Colonoscopy on your period

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Avatar n tn You will have bloating and gas after your tests, and being on your period may just make you even more uncomfortabe. It's your call.
Avatar f tn I had one eight years ago and I cannot remember feeling so nervous. I had a polyp the first time and it was benign. The second colonoscopy was fine. I'm having a difficult time with feeling hungry and waiting to take the prep this afternoon. I've already started having diaherra because of my nerves. Guess I need to unload and find support on here. Looking forward to hearing from anyone.
212161 tn?1476095111 so sorry your having to go again, i dont even want to have the one much less 3 so close together . did they not say why? the new dr i go to has a place like surgery and they have a anthesoies (sp) like your haveing surgery and you are knocked out all the way.
Avatar f tn Please don't lose trust in this test, this test could have saved your life. One thing is that next time you need to have another colonoscopy in a couple of years, you can ask for general anesthesia where you won't ever remember or feel anything during the procedure. Some people react differently to different sedation medications.
Avatar f tn And I wonder, when you first had your colonoscopy and returned to that same gastro doc complaining with your symptoms, why did he say you had a long, hard road ahead? Were you having some sort of symtoms before you had the procedure, and perhaps a diagnosis? I am glad you are on the patch and oxycodone, but I guess you are going to run out if your general doc sent you away without a new prescription. If so, keep the patch until it falls off your skin!
Avatar n tn I recently had one, but the doctor told me he 'couldn't see very much.' Evidently the bowel was not clean enough. I followed the day-before liquid diet as prescribed, took the Osmoprep tablets as prescribed. My discharge was not clear before going to bed. In the morning it was not clear either.. but I have to admit I didn't check it carefully, every time - I didn't think I had to. At check-in a nurse asked me if it was clear. I replied, somewhat hesitatingly, "no, it is not clear.
Avatar m tn I woke up in the recovery room and once I realized they'd used anesthesia on me, plus had done the colonoscopy on me also after I'd told them it was over, I sat up and ripped off the heart monitor patches off and ripped the IV out of my arm and stood up out of bed. Obviously I was still under the influence of the drugs because I fell against the wall hitting my head, but then regained my composure and walked out of the hospital with a photo of the inside of my colon as my gift..
Avatar n tn is it normal for ur period to stop and start again while menstrating? i got my period on monday and it stop last night with brown blood and what not, like usual, but then it just starting again like 5 min. ago with red clotty blood.
Avatar f tn Aspirin can cause bleeding, especially if taken for a long period of time at large doses. You do not want to go in for your scope under those circumstances. It can be life threatening. You will be fine if it is acetaminophen. Good luck with your scope. Please keep us posted and let us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn as long as they are aware of this before you go under there should be no complications. Everyone thinks anesthesiologists just stick you with a needle, put a mask on your face , and they're done...far from the truth..They are the most responsible for monitoring your cardio/pulmonary funtion during surgery...He/ She'll keep you safe .... Good luck and use the Berry flavor...
Avatar n tn Hi! Had a colonoscopy on Thurs. Prep was Phosphosoda, no big deal. Sedated with Versed/Fentanyl. He found a polyp and removed it.Woke up feeling sleepy and nauseous.Took something for that.Air trapped inside was a killer.Passed gas a few times, didn't help. Couldn't find a comfortable lots of pain. Gave a dose of Bentyl. Didn't do jack. About 15 minutes, another dose. Nothing. I am in major pain..called Doc. Gave me Dilaudid, sent for x-rays.
Avatar n tn Hi I am 37 and have also experienced a bladder infection. I called Ashtead hospital and spoke with the nurse that was present at the procedure to ask if this was a typical side effect. The surgeon was not available to talk that evening. The nurse said the two were completely unrelated and purely coincidental. I asked if the laxative could've triggered off the infection and she said it was unlikely. I went away scratching my head feeling quite confused by it all.
471161 tn?1317194550 nothing to worry about, I had both procedure done about 5 months ago which was the 2nd time over the 10 years period, the worst part is getting the prep..have your colon clean & clean, when finished you would feel nothing different except going straight for a good meal...good luck.
Avatar n tn antibiotics taken for extended period of time can upset the balance between yeast and bacteria in your body,most people will become constipated as good bacteria is wiped out and yeast overgrow,one way to restore the flora is to eat yogurt which contains that good bacteria called lactophilus,never remember how to spell it right. most yogurts sold in store now have this culture,but the better ones can be found in health food section of supermarket or health food store.
