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Avatar n tn I had my first colonoscopy last week. Two polyps were removed and 1 precancerous polyp was removed. Dr. called week later saying two polyps okay; howver, other larger one was precancerous. He has to schedule another colonoscopy @ 6 weeks from now because he wants to make sure he got the entire polyp. Biopsy criteria showed that he may not have gone deep enough. The remaining tissue/polyp, is that precancerous since it is part of polyp removed? I am @ 65, female}. Very upset.
Avatar f tn The colonoscopy might show something, but it probably won't. However a colonoscopy is a good idea to make sure nothing more serious is going on. Have you tried making dietary and lifestyle changes?
Avatar n tn Hello,colonoscopy is the best way how to find if there is something wrong in you colon.Colonoscope has a camera and a light on the end of that "cable" with a hole. The colon must be completely clean, for doctor to see details.If there is a polyp, they insert trough the "cable" instrument which will remove the polyp. There is not any discomfort after you wake up, only dizziness so you can't drive. The polyp is goes for biopsy to find what origin it was.
Avatar m tn I work in a university-affiliated hospital, so getting any tests is easy. The doc doing my physical recommended a colonoscopy; which I scheduled but when they found out that I had a bad (really bad) reaction to Versed during dental surgery they had me reschedule with a CRNA for diprivan instead of Versed. This wasn't possible because I'm allergic to eggs (therefore allergic to propofol).
15801930 tn?1443116415 I just had a routine colonoscopy. I am age 53. This is the second one; first was approximately 10 years ago. Doctor discovered one sessile polyp and internal hemorrhoids. I know I have to wait for the report to come back, but have questions. What does a sessile polpy mean? Is it connected to the hemorrhoids? I have no symptoms. Am healthy. Not overweight, do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. Get regular exercise. Grandmother had colon cancer but she was in her 90's.
Avatar n tn But if you dont want to take any chance or miss something inside then you can undergo virtual colonoscopy. This way you can avoid the conventional colonoscopy. Gall bladder problems can be picked up by sonography. Bowel problems usually not picked up well by sonography. You discuss with your physician whether you really need all these.
Avatar f tn I am very confused. I had my first colonoscopy on friday and have no idea what the results mean. Does anyone know what "STRIPS OF COLONIC MUCOSA AND EDEMA AND CONGESTION OF TEH LAMINA PROPRIA" mean?
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy recently. They removed a very small pedunculated polyp, which the doctor says is not cancerous. They did not have to cauderize the area.I saw it in the sample jar, and it looked to be about 1mm by 3mm. They also took several biopsies of the colon wall, as well. I have several questions: How long does it take these areas to completely heal? If I were to have another colonoscopy in one week, would the polyp removal site and the biopsy sites be readily evident?
Avatar f tn High fiber is actually painful with people who have Crohn's or ulcerative colitis. It would not hurt to get a colonoscopy too. The kidney issue is perhaps has to do with luck, but also anyone with digestive disease typically have other aliments associated with it like joint pain that can lead to fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I would like to be prepared going into the surgeon office with a list of questions regarding this upcoming event. Any help would surely be appreciated.
Avatar n tn A. Sigmoid Polyp HYPERPLASCTIC POLYP B. Rectal Biopsy Moderate to Severe acute/chronic colitis with acute cryptitis Epithelial glandular atypia associated with inflammation is noted. Indefinite for dysplasia ( see comment) comment: The inflammatory changes are histologially compatible with inflammatory diease/ulcerative colitis. My questions are: 1. is the polyp cancerous,if not, can it become cancerous, and what do I do to screen for that? 2. what is acute cryptitis?
Avatar n tn Saw your three questions; my colonoscopy is on Thursday (yep, today is Prep Day!) I was also wondering how they could see adhesions. As I understand it, they would be on the outside of the colon. The tube is going inside the colon. And I don't know about a CT. I'll let you know what happens.
