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Avatar m tn Is there any new repair for this condition? What questions and test should I insist on having? Finally, living in the Jacksonville Florida area, is there a known exceptional good facility or doctor who specializes in this type of condition?
Avatar n tn I am feeling a lot better physically. I go to the Mayo in Jacksonville next month for a transplant consult.
Avatar f tn Hey - If you go to Mayo, try the one in Jacksonville even though it is smaller. Because I was visiting family in that area, I just went in and spoke with them there but, unfortunately, I decided to be seen at the Mayo in Minnesota - a place which I cannot recommend. I was essentially blown off there, becoming merely learning experience for one of their student MDs. The people at the Jacksonville Mayo seemed way more concerned and would have been more thorough investigating me for ALS.
Avatar n tn I am currently attending the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, though my previous endoscopy, colonoscopy, gastric emptying study, and biopsies have shown nothing remarkable, they have just found crystals in my urine (the same type found in bile) which may indicate a gall bladder problem. I am returning in November to repeat previous tests and have an endoscopic ultrasound of my gall bladder.
Avatar n tn Waiting for test result. What do you think is going on? Should we go to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville,FL? I am a RN looking for answers. No nausea, no vomiting, no excruciating pain,no chills, no fever, bowel movement has changed since January 2nd but no blood in stools. Still he has bowel movement but no regularly. Colonoscopy negative, endoscopy negative. HELP US HERE.
5979406 tn?1378068301 I am frustrated by being told I need an eye exam, psych exam, and colonoscopy in order to be put on a course of interferon and ribavirin by a gastroenterologist. I have no insurance and if I did, I would decline the last two exams if possible and certainly the last. Does anyone have any input on my topic or advice? I was recently diagnosed and have been asymptomatic apart from fatigue.
Avatar n tn If I have to go to Jacksonville, I hope my insurance would cover it, did you have to travel far to go there or do you live near by? I'm praying that I can be fixed at the teaching hospital soon. I too, am a mystery because everything is normal. Except white blood count goes up sometimes. I am now having "shooting" pains once in a while inside on the right side. They feel like they are right in or under the liver area.
Avatar f tn Tests after tests and 2 surgeries during past year and I just keep getting worse. Had colonoscopy first and had 4 polyps, one rather large and precancerous and he said I had a weak anal sphincter muscle. Said I needed to see a GYN for rectal pain because I had a prolapsed bladder and rectocele. I did and she said rectocele wasn't to bad, but needed to have it repaired and she would fix rectocele at same time. Didn't feel I could get this done until diarrhea under control.
131817 tn?1209532911 I said the blood was nothing like before so we are scheduling a colonoscopy and having me go back on the fourteen injections for blood thinning instead of the pills. Lots of pain in my lower abdomen. So hopfully the Ischemic colis is not coming back. I have lost another 10 lbs since leaving the hospital. I am feeling optimistic though. I think all of this will go away and I think my positive thinking will help too. Didn't want to get anyone down, but just to let you all know whats going on.
213375 tn?1202407400 I've seen three in my hometown and one at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. I have had lots of tests. LOTS! I've had sinus bradycardia on my event monitor reports but nothing that raised any red flags with anyone. It stil bothers me.
Avatar n tn I finally decided to go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla. because I was told that if anyone could figure it out, it would be them. They did tons of bloodwork, redid my colonoscopy, endoscopy, and gi's, as well as did equilibrium testing, neurological testing (an MRI), and countless others. When the time came for them to sit me down and give me the diagnosis, I prayed for an answer.
Avatar m tn used IV drugs, shared straws while snorting cocaine, used the razor or toothbrush of an infected person, Got any kind of injection made from human blood prior to 1992, got immunized by military air guns, had a colonoscopy at a clinic that was trying to save money by reusing syringes, or that had drug addicts working there that were sticking themselves with part of your shot and then giving you the rest ( just happened at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL this past August) Or if you have ever been i
Avatar n tn If your interested I had mine done at the Borland groover Clinic in Jacksonville Fl. They are concidered one of the best. Look at their website. They have a clickable torso you click and find SOD along with the gallbladder information. I have tried Levsin and Donnatal with no relief. Most people with SOD do not respond to these treatments. Taylee, I'm sorry you are going through all that pain. I remember it so well. It is like being in Hell.
