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Avatar f tn I am reading in the news that the White House, within the last few days, upped the minimum number of signatures required to 100,000 from 25,000, because they were getting too many petitions (some portion of them being total jokes like requiring Obama to build a Death Star). Setting the jokes aside, I am doubtful about the effectiveness of such a petition aimed at the IDSA guidelines.
Avatar f tn I used to tell my mother that if I ever die let doctors check my left side. Anyway, jokes aside. I had colonoscopy, barium X-rays, ultra sound test for gallbladder, kidney, and pancrease, and everything came out OK. And I had these symptoms for years. Later I started to learn about IBS. And my symptoms sounded like IBS. go to website, and download a free report on IBS. You can also try Dr. Dahlman's treatment if you want.
Avatar f tn Hey guys dont get up set over the jokes we can make a FB page and shoot it right back at them haha get even! Better YouTube I can make a video I will do interviews of patients we can all tell our story and SLAM JOAN RIVERS for her uncaring ways my luck she would show up at my front door with a camera and I would be arrested for assalt.
371980 tn?1276740809 can we post jokes on here. I have a funny one that made me chuckle 2day which I totally needed. I saw on the social side that you can't someone said. Let me know and I will post it.
Avatar n tn I asked the Dr and of course she said nooooo way not caused by colonoscopy. I also read on another blog ...another lady had a colonoscopy and a week later she has a seton in for 2 months! she also had to have emergency surgery. My colonoscopy just proved IBS and allergies from tisseu samples. There was NO abscess there at the time of my clonoscopy at all.
4489852 tn?1375753951 This is not a question, but I wanted to post my blog on here for other people to read if they wanted to. I had a hard time finding a chiari blog that was kept up to date and was current, so I wanted to start one not only so that i could have record of everything, but also so that other people could read my story and see that they are not alone in this fight. This is the blog I started in April.
730180 tn?1249543941 Have finally made public the blog I started about my wifes struggle with MSK. The address is Click the blog link and you will see whats there. Still very much a work in progress and will be changing direction in the future so please be gentle with me.
1853014 tn?1340038575 I think this is the blog you are talking about. It is excellent. You can see there are many, many pages of valuable information. Plus it is written very well and has some humor too. http://hep-free.
Avatar f tn I had c-section 5 months ago. I arranged for colonoscopy as I see blood (after bowel movement) when I wipe. Is it safe to have colonoscopy 5 months after c-section? If anyone had the same experience, please help. I am going to do it in a clinic next week. But I am afraid. I have heard that it will be difficult for those who had abdominal surgery recently.
Avatar m tn After reading the many colonoscopy horror stories and problems with sedation associated with it; I was less than anxious to get a colonoscopy. But the symptoms persisted and I met with several GI docs; they did not listen to any of my questions, ubt insisted that I get a colonoscopy immediately. When I told them that I didn't want sedation, they said that was impossible and basically told me to get lost.
Avatar f tn At work people notice, hold their breath and make jokes and say things. Which is understandable because I myself find it gross. It's not like their is a sound but the smell, worst is I don't smell anything so just when my stomache bubbles I have to pray it does not. I already have social anxiety but with this Condition I really don't want to be around people and they don't want me around them. I don't know what to do anymore.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have a positive story for the Colonoscopy experience? I can only find negative information regarding the semi-sedation, extreme pain, and lingering problems. Someone's must have gone off without a hitch. If it never goes well, I'm seriously considering cancelling mine!
Avatar f tn I know it's good to have a sense of humor ...but I'm honestly sick of the pregnancy jokes already! Maybe it's because I work around a lot of employees plus I work with the public so it's pretty much constant but I'm so annoyed already and I'm only 27 weeks !!
Avatar m tn All the jokes I can think of are filthy and I think Emily would take them down but thanks guys for the laughs!
Avatar f tn Does anyone else get offended by jokes that people always make about STDs, particularly herpes? Since I just got diagnosed with herpes I find them very offensive now. My question is should I be offended? And why do people find herpes so funny?
Avatar f tn In late 2011, I was sent to a GI doctor who did a colonoscopy. It was normal. In early 2012, I had some labs come back abnormal, so I went to the Biliary Clinic at Duke. They did an ERCP in April 2012. After my ERCP, my pain was constant. I still had recurrent flareups that sent me to the ER. The doctors at the ER got tired of seeing me and told me to go to a pain clinic and stop coming to the ER.
627211 tn?1260954745 I went to the gastro dr after this and i have to say im a little disappointed. He tried to make jokes, and make light of everything when i was worried that it could come back. It seems the biggest possibility i seem to have right now the dr thinks is IBS that is triggered by my emotions and stress, which sets my stomach off really really fast. This doesnt help though at all .... how do i deal with that? Ive never had this before and ive never been affected this much by it either.
3189977 tn?1344898538 The main one is for this forum and I could dow ith some help with I am waiting for my colonoscopy. So I have IBS, stomach bloat and cramping since I was about 15, in the pasy year or so the pain and bloat has incressed and I am consistantly constipated and rarely go naturally. Recently there has been bleeding when I do go! the first time was terrible, ery heavy blood around the stool and drips inside the bowl.
Avatar f tn Usually with symptoms like yours they will do a colonoscopy to rule out bowel diseases first. Post likely if you have endometriosis they will diagnose you with IBS as this is really really a common misdiagnoses. Go through with the test and keep your results from this point on for any tests you may have including blood tests. Some doctors miss vital information in which could mean something to another doctor.
Avatar f tn So i love my boyfriend and i am so glad he is giving me the blessing of our first child. But sometimes i feel he isn't mature enough to raise a child. The jokes he makes are a bit insulting and he doesnt take it as seriously as i wish he would.. did any other girls have this problem?
480331 tn?1310403529 I guess preggo jokes aren't a hit on this forum LOLO
599170 tn?1300973893 I really liked the black guy who sang Deligha ( remember he had the cute baby at auditions) what is his name I hope he makes it,.,I like the blind guy too...and the little country girl with blonde hair...willl blog more after the show tonight...gotta love it!!!