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Avatar f tn The use of E-33 for diabetic wound care is not acceptable nursing home practice.
Avatar m tn It's a good thing to consider because there will be someone who will look after for your loved ones 24 hours a day who are having this kind of disease. In fact, some families consider a nursing home for their aging loved ones who mostly facing Alzheimer also. They believe that any nursing home can accommodate and will take care of their loved ones, as well as to protect them and make them feel valued and loved.
Avatar m tn All of the nursing homes are crummy and I don't agree with a nursing home stay as a cure or treatment for depression. Nursing homes are necessary and fulful a definite need, but psychiatric treatment is not one of those needs. In the best nursing homes there is a shortage of staff. They treat "depression" with a chemical straightjacket. Furthermore, the diet in most homes is lacking and good nutrition is part and parcel of treatment for depression.
Avatar f tn There was a big fire in Canada at a nursing home recently. Any smokers involved????? Add this to your reasons to quit.
Avatar f tn It seems that there really is no good place to connect caregivers with clients (a "virtual agency"). Swampy's mom has MS, although, at this stage in her life, the MS is well managed and her primary problems are just related to normal care.
Avatar f tn I understand that smoking is extremely addictive, but there are certain things we do for our kid that are very hard, and one of them is being pregnant, taking care of our bodies while pregnant and nursing (and I am not even talking about giving birth!). That is only the start of a difficult life of a parent. So, let me give you the facts that you probably already know, but they are important to repeat.
Avatar f tn Have any women thought of choosing "kangaroo care" over the normal care of having a nurse wash and.swaddle before he/she is handed If you have thought about it what's option are you wanting to be part of.your birth plan or if you have chosen to this way how was the.experience?
Avatar m tn If the blood is bright red, this is often the culprit, the brighter the blood the lower the bleed, so a colonoscopy would have caught anything down low. Take care and let us know what you find out.
Avatar n tn I have a half brother that died from colon cancer. My family has a history of polyps, thus I had my first colonoscopy at 37 (2 polyps) then at 46 (2 polyps) All benign thankfully. I've had complete annual physicals for the past 5 years and all good thankfully. I am due for a colonoscopy and am stressing about more polyps. Also have anxiety and that's flaring up because of the colonoscopy. Should I be concerned? Thank you!
6443433 tn?1381417668 I underwent a total colectomy in 2004 and, in response to another Medhelp patient's question, I posted my experiences on:- Please feel free to come back with any questions you may have.
Avatar m tn My father had a stroke in July and at the time he didn't qualify for therapy... he was in a semi vegetative state & required a peg tube. He was discharged to a skilled nursing home & his prognosis was not great. We started the process of applying for Medicaid for long term care which he was approved for. However, my father was a fighter and began to recover quickly!
Avatar m tn Since the liquid started he has been having severe pain on the inside of his rectum, which he describes as a severe burning sensation which comes and goes. Is this normal or could he have an infection? He is in a nursing home at this time and they have been trying different meds to help, but isn't getting much relief. Should we have him seen by a physician or is this a normal side affect?
Avatar m tn Sent me for an adbominal sonogram and is requiring a colonoscopy before he will schedule a liver biospy! Why in the world would a colonoscopy be a requirement for a liver biopsy. Is that the "normal" procedure? I understand the sonogram, that makes sense. The waiting part of all of this is difficult and he wants me to wait longer for a biospy because of a colonoscopy? Anyone else have to do that? Any doctors out there that can tell me if that is a reasonable requirement.
1666982 tn?1445198395 No, definitely not everyone that has been in a hospital has to deal with it. Although, they often do nasal swabs in hospitals or nursing homes so that they can treat the people that do have it so that it doesn't spread as much. So it is probably colonized in your nose. But what do you mean it was spread through the bloodlines? Many people are denied for disability on their first time; you can always fight it.
Avatar f tn Abdominal cramps and watery discharge may indicate a Post surgical complication of Colonoscopy.They actually are very common in many compromised patients even though adequate care has been taken.They include mild abdominal pain with cramps,watery diarrhea,Post surgical inflammation.These are very minor complications.Very severe major complications can be Bowel explosion,obstruction,allergy,dehydration or even stroke sometimes.
Avatar f tn Having my third colonscopy. I had one eight years ago and I cannot remember feeling so nervous. I had a polyp the first time and it was benign. The second colonoscopy was fine. I'm having a difficult time with feeling hungry and waiting to take the prep this afternoon. I've already started having diaherra because of my nerves. Guess I need to unload and find support on here. Looking forward to hearing from anyone.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering with extreme lower back pain, stomach pain, constipation, diareaha, and most recently blood and mucous in the stool. I had a colonoscopy in 2006 and was told that I have severe hemmroids. Two weeks ago, I could not use the bathroom without a laxative and when I was able to use it, I felt as if I had not finished a bowel movement. It feels like something is blocking the rectum. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy next month.
1129774 tn?1279831762 An older lady at a nursing home i used to volunteer in had that. most of her symptoms where gastric and affected her digestion, but she also had joint pain, poor lungs and a weak heart.
Avatar f tn i had a colonoscopy the other day. the dr went around the first 'bend', but couldn't push thru any further. he said that he didn't want to push any further because he didn't want to 'tear' anything. he was being very vague about why it was blocked. i am not having any pain and my BMs are normal. i thought there was a scope on the end of these things so you can see what you are looking at. why couldn't he tell me what the blockage was?
Avatar f tn Yep, on nursing care facilities you have to show you have zero assets...or something close to receive Medicare in a facility. I misunderstood your question.
568565 tn?1216785185 I am 37 yrs old. No history of colon cancer in the fam... However, recently one of my employee's husband went on a routine check up. They said since he is 47 he should have a colonoscopy... When he was done with that, he is now doing radiation and chemo... He has full blown cancer all over his pelvis... My gp advised with no history in my family, I am good to wait until I am 50 but if I did have a history of it, she'd recommend that I did it when I was 40...
Avatar m tn Hi, I need help selecting a primary care provider. I'm a 57 y/o single male and haven't been to a doctor in at least 15 years. I know I will need to do a battery of tests such as stress, colonoscopy as well as lots of blood work. When I see my choices, I mostly see family practices and internists. I have no idea what specialty or how to choose the appropriate doctor, Help!
Avatar n tn They do many types of skilled nursing tasks such as monitoring feeding pumps, running IVs, administering medication, etc. It's *possible* that they also can do toileting care, which in your case would be bag changes and/or assisting with transfers. If your personal health insurance does not cover flight nursing, you can also look into your options for travel insurance.