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Avatar n tn Hello LJGrace, Following is the list of some neurologists in your preferred areas.Hope it helps. Alvin Mcelveen 3930 8th Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205 (941) 746-3201 Website - Directions - Save to medical contacts Hugo V. Rizzoli (MD) 2150 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037 (202) 741-3398 Directions - Save to medical contacts David T.
Avatar f tn I took it for a couple wks after tx. I'm starting to feel better everyday but I can tell it's not quite normal yet. My hb was at 8.5.
Avatar f tn “This is a very common symptom during pregnancy,” says Jennifer Keller, MD, assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. “Because there’s an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy, it can cause irritation of the skin of the vulva.
Avatar f tn I have herniated disk compressing the nerve root so i have use a lot of pain keller to relief this cronic pain but nothing works for me even tramal, can anyone know why or have been in such situation
Avatar n tn s or those that relapsed after tx, but I would have hoped that my numbers would have been moving in an upward direction, not slowly downward. Granted the move lower has been very slow and gradual, but now I fear a slow continuing progression over the years. Any thoughts or ideas out there?
1391695 tn?1298139789 Hey all, I had a great find with the GI here, we are a small desert community, and the GP and GI here, both just stellar, lucky for a small town, so I am happy about that. He smiled and hugged me, didn't ask a lot of questions, just took alot of time with me and listened and answered my questions and said I would be a magnificent candidate for tx. He said he would see me through this. He is doing an EGD and Colonoscopy next week, and then we are going to tx. I guess I'll start in Sept.
Avatar f tn I live in DENTON,TX (30 miles N, of Dallas) and I have a great MD right off I35.( But Texas is a BIG state!
Avatar f tn I tried that and my husband said it looked like helen keller did it so he fixed it for me lol
Avatar f tn I was also told yesterday that my blood work showed something high with the colon, I had a colonoscopy done in Nov 2011 and had 1 small and 1 very large polyps, said the large was one you need to watch out for and for me to get another one in 2 yrs, and now they are making me take another colonoscopy next week. I have had bad side effects once off of treatments my face keeps swelling up with red blotches and eyelids red and flakey.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with HepC in 1999 an received tx about 6 years ago. Since the tx I have experienced weight loss, chills, sticky nights sweats and many digestive disturbances including severe abdominal pain at tims. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms following tx? I have also found it very difficult to eat due to nausea, abdominal pain following eating small meals and generalized lack of appetite.
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156741 tn?1212748547 m on overload trying to figure out what to eat with these problems and starting tx. I went for a colonoscopy screening, my dr found my blood work suspicious, so she sent me for more blood work, diagnosed with hep, had a liver biopsy, had an attack of diverticulitis the same week; I thought the liver biopsy went wrong--I've had quite a kick in the pants encouraging me to take better care of myself.
Avatar f tn Hi,wondering if anyone can recommend a dr. in Houston,TX. who can do colonoscopy unsedated and does not try to rush and can talk you thru it. 2.Also I am willing to take Fentanyl but not Demerol. 3.Do you also know if they are willing to give some Valium pre-procedure if I ask for it. thanks.
Avatar f tn Yipppeeee! We love success stories. Congrats on finishing strong this first year.
Avatar m tn I just posted about wanting the peginterferon with rivavirin tx but was told colonoscopy would be mandatory. SOoooooooooo, here is my idea for myself and perhaps you might be interested as well. I have found information on a Chinese herbal medicine and I am going to try that whilst having my levels monitored by the gastroenterologist. There is a some data on this treatment on the website of the US Department of Veterans Affairs:
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363281 tn?1590104173 Oh sassy great stuff I am going to copy this out so many phrases I loved thank you so much...
Avatar m tn Sent me for an adbominal sonogram and is requiring a colonoscopy before he will schedule a liver biospy! Why in the world would a colonoscopy be a requirement for a liver biopsy. Is that the "normal" procedure? I understand the sonogram, that makes sense. The waiting part of all of this is difficult and he wants me to wait longer for a biospy because of a colonoscopy? Anyone else have to do that? Any doctors out there that can tell me if that is a reasonable requirement.
Avatar n tn not necessary. i bypassed it and went straight to tx cause i knew i had it so why not just go on and tx. a big purpose of biopsy so to determine if you should start tx or not.
Avatar n tn My wife is 35 y/o and have been having pains on her left side every day for 41/2 months and they do not go away the pain only intensifies and when it does it goes all the way to her back area.She has seen 3 different GI doctors and specialists and had CT scans,colonoscopy,barium swallows,gastronoscopy with all of these doctors.Her recent visit at the Baylor College in Houston was a test she had to test the outside of intestines it came back normal just like all of her other tests.
7469840 tn?1409845836 Hi, I was G4a, am now SVR12 (as of May 1) after triple Tx of Pegasus/Copegus/Sovladi. My viral load was low to start, 192,000, low enzyme #s, I had no biopsy instead choosing to treat almost as soon as I found out I had it. I did have it for at least 34 years (only finding out late last year I had it when someone asked me if I had been tested, and since the guy I got this from died from hepatic cancer, I figured I may have been exposed.) Am feeling great now!
184420 tn?1326739808 so im a complet idiot went down the shor this past weekend and drank fri nite (about 5 beers) and then all day saturday too much to count, sunday i felt like **** of course and had bad bleeding ... i mean scary bad... had a colonoscopy a few years ago because of some bleeding and was told it was just hemorroids, im wondering if the drinking with having hep c made them flare up so bad...