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Avatar m tn I would try a low residue diet. Just google low residue diet. This diet should help reduce intestinal irritation. Normally, the diet you follow now is great because it cleans the intestines out, but with your problem, not such a good idea at this time. Keep your activity easy until all of this is sorted out. Sounds like you are anemic as well (headaches, dizziness).
Avatar m tn The bleeding stopped after I started a low fiber (low residue) diet and took some meds to fix infections. I am eating white bread and corn flakes now. Foods that I have not eaten in decades. No tomatoes, peanuts or whole wheat bread too. I will slowly get back to using fiber During your colonoscopy, your doctor will see if there are any internal warts, hemorrhoids or polyps. My grandmother died of colon cancer 60 years ago. My colonoscopy failed because of the wall issue.
Avatar n tn After being in the hospital 5 days on IV antibiotics for diverticulitis, I came home yesterday. The dietitian gave me the low-residue diet. Is it Ok to be eating these foods (white bread, soft meats, canned fruit) even while I have some pain in the lower left abdomen?
Avatar f tn I used Picolax for colonoscopy prep - unsure about the one you will be using. Have you tried 'googling' it? I took the Picolax at 2 pm, purge began just before 3pm. 2nd dose was at 6pm and the purge kept going until midnight. I was still going a bit in the morning before my colonoscopy (which was before noon).
Avatar f tn 12 and I was given Flagyl and Bactrim DS and put on a liquid diet for 3 days and followed by a low residue diet. I have seen 2 different gastroenterologist's so far. The first one I saw 4 days after my attack and he told me he thought is was acute colitis. He said that he has never seen a white american female with right sided diverticulitis in his entire career...I then went and saw a second gastro and she said that I do have diverticulitis and to start a high fiber diet.
Avatar n tn If you're from Ontario Canada the low residue diet is common and we wish our daughter would follow it - she's 12 and had been diagnosed with Crohn's January 2008.
Avatar f tn So my daughter is cleaning the wound twice a day. My problem now is that I was put on a low residue diet and after two days while home I am now constipated. I think I have not been following the diet to the max, but I am scared has anyone had this problem? I have not read about it anywhere online??? I have not have not a bowel movement for 4 days... I have read that some people have constant bowel movements up to 5 to 6 a days after a colon resection.. Help.. I dont want to feel alone.
Avatar m tn I stopped eating fiber, and went to a low residue diet and it helped lower the gas pains and cramping. I had continued issues and found out when I ate any dairy products (milk and cheese) lactose, I would get diarrhea with cramps and pains too. So I stopped all dairy completely. Now for over a month my stools have been yellow in color and lose. If I eat any milk or cheese product I get cramps, gas, and diarrhea, within 3 hours. Until 2 months ago I never had problems with lactose.
Avatar f tn I have severe low abdo pain upon wakening - goes as soon as my feet hit the ground. I recently had 5 weeks of bloating, pain all over my abdomen but particularly in lower right side - especially before passing stools. Stools varied from constipation to small pieces, to explosion of stool - all in one day - as if a blockage.One day I went to the toilet to pass stools 7 times. Pain was like inflammation.
Avatar n tn keep to low-residue diet in the meantime, use clear liquids when you need to. finish all your meds all the time, and feel better soon! PS i found low potassium this last hospitalzation, which was agrivating constipation. have your doc check your potasium (K) and magnesium (Mg), too. i feel much better now that she straightened tht out (sleep better, no muscle cramps, no constipation...) good luck.
Avatar m tn she placed me on antibiotics and referred me to a Gastroenterologist. Antibiotics helped as well as low residue diet. I then had a colonoscopy 4 months ago. I was told my colon looked good and to get a follow up colonoscopy in 5 yrs which was reassuring. I have changed my diet quite a bit in the past several months. No nuts, seeds, etc. I'm eating healthier. Oatmeal/banana/juice every AM. Light lunch (sandwich, soup, or salad) and dinner.
Avatar m tn A couple of months ago, I started getting the same pain. It hurts when I walked, or stretched or sneezed. I started a low residue diet when the symptoms appeared in order to avoid going to the doctor. Then the pain got worse. Instead of being incidents of pain, the pain was more constant than not.
Avatar m tn There would be periods where I would have completely normal bowel movements, with little or no residue on the toilet paper. Seldom have diarrhea. Diet lacks a lot of fruit and vegetables, and take daily vitamin supplements. I have also had occasional minor hemorrhoid flareup (past 50 years), which would usually subside after a few days treatment with Preparation H.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your intestines are inflamed I had something similar only it's from an infection I had intestional pain and a hard distended belly at least my Dr. put me on a "Low Residue Diet" and that helped even tho I'm still in pain my Dr. was more concerned with my stomach so I got another Dr. and if you Dr. isn't doing anything I would get another Dr.
Avatar m tn I recently had some iron studies done which returned a result showing I had low ferritin, but was within range for the rest of the iron studies. This is the result: ----------------------------START-------------------------- Iron : 15.8 umol/L | Range: 9.0 - 30.0 Transferrin : 2.8 g/L | Range: 2.0 - 3.7 Total Iron Bind : 64 umol/L | Range: 45 - 80 Saturation : 24.7% | Range: 16.0 - 60.
Avatar n tn I developed an ileus on the day I was to be released so back to the NG tube and a total of 9 days in the hospital. I was on a low residue diet for a month and I'm gradually adding small amounts of fiber to my diet. I think it can really vary how often one runs to the bathroom after this surgery.
Avatar n tn I got my puppy, a goldendoodle, when he was at 8 weeks. 1. As the breeder advised, I gave my pup Natural Balanc. He got pudding like poop. (Also, pooed about 10-12 times a day) 2. So I worried, and tested his stools for Coccidia – Vet didn’t find any Coccidia. 3. Then I switched to chicken & rice diet – so puppy’s poop became better.(And pooped only 3-4 times a day) 4.
Avatar n tn When I found out I had gastroparesis I found alot of information the internet. What helped me the most was doing MAJOR diet changes. Make sure that you follow a low residue/low fat diet. Medication, like Domperidone, also helps me alot...
Avatar f tn Keep in mind that the symptoms are very simliar. I would look at your diet first. Are you on a low residue diet? You might even have an issue with gluten. Try doing a gluten free diet and see if you get some relief.
Avatar m tn It will probably calm down in a few days. Since we should all take probiotics anyway, it is even more important for you to start these now if you haven't been using probiotics. Avoid high amounts of sugar for some time to come and eat low glycemic to avoid aggravating Leaky Gut if you already had it or avoid getting it all together. Eat a very gentle diet for the next few days. For just a few days, you will actually want to try a low residue diet.
Avatar n tn Conservative measures are normally tried first before considering lysis surgery, and a low-residue diet would be an appropriate first measure if adhesions are suspected. Otherwise, if you continue want to pursue a GI route, a 24-hr pH study and esophageal manometry would be the next, more specialized, tests to consider. GERD and an esophageal motility disorder would be excluded with these tests respectively. These options can be discussed with your personal physician.
Avatar n tn If no parasites are found than you may have to change your dogs diet. A low residue diet, and a low dose of Pepcid (over the counter) is a good first choice to treat IBD (imflammatory bowel disease and sensitive stomach), if this is ineffective after at least 3 weeks of a clinical trial, than food allergies or sensitivities may be the problem. There is no definitive blood test for food allergies. So you must do a food trial in order to determine what your dog may be allergic to.
Avatar m tn Perhaps you could try him on the low FODMAP diet. That is very successful for people who aren't sure what exactly is wrong. Cuts out all the foods that are likely to cause an attack.