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Avatar f tn Hi for a few years I’ve had bad pain under my right rib that is clear of gallstones, kidney and liver issues. I had a clear colonoscopy. Now I have a severe everyday pain lower right side abdomen, I’m clear of appendix and ovary problems and have good, healthy periods. I had a calprotectin test that came up 338, I have impaction of feces and I am now anemic. Does anyone have any ideas on what this is ?
Avatar m tn Tricky to diagnose without having a colonoscopy though. In your case, imaging for sure, usually ultrasound ... but a colonoscopy might shed some light on things as well.
Avatar f tn Hi for a few years I’ve had bad pain under my right rib that is clear of gallstones, kidney and liver issues. I had a clear colonoscopy. Now I have a severe everyday pain lower right side abdomen, I’m clear of appendix and ovary problems and have good, healthy periods. I had a calprotectin test that came up 338, I have impaction of feces and I am now anemic. Does anyone have any ideas on what this is ?
Avatar f tn I am having crazy pain under my kidneys as well and have been having a lot of kidney and bladder infections. I was regulary, I just want to be able to have a regular bowel movement so bad and feel not so tired. Help?
20868200 tn?1552856578 However i started experiencing pain below my ribs basically on my intestines, my Moms a Nephrologist Doctor and we quickly went to do a Ultrasound the radiologist noticed that i had a 5 mm Kidney stone which dropped to the Ureter and a 3mm kidney stone on my left kidney, i know that the pain on Kidney stones is severe i just used Anti Spasm medications, i can endure the pain and everything is fine. I dropped the stones yesterday and the left kidneys edema is fading.
Avatar m tn The dizzyness /brain fog is probably an electrolyte imbalance. I would think the colonoscopy would have found something. Did you have the colonoscopy during this problem on in the past? Have you tried a high fiber diet instead of no gluten? Lots of fruits and veggies with little meat (such as a vegetarian or vegan diet). It will generally help you with the contipation and use metamucil to try to equalized the fiber and water balance. Keep drinking lots of water too.
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. This could be renal colic. Small stones can obstruct the passage of urine and when the body tries to 'push' against the blockade this results in colic, which is severe attacks of pain. The other causes for the pain could be infections of the bowel and bladder, prolapsed intervertebral disc or inflammatory diseases of the colon.
1435611 tn?1283621780 I am 33 and have been having GI problems since I was about 17 or 18. No matter what I eat, I am running to the bathroom within 30 minutes. There is severe cramping along with this mad dash for the bathroom. I get bloated for no reason at all, there is almost a constant "gurgling" in my intestines and they are also full of air. I recently had an ultrasound and the Dr told me it was gallstones.
1092854 tn?1292620351 Can untreated or not diagnosed Crohn's lead to colon cancer????? I go 12/14 for colonoscopy to see if i have crohn's, but been having pain and prob for close to 9 yrs. Im worried that all these yrs may have caused cancer or lots of damage. please someone help very scared.
Avatar n tn I have had a few ultrasounds, CT Scans, bloodtests, the works. The only thing they found was a 2 inch cyst in my kidney, which they said that should not be causing the pain. Kidney stones and such run in my family. I am at the end of my rope, I have no idea what my problem could be. I am always on pain killers, which are a temporarly reprieve at best, I am looking to find out the root cause of my problem.
Avatar n tn I have tried a wide range of things from eliminating medications, adding medimucil to my diet, extra fiber, mega priobiotics, and I have even had a colonoscopy within the last 12 mths. I am a 36 yr old male that needs help!
Avatar m tn In 9% of patients undergoing the screening procedure, also known as CT colonoscopy, investigators detected clinically important extracolonic problems ranging from kidney cancer to aortic aneurysm, said Judy Yee, M.D., and colleagues at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the August 2005 issue of Radiology. "That's a fairly large percentage," said Dr.
Avatar m tn i recently had a post and was suggested a colonoscopy and egd i had many symptoms like dizzyness losing weight tired ext. also had inner hemorrhoid and fisure surgery,and inner hemorrhoids came back in less than a month. so i had them today and egd showed bad gerd which had caused corrsion and holes and called it perful something.and colonoscopy showed inner hemorrhoids.and yellow stains?but said it was ok.