Avatar n tn On your cereal, pour Acidophilus milk, which helps break down food. Also on your cereal, sprinkle some blueberries on top. Add some easy walks in the evening around the block, for exercise, which causes all body systems to work better and induces relaxation.
Avatar f tn My coworker had constipation before her GB was taken out and pain under the left shoulder blade, stools were loose and nauseous. So not sure if it's your GB, but wait until the endo and colonoscopy...should shed some light on what's going on. There are so many things that can go haywire with our digestive systems and let's not panic!!!! Good luck with all of your tests; did you say that yours are on the 19Th as well?
Avatar m tn Don't worry it's not scaring me. How was your breathing through the whole thing? Any trouble with the pressure on your lungs? Did you feel like you were going to vomit from the pressure. Almost have all my questions answered. Thank you by the way for all responses.
Avatar m tn Many thanks for your e-mail. Sorry for the delay in responding, I have been out of the office for the past two days on work related travel. Our manuscript focused on outbreaks of viral hepatitis B and C infections associated with the receipt of healthcare.
Avatar n tn heck, I have seen a number of patients literally scream for the doc to stop the colonoscopy and this was with Versed; they rely on the amnesia effects to stupify the patient. What bothers me, is that I see a lot of patients who have a PTSD-type reaction later when they start to remember how they were treated. I would rather experience and remember the discomfort. My doc says that she would never get this exam, drugs or not........
Avatar n tn Without examining you nor your records, I cannot make any recommendations whether to hold off on the colonoscopy or not. I agree that it needs to be done sooner rather than later. It is difficult to say what is going on without examination. However, with the history of ulcerative proctitis, a flareup or worsening of this disease is possible. The biopsy via the colonoscopy would be able to further evaluate this.
Avatar m tn For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn You want to feel better, right? There's power in knowledge. Once you know what's going on, then you can work on fixing it or healing whatever's going on inside of you. You will feel a lot better than you're feeling now! And of course, we always build things way up in our minds, making it much worse in our imaginations than it really is in real life! Once you get throught this, you will wonder why you put if off for so long! Trust me. It'll be ok. I hope this will ease your mind some. Take care.
Avatar f tn A procedure like that isn't suppose to be done on pregnant woman as they do take a sample of your cervix. Luckily it didn't affect my pregnancy and my daughter is healthy as can be.
612551 tn?1450025775 None were cancerous. Because of a propensity to develop pulps since the age of about 60 I get a colonoscopy every two years. I believe that is the maximum allowed by Medicare if you are of that age in the USA. That said Medicare is every 5 years unless there is an indication of problems like regular polyps, and I think that might be more than enough for most of us. So why my question?
2042830 tn?1333869167 Can't even walk my dogs or play with my daughter that is 4 years old.... I go in on the May 9th on Dr. for Gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy both ends fun. I hope the new GYN will no explore laparoscopy to see what is going on inside of me. I want to be able to feel good again not sick all the time fatigue, and weak and having no appetite and figure out why I have lost 15 lb in three months not even trying to loss weight. I'm all ready thin perfect 124 lbs then I'm down to 110 lbs.
468830 tn?1246112822 I wish I'd have had the test when I was 50, as recommended, but due to finances, and the agorophobia making it hard at times to leave the house period, I didn't. Does anyone have any tips on how to gag that stuff down, with the least problems? I start drinking it in 7 hrs, and it's chilling in the fridge as we speak. They told me to drink 8 oz every 15 min., and not to chug it, as I'll probably throw it up ( I may anyway).
Avatar n tn So yesterday i went to the specialist, he suggested stress might be the cause but made a colonoscopy booking for october. can stress produce symptoms over this long a period?? Cancer symptoms are often noted as steadily progressive and this seems true in my case. The abdominal pain has been mostly gone for a long time but the rectal pain seems to have been building steadily. Over the last couple of weeks sometimes there is mucus with or instead of a bowel movement.
Avatar n tn The strictures were found some 3 yrs ago when I had my first MRI with contrast. Your photos are too small for me to comment on them, but I would think from your symptoms, particularly the lower abdominal pain and thin pencil like faeces, that the strictures are causing your current problems. I have a wonderful, very intelligent and up to date gastroenterologist who has taken care of me for the last 7 years, but he had to refer me to a surgical gastro for his opinion.
Avatar n tn Now, coffee, which you are normally allowed to drink for specific period of time before a colonoscopy, also is supposed to help headaches the same way, by narrowing blood vessels around the brain. The theory is that migraines come from dilation of blood vessels in the brain, so any substance that causes the blood vessels to narrow down will help a migraine headache.