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Avatar n tn I recently had an abdominal hysterectomy. During the surgery my doctor found a mass on my colon. He had the general surgeon look at it and he recommended a colonoscopy. It was also stated that I was not prepped for a colon resection. I had my colonoscopy today and he said he found 2 polyps in the sigmoid colon and biopsy a thickened fold in the sigmoid colon. Also said I have Diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon. Does anyone know what this means?
Avatar m tn Well, got my colonoscopy today. Not good. No polyps, but a cancerous mass that needs operation. I'll have to research my options. Any suggestions/information/links etc. would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn t due to an umbilical hernia surgery I just had a colonoscopy yesterday. My pain is just left of the umbical area. This pain is worsened by activities like standing in one place for too long or sitting on a hard surface. I cannot participate in any physical sport that actively uses the core and the pain is everyday. Does not seem to be related to my diet at all. I do get "muddy" brown stools about 2-3x /day - twice a week.
1092854 tn?1292620351 Can untreated or not diagnosed Crohn's lead to colon cancer????? I go 12/14 for colonoscopy to see if i have crohn's, but been having pain and prob for close to 9 yrs. Im worried that all these yrs may have caused cancer or lots of damage. please someone help very scared.
Avatar m tn Any type of colorectal lesion or mass can lead to this symptom. Excluding a mass is the first priority. This can be done via a colonoscopy. If negative, I would see a gastroenterologist. More specialized tests can be considered, including an anorectal ultrasound or manometry tests. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only.
Avatar f tn ) The tumor (mucinous adenocarcinoma), which is pre-sacral and perirectal, did not originate in my colon or rectum per the doctor who performed my last colonoscopy in July. This procedure, as well as two previous colonoscopies, produced a single benign polyp. The tumor measures 11.4 x 11.3 cm and constricts my rectum and bladder (urethra, esp). Per CT scan: "Large (11.4 x 11.3 cm) right perirectal mass seen.
Avatar f tn HI Amy: I had a colonoscopy last Sept. (beginning) and they found a large mass which they removed 9/24/08 (it was malignant). They got clean margins. My tumor was benign on the outside but cancer on the inside. It had not spread. They did a 6 month checkup and another tumor was found (much smaller but still a tumor). They said it grew very fast and I had it removed 5/2 with another resection (close to the rectum). They got it before it had spread.
398021 tn?1212590766 yesturday i had a colonoscopy which was the most painful experience in my life. At first i did not feel or even know who i was until the worst pain ever hit me they gave me more seditive and my blood pressure drop very low. No one explained why and i am very worried why this happened.
Avatar f tn spotting between periods (2 years) shorter cycle (21 days) and heavier longer periods (since April) loose stools, diarrhea, gas, nausea, bloating (all the time, but most severe in March and sometimes worse during menses) no appetite, weight loss, (in March, these syptoms have improved) pelvic and low back pain, pressure to bladder and rectum, night sweats (worsen during and after menses) Occassional involuntary rigidity (lower left quadrant) And (may or may not be asssociated) right shoulde
Avatar m tn About 1 month ago, she was to have a routine colonoscopy. The gastroenterologist was unable to complete the test since there were several 'tunnels' and he did not want to perforate the intestine. She obtained a CT Scan which revealed a large mass in the pancreatic tail. No further treatment was recommended. Could the accidental fall have caused this pancreatic mass imaging? At this time, she has no real discomfort.
203342 tn?1328737207 The specialist today told me that he believed I did have Crohns when they removed that mass because of the granulomas in the mass. He said it would be extremely rare for it to be something else, like maybe 1 in 300. He said that because of where the mass was located (in the small bowel in the terminal ileum) and how it was contained (not spread anywhere else) that them removing the mass means I do not have Crohns right NOW. I am in remission.
1122908 tn?1259803657 I would postpone the endo and colonoscopy. until Gyn/oncologis tells what is the mass in ovary. All the syntoms you described can be caused by the mass the ovary. Lot of us have been through this before. Be very demanding to see a Gyn/oncologust and Keep calling until you get to see him in a week. What is your ca125 readings.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been struggling with a variety of symptoms for over a year and am badly in need of an answer. I have constant pain in my lower right abdomen, just to the left of my pelvic bone and under my right rib cage (on the left side). Sometimes the pain is on top of the right rib cage and I've recently noticed that it has radiated to my back. I also noticed that I have a 1-2 inch mass in my abdomen (left side) which my doctor believes to be muscle but which moves around quite a bit.
