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Avatar n tn I have my first colonoscopy coming up in two days and picked up my prep package today, something I haven't seen mentioned here, called Halflytely & Bisacodyl tablets. I'm supposed to take the two pills at noon tomorrow (clear liquid diet), and then after a bowel movement occurs (or at most six hours later), drink the powder that I have mixed in a two-liter jug with water and refrigerated. 8 cups, one every 10 minutes. Sounds very filling!
Avatar n tn I have a colonoscopy coming up in a week and have a question regarding the clear liquid diet I have to follow. Is it alright to drink Enlive! (a clear liquid nutrion drink with carbs and protein)? It's a low residue nutritional supplemtent drink supposedely fine for those on clear liquid diets. Will drinking Enlive interfere with the colon prep in any way? Can any GI doctors here confirm this?
Avatar m tn I have been on a liquid diet for 2 days and am on the pm/am moviprep. My evacuations are liquid all day yesterday and this morning, but, still not clear. Any advice?
20828280 tn?1526071218 I did notice something interesting during the prep for the colonoscopy, though. As you likely know, the colonoscopy requires a clear liquid diet the day before and a lot of laxatives to clean out the digestive tract. I found that shortly after going on the liquid diet, my symptoms began to improve. By the morning of the procedure, I was virtually symptom free, something I haven't experienced in almost a year.
Avatar f tn My directions say 1 bottle at 4pm, then 1 bottle at 8pm with the 2 tabs. This is while on a 1 day liquid diet for an am (before noon) procedure in the surgicenter. I'm allowed to sip water up until 2 hrs. prior to the procedure because it's not in the hospital. How long does it take to start the purge? How long to finish? How much nausea? Is a person who is generally constipated normally likely to have a tough time with cramps and be up most of the night?
886699 tn?1270779744 How do i keep myself hydrated/ full of salt/ good sugar level/ good potassium level etc..
Avatar f tn clear liquid diet day before procedure (starting morning- breakfast). I ordered some boost breeze orange flavored (nutritional drink): Online. i read that it's clear liquid. I was thinking that I would have sierra mist, apple juice, lemon jello, chicken broth. I read that popcicles are ok (If it has no fruit chunks). Starting noon- start drinking Nulytely.... I'm wondering if anybody has done this type of prep, how exactly does the stuff taste?
Avatar f tn I want to get down to 115 Ibs (52kg). I want to lose it as fast as possible. I think I will try the liquid diet for one month. Does any of you have experience with that?
Avatar f tn I was searching for diet plans when I came across the liquid one. Have any of you tried it? Is it safe?
Avatar n tn Fortunately after the colonoscopy they determined that it would heal but I was on a clear liquid diet and major antibiotics. Unfortunately I contracted C diff. and ended up with a 21 day stay in hosp. My colon healed because they explained that I let my colon rest and fortunately the C diff. cleared up and hasn't come back and that was in 2003. I would definately discuss this with my doctor if I were you. Did you go on a clear liquid diet, let your insides heal?
Avatar m tn EARLIER it was like ,whenever i eat something, i was forced to stools with gas formation until the stomach is completely empty, no loss of appetite, i felt very hungry ,but was afraid of eating, because of the loose stools,, d stools were semi liquid with some foam type thing, the stools come with a pressure of gas coming out . i tried taking many medicines. also many tests like colonoscopy was also done with normal study.i was adviced not to take milk.
Avatar m tn It should extensive diverticula and some thickening of the wall of the colon, so they thought it may possibly be diverticulitis and put me on two weeks liquid diet with flagyl and cipro. That had no effect (other than to give me diarriah and make me feel nauseous), so they had me do another two weeks of clear liquid diet with augmentin. I lost fifteen pounds over that time and see any improvement in my symptoms. Concerned that I was losing weight my G.P.
552053 tn?1273331741 Is there a way to prep for a colonoscopy without taking any drugs.. IE DIET related ways? For example For 1 day only drink liquids ect? I am HYPERSENSITVE to EVERYTHING and worry about the MoviPrep.