398021 tn?1212594366 I asked for a CT scan of which everything was clear and two days ago had a colonoscopy which was the worst expierence in my life. At first it was fine then the doc had difficulty going further i screamed in pain he gave me more seditive and my blood pressure went to low to carry on. What does this indicate?
Avatar m tn colonoscopy withoout anesthesia? I am a male and going to be 58 shortly but I have never had a colonoscopy. Of course my health care provider is strongly recommending me getting one. The only way I will consider getting one is if I can without any anesthesia. My reasoning is first of all i don't want my wife or anyone waiting on me while the procedure is taking place. The next reason is I will drive my self home after the scope is done.
Avatar f tn I went in to have a double colonoscopy and endoscopy last week. It was suggested by my friend who is a doctor to determine the cause of low ferritin levels. He asked to do the procedure himself. He later asked if I was comfortable having him do it. At the time I thought he would be my best advocate so I agreed to it. My family and other friends thought I was crazy to have a friend perform this intimate procedure.
Avatar f tn After finally determining it wasn't due to an umbilical hernia surgery I just had a colonoscopy yesterday. My pain is just left of the umbical area. This pain is worsened by activities like standing in one place for too long or sitting on a hard surface. I cannot participate in any physical sport that actively uses the core and the pain is everyday. Does not seem to be related to my diet at all. I do get "muddy" brown stools about 2-3x /day - twice a week.
543435 tn?1282246279 So I went to my primary who ordered tests. Results Colonoscopy - clean Ultrasound - 1.4cm complex cyst on left ovary CT scan - confirmed ovarian cyst plus identified an additional ovarian cyst enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes and a 1cm hypodensity on my spleen what does it all mean? Recommend course of action is repeat CT in three months. Is this to long to wait? Anyone else dealt with this. Am I being blwon off because of my age or is it really nothing to be concerned with.
Avatar n tn For further evaluation, you may want to inquire about a colonoscopy, but it seems that there is a colonic motility problem. One consideration to treat the fecal retention would be biofeedback. It can correct inappropriate contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and external anal sphincter during defecation in patients with pelvic floor dyssynergia. There are various medications that can increase colonic motility, such as reglan, cisapride (since withdrawn in the US), and misoprostol.
Avatar m tn Had my first colonoscopy. Dr. removed two Polyps. Pathology returned 2.4mm and 3mm tubular adenomas. Shouldn't the report be able to say with finality that the polyps were or were not cancerous?
Avatar f tn I'm sorry no one responded to your post before you had your colonoscopy. I hope your colonoscopy went okay. Please let us know if you have any more questions.
Avatar f tn I want to know why I didn't receive any treatment after my colonoscopy. The summary conclusions from the procedure is as follows: Colitis found in the sigmoid and descending colon. The colon was mildly edematous, and granularity noted, no ulceration present, random bx obtained. And I am curious as to why it hurts really bad on my right side and not my left? Should I be worried?
567392 tn?1216755126 My husband was with me for th procedure, but he didn't ask enough questions and I didn't because I was pretty much out of it.
Avatar n tn Because she had iron deficiency anemia her primary physician scheduled her for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy to see if there was internal bleeding. There was no rectal bleeding or fevers or discomfort. She had been on 2.5 mgs of Coumadin for a long time. Although the record states she had last taken Coumadin 40 hours before, because her memory was failing I think she probably took it much closer to the procedures than that, along with all the other medications she took.
Avatar n tn To Whom It May Concern, In opening, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this, I greatly appreciate your input. I recently underwent a colonoscopy to determine possible cause for persistent chronic diarrhea consisting of blood at times as well as mucus. (I had a tentative diagnosis of IBD-Crohn's) In addition, I have experienced weight loss of approximately 14 pounds, lower right sided abdominal pain (located around belly button), as well as some nausea.
567392 tn?1216755126 I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy because my doctors were concerned that I might have stomach cancer. Afterwards I learned that there weren't any signs of cancer, but they did find some bruising on the lining of my stomach. What does that mean?