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Avatar f tn Abdominal cramps and watery discharge may indicate a Post surgical complication of Colonoscopy.They actually are very common in many compromised patients even though adequate care has been taken.They include mild abdominal pain with cramps,watery diarrhea,Post surgical inflammation.These are very minor complications.Very severe major complications can be Bowel explosion,obstruction,allergy,dehydration or even stroke sometimes.
Avatar n tn I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Monday. I'm having some rectal bleeding and pain (not constant) in my lower left abdomen. I hat a CT scan on December 12, 07 and said everything was okay. What could this be?
Avatar f tn after a recent ct scan and colonoscopy, i have been diagnosed with a narrowed sigmoid colon, however the dr said whatever is causing narrowing is coming from OUTSIDE the gi tract, i am having a hard time finding any information on the web and i am not very confident in my doctor, the the process was not handled in a professional manner. anyone out there have this diagnosis?
Avatar n tn what are the symptoms of small bowel obstruction or small intestine cancer? i am suffering pain on my right side, only one thin bowel movement since sunday when i prepped for colonoscopy.Dr. couldn't finish test because my bowel didn't i had small bowel follow thru.i don't know what i should do because i dont go see the dr. til friday but i am so miserable.bloated ,cant breathe,hips hurt ,butt hurts.can anyone relate? thnaks for your time!
1176841 tn?1330836060 did an upper GI and a small bowel follow through. I was just told today I have pseudo intestinal obstruction of the small bowel and I have a large obstruction with a narrow area with a large amount of stool at the junction where the small bowel and remaining colon is. Any clue what can be done to fix either or? The pseudo intestinal obstruction is caused by my autonomic dysfunction. I will be talking to the clinic on Monday to schedule a colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn I was told I have probably had bowel obstruction. I was admitted to the hospital for 5 days while numerous X-ray's were taken of my abdomen. Before the doctors could find the blockage it had "corrected itself" according to the doctors. I was then sent home. Within 5 days I started having the exact same symptoms and again ended up in the hospital ER and was admitted to the hospital.
Avatar n tn hello I have been experiencing different type of symptoms for the last 2-4 years. consulted a gastroenterologist last march who did not think i needed a colonoscopy. recently i have new symptoms that are starting to worry me.
Avatar n tn I'am 35 years old and have an extensive history of SBO. Starting when I was 3 with a ruptured apendix setting up peritonitis, 2 weeks later surgery for SBO. At 10 years old SBO resolved with NG tube.
Avatar n tn However, we wonder about the connection to having a colonoscopy only ten days prior to developing the obstruction. Despite the obstruction and several days in hospital with NG tube and mini-laparotomy surgery, this experience will not prevent him from having the next colonoscopy in ten years. Thank you for your reply.
Avatar m tn My gastro wants to do a colonoscopy to make sure it is not an obstruction and to diagnoe IBS. If there is an obstruction, wouldn't the bowel movements be the same every time. I mean, they would never be normal, right? The obstruction would not move? I am so sorry if this is an inappropriate or dumb question but I am so nervous about the colonoscopy. Otherwise I had ct scan done and it was ok besides diverticulosis....
Avatar m tn My gastro wants to do a colonoscopy to make sure it is not an obstruction and to diagnoe IBS. If there is an obstruction, wouldn't the bowel movements be the same every time. I mean, they would never be normal, right? The obstruction would not move? I am so sorry if this is an inappropriate or dumb question but I am so nervous about the colonoscopy. Otherwise I had ct scan done and it was ok besides diverticulosis....
Avatar m tn Pain - lots of and probably more so on the right hand side towards the back just above kidneys and in the middle of upper abdomin.
Avatar f tn I had a lot on pain in lower abdominal, got a colonoscopy to see what was causing pain. After procedure I got more abdominal pain. Could this be caused by trapped gas in colon?
Avatar f tn As we have a family history of colon cancer in my generation, I went in May of this year and had a colonoscopy. A flat polyp the size of a walnut was removed. Because this type of polyp, according to the doctor, is the type to regrow and quickly turn into cancer, I recently returned for a followup colonoscopy. When I woke up, the doctor told me he was sorry but he had failed to do the colonoscopy due to scar tissue. He told me I should consider going to another doctor due our family history.
Avatar m tn 30 pm and began taking my prep for my colonoscopy that is scheduled for today. after taking the directed amount every 20 minutes as told by my doc, i noticed my stool was a clear yellow liquid with no solid matter. I was told that when i notice that, to stop. I woke up this morning, and went to the bathroom and there was what appeared to be a small amount of solid like matter that went straight to the bottom of the toilet.
Avatar f tn Constipation doesn't necessarly mean bowel obstruction. I had an obstruction in my small intestine and didn't have constipation. I did have a lot of stomach (or general area) pains that would come and go and sometimes diarehea. Are you drinking plenty of water and trying to up your fiber? Try and eat more fruits and veggies and drink lots and lots of water. I hope you feel better soon too!
