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Avatar f tn Omg same here its so annoying I have to change underwear all the time lol I actually got checked cus it's like a lot of it has a weird odor but it came back normal so idk....
Avatar f tn I've been wearing liners everyday since I was in college til now..the whole pregnancy I wore liners. I don't like discharges..and the extra pee that wets my panty..:( would that be a problem? I never ask that question before..
Avatar f tn lol nope you are not the only one , it's happens to me to Don't be embarrassed
Avatar f tn t seem to care much about it, His only comment was that it sounds like an incomplete bowel movement because all my tests were OK. By tests I mean colonoscopy and endoscopy. But all that soiling has to be more than that. If it is that, what can I do about it? Should I see a proctologist or another gastro MD. I need someone who I can feel comfortable with.
12155605 tn?1437372946 So lately I've just been discharging a lot I take a shower at least three times a day every time I come in the house I have to shower because the discharge mixed with the sweat from the heat it give me a rash in between my upper thighs so I always come home shower sleep naked and it's gone the next day it's so uncomfortable and hurts to walk especially when it happens while I'm at work because I'm always on my feet and walking around am I the only one or do any of you ladies
Avatar f tn I prefer Playtex for the brand but want to know what kind would be best. The Ventaire bottles or the ones that need liners? I currently use the one with liners for the 2 yr old (we're still trying to ween him off with therapy too) but getting liners all the time is soooo expensive after awhile. My sister uses Ventaire for her son, but I want other opinions too.
Avatar f tn I personally noticed that with my daughter, drop in liners relieved her of gas/colic issues vs. Regular bottles that we wasted money on like tommee tippee, avent, similac, etc.. However, the playtex brand of liners still has caused gas issues so to remedy that we now only use the meijers or target liner generic. Oddly, you would think that since playtex make the drop in bottles, their liners would be best but no...not at all..a compleye fail.
Avatar n tn Immediately after completing a routine colonoscopy my right nostril began itching intensely and I sneezed constantly. No other symptoms whatsoever. This continued for three days and abated a bit when I used Boroleum ointment for dry nose, however I find that inside my nostril is now swollen and red and I am getting small itchy red bumps on the edge of that nostril. Could this be related to anesthesia?
Avatar f tn I like playtex with the drop in liners. They are easier to clean and the liners are recyclable if you're worried about that. And bottle you get just make sure to clean them right away or they really smell. Especially formula.
Avatar n tn No responses, so i thought id try one more time. since having a colonoscopy, polyp removed, and then a follow up sigmoidoscopy 10 months later, residual stem removed, i have had some problems. after the sig., eight weeks ago, i have had heart palpitations. never had them before this. my internist said it was probably a result of the prep throwing off my electrolytes and prescribed magnesium. that didnt work and now i have to see a cardiologist.
6470732 tn?1439556292 I have that since the beggining of pregnancy! Panty liners are a must!
Avatar f tn Panty liners would definitely help. I have to wear them to. Its natural.
Avatar f tn I've had a lot of discharge the whole way through I'm 15 weeks. As long as it's not yellow bloody or smells awful you are fine .
Avatar f tn It doesn't stop your best bet is pantie liners.
Avatar f tn ve found cloth diaper liners without gussets and liners with gussets. Are there pros and cons to both? Is one preferable over the other? Thanks in advance! Without gussets: With gussets:
Avatar f tn wearing a liner now. been wearing one for weeks!! even my fiancé says, "stop wearing those things.. let it breathe!!" lol and of course I reply, "I'm not washing a butt-load of underwear every few days.. you know how uncomfortable & aggravating that would get?!" unfortunately, I assume I'll be dealing with this for a while.. 13w2d!!
Avatar f tn Wow I thought I was the only one.. !! I use panty liners during the day and at night I sleep with a towel under me because it seems to be worse at night and I honestly hate the wet cold feeling. I feel gross.
Avatar f tn So one week ago I had a colonoscopy (trying to diagnose chronic diarrhea, came out clean). The first 2 days after, I had normal stools, and then, back to diarrhea, but worst than normal. This weekend I had a fever and have been feeling just down, even though I'm actually getting better, this morning I woke up with diarrhea, and blood in the toilet paper.
Avatar f tn I constantly feel wet. I noticed cotton undies help me.
2109901 tn?1344984276 It doesn't always happen to me, but once in awhile I do. That's why I wear liners!
5648238 tn?1431863784 Thank you all. I figured I'd start using a panty liner. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem or I just had a really weak bladder.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to know how you ladies feel about reusable diapers and liners...