Avatar n tn I am in Jacksonville, FL and was wondering if there is a doctor(s) or establishment that you could reccommend. I would be willing to travel anywhere with my records in tow to be able to get help and a better answer than my symptoms are "all in my head" like what I have heard from many doctors here. Again, thank you very much!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Germany, Washington DC, and finally to Navy Hospital, Jacksonville. After a zillion operations they decided I could leave the hospital for a spell. So off to Atlanta, in time for the birth of my Nephew, to convalese for 30 days. Then off to Pensacola, FL to do more stuff. Contrary to what is commonly believed, military healthcare is damn good.
Avatar m tn I have read about a colonoscopy clinic in Nevada that infected lots of patients because they were reusing syringes... just changing out the needles between the patients to save money. More recently I read about the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, FL where they discovered the exray tech was shooting part of the pain shots into himself and then giving the patients the rest, spreading his infection to hundreds. There is no telling how many clinics have done these things and never gotten caught.
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Avatar m tn Mayo in Jacksonville was horrible. Neuro doesn't care what causes the neuropathy even though it is in black and white, low level b vitamins. Tons of test. GI dr saw all levels are low and agrees can be the cause of many of my symptoms not just neuropathy and I was told to take a supplement. I do. I have no stomach and don't absorb! Return hime with same answers that I knew before I went. Low lab levels. No one listens and no one cares. Wanted to send me to pain management.
Avatar m tn Try Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville? I need help and feel like I'm floating out to see with just a gallon jug of stale water.
Avatar m tn This in combination with a father who died of some cancer (Unsure, but heard from an unreliable source it was colon) caused me to get a colonoscopy around 4 years ago. The colonoscopy was negative aside from some internal hemorrhoids, and I was given a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The ribbon shaped stool continues to this day and is generally the thickness of corrugated cardboard. Occasionally larger but never normal.
Avatar n tn It lasted 20 minutes or so - then come right back. I finally was refered to the borland groover clinic in Jacksonville Florida to have an ERCP with menometry done. The pressure in my bile duct was way up and had the sphincterotomy done. What a relief!!! I did get pancreatitis which I think was a small price to pay to get rid of the pain. Now 6 months later my pancreas is acting up and will probably have to go in and have the other ducts looked at.
Avatar n tn I still have a problem with gas bloating during the night, but it is easily taken away by getting up and walking aroung. I was treated at the borland groover clinic in Jacksonville Florida. No other Drs would treat me.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I will not go through everything but to say that during this time I had a sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, edoscopy(w/ biopsy), upper and lower gi xrays, and a gastric emptying study and nothing remarkable was found. I cannot count the number of medications I have been perscribed but they include prilosec, prevacid, propulsid, carafate suspension, donnatol, remeron, etc. with no relief.
Avatar n tn , mri's, blood tests, and finally a colonoscopy last month. He could only go 1/3 of the way in cause I had so much scar tissue in my intestines. He says I will have to come back in and be put asleep for another one, soon. What is that all about? I had the lapriscopic surgey. Scarring in the intestines? As for the pain, I have been put on everything from little anti spasms that I place under my tongue to Valuim, anti nauseas to antibiotics. Belladonna to antiacids. Nothing works...
1507381 tn?1293426896 Just like we have seen with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL and that colonoscopy clinic in Nevada, careless, inconsiderate people get hired by lots of medical facilities... People who don't care about others have no business in the healthcare field.
163305 tn?1333672171 Faith I was just responding to OH comment about Dermatologists. Also went to see Dr. Shah today, GI, about a colonoscopy because my CEA levels were high. Very knowledgable about Hep C and was very interested in my case. Now I feel I finally have all Drs on board before I start tx. including GP, Derma, GI, and Hepa Dr. So I feel like I am in really good hands.
Avatar f tn Had all kinds of stomach tests done, upper GI, colonoscopy, hepatabiliary scan, and scope down throat. Nothing, everything was normal. My brain MRI last spring was also normal, c-spine showed a bulging disk. Its awful. How long has yours lasted? Do you have numbness? I don't. Just these weird feelings on a daily basis. Been tested for lyme, lupus, TSH, sed rate, FSH, IPEP/SPEP, multiple myeloma, RA, and EBV. Normal. Its very awful, I can sympathize with you.