Avatar n tn 1st and then if they can't see anything on the ultrasound my doctor wants to do a colonoscopy (sp?) he wanted to do it first but i really don't want anything up my butt. lol. oh and i am a 23 year old female. so anybody know what that pop could have been?? thankx in advance.
Avatar n tn blood work, chest and abdominal x-rays, small bowel series (taken just prior to onset of constipation and left sided pain), colonoscopy (taken just after onset of constipation, but before left sided pain), CT scan and stool culture. All tests were normal. One week after colonoscopy, constipation worsened and I developed left sided crampy pain (just above hip area, across from belly).
Avatar n tn 3 weeks later I was back in the hospital with abdominal pain just above the navel and vomiting. Was told it was a bowel obstruction, so in went an NG tube and 3 days later I was feeling better. Almost a month ago, I got the same pain again and went right back in the hospital. I was not vomiting this time, still passing gas and stool. Just the same pain.
Avatar f tn Question #1 - After this CT, is a colonoscopy redundant, i.e. is the CT a more sensitive test than the colonoscopy or might a colonoscopy show problems that the CT would not? Question #2 - Given the location of the pain, would a colonoscopy even explore the area of his pain? Question #3 - Does this pain pattern suggest a diagnosis to anyone? Question #4 - Does anyone have any idea where to go from here?
523728 tn?1264625121 Used to have terrible bleeding with colitis. The last colonoscopy showed a beautiful colon all the way up. She swears it's the Plum Smart that's helped move things along. My worry for you is that it may be more than simple constipation. Do you know what the symptoms would be if there was a twist in the bowel? I'm sure there would be pain but you deal with that every day. Please be careful and take care of yourself.
Avatar n tn However, they could have put him in twilight sleep, they inject it in a vein, which does not require keeping his airway open to knock him out. This is what gastroenterologists do for the colonoscopy exam. Twilight sleep makes a person feel wonderful, takes away all fear, sometimes all memory, of whatever procedure is going on. I would ask for that. Because I think he SHOULD be operated on, and apparently only a CAT scan is going to reveal enough evidence for that.
Avatar n tn Okay, so I have Ulcerative Colitis. Since my colonoscopy and gastroscopy almost a week ago, my digestive system hasn't functioned properly and I feel constipated. Is this common following the procedure?
Avatar n tn the appendix is normal. there is no evidence of obstruction, free fluid or free air. no evidence of urinary tact stone or obstruction. the ER doctor told me everything was normal and never even mentioned anything about the findings, just told me everything was normal. I read the results after i got in my truck to come home. she was gonna send me to a GI doctor to see about the acid reflux I had. I told her I would prob hold off on that.
Avatar f tn In a few weeks, I will be having a colonoscopy to determine if I do indeed have Chrons. In this day and age, is that really the only way to find out? If you have Chrons, is that how you found out?? I cannot have my fistula repair surgery until the specialist determines if I have Chrons or not... I was told the 'cleansing' process the day before is the worse part, but the procedure is a 'breeze'. I am sooo nervous.
Avatar n tn Hey For about two months or so I've been experiencing stomach pain and spasms, particularly in the upper left abdomin (right under the heart), and had been on and off experiencing mucusy stool and bouts of polyuria. In the meantime I had been in and out of the ER, for hours at a time, a lot because of a sick friend. I had also a few weeks ago once took motrin and tylenol for headaches.
1030526 tn?1252294133 They were trying to get a team of Dr. together...when one night i was in extreme pain....The cyst caused bowel obstruction in two places. This was a 13 day stay in hosp. Then I come home , and i thought i was fine...but had another, small bowel obstruction....Dr. says he thinks it was just a "fluke." I am now almost 12 weeks post op. I have been taking Miralex, stool softners, laxative tea, and fiber cereal...since my last obstruction. Then I got Diarreah (spelling...
Avatar f tn Anyone, I posted earlier under nausea, diarrhea and bloating. I have a colonoscopy exam finally just two weeks away. But I have been sick for three months. I've been passed around by doctors, for a while received no treatment. Now I have nausea pills and acid pills. And I have been using home remedies that are somewhat helpful, particularly the probiotics in "Activa" yogurt and also I find cranberry jell helps my digestion. Folks, I swear, I think I'm dying.
Avatar n tn Meanwhile, the gastro guy says that he wants to a colonoscopy because I might have cancer or an obstruction. (I don't have weight loss or any bleeding) I made the appointment but canceled it later. I am reluctant to reschedule for several reasons. I have had this problem for over 20 years so why would it just now be an obstruction or cancer or anything like that? The doctor did not instill much confidence because he did not seem interested in trying anything else.
Avatar n tn This has all symptoms of an intestional obstruction and as they say I have IBS, I am wondering if colon spasms can cause obstruction. Colonoscopy and ultrasound rules out gallbladder, pancreatis etc. Any ideas????