Avatar f tn I am a 51 year old lady. During yearly colonoscopy visit with doctor told her of pain in lower right abdomen. She thought maybe I had a touch of diverticulitis. During colonoscopy, she checked this out and found it not to be true. Everything from this colonoscopy was normal. This determined lady doctor ordered an abdominal CT scan the next week. CT showed a large 11 cm mass on right ovary. I had my utereus removed 15 years ago.
Avatar n tn Hi, I understand that a diagnosis for ovarian masses can not be made proir to surgical exam. But I'm very worried and scared. Tommorow I have surgery to remove a large fluid filled mass from my ovary. I'm 47 yrs old, and this is the second mass I've had, the first one being a 5 lb benign ovarian cyst I had removed, along with the ovary and the fallopian tube, 15 yrs ago. This current mass seems to have formed quickly, from what I can tell.
Avatar f tn My mother had a colonoscopy today and they found a mass and the screening dr. said he was 99% sure it was cancer, and she is scheduled to consult with a surgeon tomorrow. I'm afraid that since he was so positive it is cancer (without doing a biopsy or anything) that this means the cancer is advanced. She had experienced a change in bowel movements, but I'm not sure what kind or for how long (I think at least a few months). Is this necessarily a bad thing?
203342 tn?1328737207 I had a mass removal in my small intestines almost 6 years ago and the they said it looked like Crohns but it was contained to that area and since they got it all they said I may never have another outbreak. . Since then I've done pretty well with just some mild problems with diarhea and some digestive upset, but livable so I assumed I was in remission and possibly might not have to deal with another outbreak.
225036 tn?1294509400 I have been having very bad lower left abdominal pain and we were thinking it was due to another ovarian cyst, but when we had a CT scan done it did not show a mass. It did however show that i have a lot of adhesions on my bowels from having 10 abdominal surgeries. When my doctor did an internal exam to double check to make sure it was not an ovarian mass, she pushed on my colon and I almost jumped off the table it hurt so badly.
Avatar n tn They found a 4 cm mass on her left side where her left ovary would be. she had a full hysterectomy when she was 40 years old, no ovaries left. So, my question is what possibly could this mass be. She is concerned about having a laparoscopy done. Her doctor said it could of been there for a long time. But my mom is concerned that it could be something growing and become worse. What could is possibly be? Could a mass be cancer? The doctor said it could be something or nothing.
Avatar m tn I was then scheduled for a colonoscopy which I had on December 28th. During the colonoscopy they found an ulcerated mass in the rectum. The doctor tried to remove it but it was hard and they could not. Samples were taken and they immediately sent me for a CT scan that same day.
Avatar n tn I too was just recently diagnosed with Crohns when I had a mass removed in August. My doctor and I were both surprised at the diagnosis because we didn't feel I had enough symptoms. I did have the stomach pains the few weeks leading up to the surgery because the mass was causing constriction. I did have occasional digestive problems or diarhea but nothing too bad. I didn't have the weight loss a lot of people have.
Avatar f tn I am a 25 year old male healthy, occasional smoker and a homosexual with no anal intercourse since i started having issues 8 weeks ago. I had a colonoscopy 4 days ago due to my severe constipation over the past 2 months, it started with mucous and then my bowels completely stopped evacuating to the point where my stomach was distended and and nothing would help...enemas laxatives etched.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy done a few weeks ago and my doctor said the problem was that he found ulcers at the end of the small intestines and I need to do a endoscopy. After the colonoscopy, my stool was normal again but then changed back on Friday night. I've been having diarrhea since July 2008 and it affected my school work dramatically especially since this is my first year in college. When I was talking to the doctor for a follow-up of the colonoscopy report he had a sad grin on his face.
Avatar f tn Since I had my period now and am anxious to get the colonoscopy, I started googling to see if having menstruation during a colonoscopy is a problem and started coming up with information indicating my bleeding may be caused by intestinal endometriosis. As a teenager I had VIOLENT reactions to getting my period -- including vomiting diarrhea constipation hot/chills near fainting etc. I also have a family history of uterine cancer.
Avatar f tn My mother, age 73 and in excellent health, recently had transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) to remove a rectal mass. The surgeon was almost through the surgery when he unfortunately punctured her bowel, resulting in an abdominal bowel resection. Approximately a week after the surgery, she developed severe rectal pressure/pain which has been going on now for another week. The surgeon said it's a result of the TEM and could last another few weeks.