Avatar m tn (I think it's because of my weight1?!) Can I avoid colonoscopy? no history of colorectal cancer in the family. How do I know the cause for this slight pinch/stretch like pain?
Avatar n tn Husband had an emergency surgery and is on a home recovery at the moment. The gastroenterologist who performed the colonoscopy said that it was the co-incident and there is no link between these two events. But after reading the information from the different people on the internet, I have a strong feeling that there is a connection in between ,it is just very rear and not studied well enough.
Avatar f tn OMG! my colonoscopy was on 2 days ago on Friday may 22/09. two months ago i feel my doctor saved my life or at the very least saved me a lot of grief. i perforated my bowel. up to now he has been very causious it seems with all his decisions. my test on friday,other than when my bowel acctually perforated, was the most painful procedure of my life. he sedated me and told me to relax and not to fight it.i was relaxed and loopy, but not asleep although my eyes were closed.
Avatar n tn So he wants a colonoscopy before the lap to be sure. Just got the colonoscopy prep info. They want me on clear liquids for TWO days before the colonoscopy! 1st day no solid food, just clear liquids with a laxative at night. Second day, more clear liquids and 3 more doses of fleet phospho soda. Third day, nothing before colonoscopy. I have never heard of anyone having a clear liquid diet 48 hours out from a colonoscopy.
405614 tn?1329147714 Kathy, I often think of a line from The Devil Wears Prada, "I'm just one stomach flu away from my ideal weight," when I do a colonoscopy prep...except I always feel like I'm just one colonoscopy prep away from my ideal weight.
Avatar n tn Post colonoscopy problems by Ted174 Tags: distension, post colonoscopy, pressure, diagnosis, Dysbiosis 2 days later my abdomin started to distend. Within 2 weeks I went from 34" waist to 42" and lost 12 lbs. Have severe pressure in belly and diaphragm. Hard to breathe. Had ultrasound, full blood labs, x-rays and EGD. Still no diagnosis! What's wrong with me? Could it be Dysbiosis? And what would be the remedy? It's like my life has been taken away. I have no energy and am in pain.
Avatar n tn after not showing any signs of chrons in a colonoscopy test ...I have every symptom of chrons however ..ab. pain ..bowel changes ..bloating..pain ..have had red eyes ..sores on leg that change colour when fading ..mouth question is has anyone been diagnosed with chrons after having a clear colonoscpy?