Avatar f tn Any help on how to get rid of internal hemorrhoids? Should I go on a liquid diet for a week to give them a chance to heal before eating solids again?
Avatar n tn I had my 1st colonoscopy 5 yrs ago and no problems afterward. I had my 2nd one 4 days ago and have been having problems since then with anal leakage--very thin, staining my underwear. It is not constant, but is intermittent enough that I have to wear a pad to prevent staining my clothes. Also, I get a rumbling "down there" and immediately have to get to the bathroom--small amount of diarrhea-like stool.
Avatar n tn Okay, so I've had diarrhea pretty much every day for the past 4 years. Terrible, I know, but I thought it was due to anxiety with my work/life situation. It started pretty soon after I finished college and took an extremely stressful job. My diet and eating habits hadn't changed; I've always been a healthy eater. I'm a bit underweight and always have been. Now, normally I've just been dealing with a loose bowel movement every day.
Avatar f tn t gone this high before. The have her on some liquid nutrition and have her on a soft diet. She seems to be doing well with it. Very well. What is prognosis? Any ideas at any blood work or questions I should ask doctor?
Avatar f tn You may need to continue with a really bland diet that is mainly liquid and treat yourself very well, like you have the flu. I'm not sure about the pain, except to continue to lie down and take it easy. I would definitely call your doctor and ask your doctor what he suggests, too.
Avatar f tn I have issues with my bowels and intestines. I had colonoscopy one month ago, Dr finds nothing wrong, and no solution. I often have urgent need to move bowels. Sometimes, during the urgent bowel movement, extreme nausea (i sometimes vomit after bowel movement). usually, after the movement of substance out of my bowels, the nausea stops. it seems as if the actual movement of substance THRU the bowels causes nausea in my stomach. any suggestions as to other options?
Avatar m tn Hello, in Dec. 2010 I got a pres for Levaquinn 500 and took this until around 12/17/2010, the sinus infection did not subside (I took levaquinn probably 2 - 2 1/2 years before always for sinus too). Therefore, I went back to an immediate care place versus my doctor and was prescribed Augmentin 875 2x day for 7 days.
Avatar f tn And right now it ***** so bad having to be on the clear liquid diet. lol. It is horrible and i feel like i am nothing but water. And now i just am waiting for the laxatives and the miralax to kick in. lovely. I just HOPE they find out what is wrong with my stomach this time. lol. Want to share stories then let me know.
Avatar f tn I had my first colonoscopy in 2007 and a large polyp was found and removed. Then in 2010 I developed very bad abdominal pain. Long story made short, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis and Ulcerative Colitis and sent home on two antibodies to heal for colonoscopy. Five six days later had ovaries, tubes and very large cyst removed. I pooped almost as soon as I ate, coffee grounds like poop for two weeks. A week later I had the schedule colonoscopy to confirm diagnosis.
806966 tn?1238187717 I was dx with diverticulitis. Right now I am on a semi-liquid diet and BRAT diet with no dairy until the symptoms pass (no pun intended). My doctor said I should no longer eat food with "husks" like popcorn. Has anyone else heard of this? And what foods have husks? I thought a high fiber diet was suppose to help but don't beans have husks? Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated especially if you say I can still eat popcorn because it is my favorite. Now...
1748829 tn?1338037041 hey had tooth removed today or technically had twisted gross broken root remove today and my Dr told me liquid diet for three days and i am trying to follow that to the letter because this is the worse tooth issue I have ever had to deal with and don't want it to get worse in anyway, so my question to you is what are some ideas for liquid diets that i could drink before my pills so there is something in my stomach so I am not any sicker then I have to be.
Avatar f tn He may have diverticulosis,I found out when I went to get lmy colonoscopy that I have diverticulitis . I don't have symptoms. take him for a colonoscopy they really are not as bad as they used to be. In the mean time help him figure out something like a sanatary napkin or a diaper. I would I have. When in need.
Avatar f tn cancer, ulcerative colitis, crohns. I have to have a colonoscopy. With my symptoms what is the likely outcome? Any ideas? I do not think it is cancer, there is no history of cancer, but I know nothing about crohns or UC.