Avatar f tn My dad had alzheimers but was healthy we brought him to the er and he was found to have a urinary infection anyways he seemed fine no biggie. He was admitted and tests were done alike colonoscopy I don't know why and was not allowed to eat through his mouth. He had a feeding to placed surgically and was given ensure. He ate well at home with no problem. Three weeks later his kidneys start to fail and we dcided to go ahead wirh a dnr and so on the 3rd day he passed.
Avatar m tn I am 45 year old male with constipation and mild right side abdominal pain, i also have experieinced pretty significant lower right side back pain but recently have moved so i do not know if the back pain and constipation are related. I had a colonoscopy 2 years ago after a postive FOB test and only one small polyp was found that was benign. My appetite is good and other than the change in boewl habits during the last few weeks i have no other symptoms that could be considered colon cancer like.
Avatar n tn t even have anal problems. Bleeding like that is not normal, which a colonoscopy is a basic sort of thing to check on first, before they go through a lot of other more difficult investigations.
Avatar m tn I am a 30 yr old female who was diagnosed with MSK 2 yrs ago. Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease. I have about 16 stones from 1-2 cm in my right kidney. Have never passed any stones. I have had HIDA Scan, Ultrasound, enoscopy, colonoscopy, CT scans with and without contrast and lots of labs. I am in so much pain daily with right quad pain in front and the pain radiates to the right flank. Sometimes down my right leg and groin area. Doctors have given up and just prescribe me Delodid and viccodin.
Avatar n tn I do experience occasional nausea, but for the most part, appetite is somewhat normal. MY Gi will not do another colonoscopy since I had one 2 years ago as he says it wouldn't be covered by Medicare. I am concerned as my last and many previous scopes I have had polyps and I have a family history of colon CA. Today had nausea which was somewhat relieved by a bowel movement. I experience a lot of flatulence to every day. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn 29y/o female, no medical problems prior, no family history of this kind of thing, no history of anxiety/depression, not on any medications. History of foreign travel. No diarrhea, no vomiting, still have regular periods. Had a fever at the beginning of all this but it never occurred again. About 3 months ago I started having mild lower abdominal pain. An urgent care place told me it wasn't a UTI and referred me to a gynecologist, who told me it actually was a UTI.
1949068 tn?1449628519 I already have IBS problems. So should I mention to my doctor to check for polyps, cancer, and/or etc? Any advice will be helpful!
Avatar m tn I was going to post this on the Kidney Stones Expert Forum, but I don't see an option to post. I recently passed my first kidney stone ever at 40--it was 4mm. Before it passed, my urologist suspected a stone and put me on Rapaflo. Pain was very mild, which surprised me. I just had an ultrasound today, which showed I have 4 more stones from the same kidney (left) ranging from 6 to 9mm. No obstructions or masses noted. Right kidney was clear.
Avatar f tn I'm 28 years old and have had on and off lower left pelvic pain for years. I have had ovarian cysts in the past. I also have gi symptoms including alot of gas, and some pain under my breasts, upper rib cage. I don't have any bloating, or increased abdominal size. I recently had a colonoscopy which was normal. The dr is sending me for a cat scan to check for kidney stones and ovarian cysts. I am very worried this could be ovarian cancer.
Avatar n tn 7 MRI Head and Neck nothing neurologist, 2 diabetes doctors, 2 orthologist ok, EMG, Blood pressure to toes ok, blood flow to toes ok, Vitamin D ok, neck xray ok, lower colonoscopy ok, upper whatever the name is like colonoscopy ok,cat-scam ok Now constipation always so given something I will have to use forever Numbness or tingling started in toes, foot, legs, arms, off and on in face neck, slight half moon shape light every now and then but does not effect the vision (may not have anything to
Avatar f tn I explained what was going on to my PC and she believed it had to do with my kidney stones. I ended up have kidney surgery to get rid of the stone and actually felt a relief from the nausea for a while. The relief didnt last long and I was full swing again with the nausea and pain but this time it followed with a bowel movement. This is such pain that I am buckled over or in the fetal position during the episodes. I have recently gone to the doctor again. My PC referred me to a GI.