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Avatar m tn I laughed my socks off at these jokes,thanks
1061306 tn?1254664568 I have to laugh at myself... and am very open with others in regards to my mental issues. Don't hide it well anyway, poker face has never been a talent of mine. Laughing is the best medicine. (if you can muster it up). I don't get too defensive when others poke fun... more so when they don't take it seriously. THAT is frustrating and does make it difficult to fnd humor in my situation. I always say, "self-deprecating humor is only funny when I use it".
Avatar m tn You always have good jokes!!!! We were wondering about you the other day as we hadnt heard anything from you. Glad to see you here.
Avatar m tn i never have been, and have usually been the all star of most of the teams i play on. i am considered the comedian at my school due to my very cynical and sarcastic humor; most of my jokes are sarcastic. which btw is a total contradiction to some of the symptoms of aspergers. i am a very good at expressing sarcasm, and golden at expressing humor.
Avatar m tn The reason I post different jokes every now and then is to try to ease the doom and gloom that often pervades this site. We are all human and a little humor can erase some of the low feelings we often get. If these jokes offend anyone I sincerely apologize because that is not my intent..... A nun, badly needing to use the restroom, walked into a local Hooters restaurant. The place was hopping with music and loud conversation and every once in a while the lights would turn off.
Avatar f tn I love your jokes,for me on the other side of the world It's great to wake up and read something funny,lmao
572651 tn?1530999357 We could all use a laugh around here... it's the weekend! Do you know any good jokes to share? Here's one to start us out... What's the difference between god and a neurologist? God doesn't think he's an neurologist. Ok, maybe that's more true than funny. How about it friends.....
Avatar f tn I know it's good to have a sense of humor ...but I'm honestly sick of the pregnancy jokes already! Maybe it's because I work around a lot of employees plus I work with the public so it's pretty much constant but I'm so annoyed already and I'm only 27 weeks !!
5893755 tn?1377960712 AHAHAAH... No you're not at all. We're pregnant #1. My boyfriend does the same thing. It's like he has this weird sense of humor where he thinks he's being funny, but any "normal" person would be like... "Um .. Ok?" Sometimes it does **** me off, I don't feel like hearing his smart comments or any of his ridiculous jokes. I love him to death, but it's just annoying x10 now that I'm pregnant. I've responded rudely plenty times.
219241 tn?1413537765 NOW I want to know some good clean practical jokes I can play on him. He has done plenty to me in the time I have known him and I need some ideas!!!! Nothing that is considered easy targeting back to me though...hee hee!
Avatar m tn Your wisdom and humor are always wanted and needed on this forum. We're very lucky to have you here. And your wife's a lucky lady too!
883607 tn?1241847511 This is a community of MedHelp members that socialize and talk about various topics (news, celebrity gossip, TV shows), play games and even tell jokes. Please join this forum if you're looking for some humor. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn You always have great jokes Mangee - thanks for the laugh!
272338 tn?1252280404 Now, I am going to go to my journal and post some more George Carlin humor. That way you can read it only if you want. I will not post anything disgusting or vulgar, but in case some do not like his brand of humor, then I will not offend anyone by posting it on the board.
Avatar f tn I have been missing the humor and quotes, lately so just thought I would pass this on. 'The trouble with quotes on the internet, is that you can neve know if they are genuine.'.
Avatar m tn I like a thread of lighthearted jokes for the mood that I have been in I will even contribute some more "Did ya ever think about it" kind of stuff. *If money doesnt grow on trees....why do banks have branches? *Why is it that you "put your two cents in" - - Yet theres only "a penny for your thoughts" .........Where is the extra cash going? *Why did we put a man on the moon before we figured out that it was good idea to put wheels on our luggage?
Avatar m tn I have added humor as well as encuoragement. Humour to bring a laugh or two to break some of the bleakness and loneliness that is felt here at times and encouragement so that giving up is not the only option. This sounds as if I am leaving, that is not so. What I am doing is saying a thank you to those who were there for me and also saying that one of the best parts of my day is logging in and reading what you, my family here, are up to.
765070 tn?1384869794 those were very funny!!
Avatar f tn I used to tell my mother that if I ever die let doctors check my left side. Anyway, jokes aside. I had colonoscopy, barium X-rays, ultra sound test for gallbladder, kidney, and pancrease, and everything came out OK. And I had these symptoms for years. Later I started to learn about IBS. And my symptoms sounded like IBS. go to website, and download a free report on IBS. You can also try Dr. Dahlman's treatment if you want.
Avatar n tn Looking for mainly cognitive effects like how you have changed socially and specifically how it has effected your sense of humor but anything else would be great. My dxm abuse has not been an every day thing but more a periodic one. At most a few times a week but i used delsym which is the extended release kind said to be more neurotoxic I feel like im in a perpetual daze state and feel my thoughts are slower. Even in my dreams theres this nagging feeling that something is wrong.
1055824 tn?1387073424 If I remember correctly, the joke was that so many women on the site were so desperately ttc-ing that if someone posted that she got pregnant after tying raw beef liver on her head, everyone would try it. Then people posted raw-liver jokes for a while at the appropriate moment on a thread. (What should I do about x, y, z? / Have you tried raw liver? There was a run on raw liver at our store recently. etc. etc.) The site was smaller in those days and we adored our own humor.
Avatar f tn Hey guys dont get up set over the jokes we can make a FB page and shoot it right back at them haha get even! Better YouTube I can make a video I will do interviews of patients we can all tell our story and SLAM JOAN RIVERS for her uncaring ways my luck she would show up at my front door with a camera and I would be arrested for assalt.
371980 tn?1276740809 can we post jokes on here. I have a funny one that made me chuckle 2day which I totally needed. I saw on the social side that you can't someone said. Let me know and I will post it.
983008 tn?1329925830 I agree keeping humor is the best way to deal with it. I think if most of us did not laugh we would all cry!! Hang in there sweety!!
Avatar f tn This is a difficult question to answer, this because a person who has a license within medicine does usually meet a lot of people and is - in my eyes at least - one who care about the disease and the person. We should be careful about accusing someone for abuse if it hasn't happened, and should report abuse that does happen. It is in the bigger picture easy for one who is certain, to differ right from wrong here.