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Avatar f tn However, as I understand, it is used to check for polyps and tumors in the intestinal tract and not to diagnose IBS. How did your doctor arrive at an IBS diagnosis?
Avatar f tn The colonoscopy might show something, but it probably won't. However a colonoscopy is a good idea to make sure nothing more serious is going on. Have you tried making dietary and lifestyle changes?
Avatar n tn Is a colonoscopy a good test to see if their is some other factor other than ibs? Can ibs cause diahrrea and ongoing fatigue in an 18 year old athletic at college?
1398693 tn?1343684738 I have IBS and have had occasionally had blood in the stool. I have been scoped and also was found to have some iron deficiency, but the cause was never determined by colonoscopy or upper end endoscopy or pill cam. The blood (bright red, small amount) that I have in my stool, they assume comes from internal/external hemorrhoids from the boughts of the constipation. Other things such as colitis can cause blood in the stool. I think some paracites can even cause blood in the stool.
Avatar f tn Would patches of inflammation shown on colonoscopy be due to IBS ? Anybody had this shown on colonoscopy and subsequently diagnosed as IBS rather than Crohn's?
Avatar f tn hi they told me it was ibs ? until i had a realy bad flare up and was put on to steriods for colitis? im waiting for a sigmoid to be done to give me some more answers? i dont no if ibs would show in your colonoscopy? but i think colitis would? can you tell me what your colonoscopy was like ? im dreading it!
1701959 tn?1488551541 I have had loads of blood work for celiac, UC etc and all came back normal. I had a colonoscopy 3 1/2 years ago which came back normal except for small pockets. He seems to think another colonoscopy is not needed at this point but i am so worried that something sinister is going on and it has me very nervous. I went to the ER 2 months ago for vomiting and stomach upset and had a CT scan which came back normal as well. My GI doc want me to try meds that will help my intestines to relax...
Avatar m tn hi and thanks ! a blood test along Cannot rule it out , but perhaps make it less much likely ? I do think i have IBS even though it has only been 2 weeks Mainly because I have anxiety disorder ,depression and OCD, I read 60% of people with IBS have mental disorders Is this correct ??
Avatar n tn could it be IBS? Which, in fact, is describe as a chronic inflammation of the colon. http://www.****/diseases/facts/irritablecolon.
1949068 tn?1449628519 I guess maybe there is a connection in maybe issues that can/will come up? Which I had my Hysterectomy Nov. 16, 2011. I already have IBS problems. So should I mention to my doctor to check for polyps, cancer, and/or etc? Any advice will be helpful!
Avatar f tn No, this is not typical of IBS. I would recomend talking to your doctor about these results and what they could possibly be.
Avatar n tn I would like to get a colonoscopy but am told I need a referall. What do my symtoms sound like??? Colon Cancer? or some condition of the colon/intestines? How much is a colonoscopy? Will a clinic/convinient care clinic refer me for a colonoscopy? (my insurance company said that would be okay) Should I have x-rays/scan also??
Avatar f tn I have asked the Doctor if this could be anything other than IBS and he is not willing to really do any other test (only test was a colonoscopy). I will certainly try to see if he would be willing to try the hydrogen breath test!
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 33yr old female. I have been having bowel problems for the past few years. In the past year I have been seeing mucus, blood and blood clots (large ones) in my feces. About 4 months ago I had an extensive colonoscopy, which revealed I have IBS-C and a 'spastic colon'? Thankfully, there were no polyps or other masses. I changed my diet cutting out gluten which was a major irritate for me. However, it hasnt helped with my bowel movements.
Avatar n tn I recently learned there is a blood test that confirms whether a patient has IBS or one of the inflammatory bowel diseases such as Chron's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, etc. Why don't more doctors utilize this test to avoid misdiagnosing patients? Is it possible that medical insurance plans discourage testing? What's really going on?
519736 tn?1253986826 Hello, I'm hoping to find some feedback here. I had an attack of diverticulitis about 5 years ago. I had a small abcsess, was hospitalized 5 days, treated with IV anitbiotics. Had a follow up colonoscopy. Result was a few small scattered diverticula, everything else looked very good, no polyps, nothing! I've had IBS most of my adult life also..After colonoscopy, Doc said "see you in 5 years"..I have still had occasional IBS problems, mostly when stressed.
Avatar f tn I am willing to bet IBS. Have the colonoscopy to ease your mind. I had mine on Friday and it was a breeze. Better to be safe and check then not check and be sorry! In the meantime stop stressing which CAUSES IBS!
Avatar m tn IBS can go through flares just like crohn's or colitis. My mom suffers with IBS and she has for her entire life. I would look into another opinion though just to be sure and then if that still comes back negative I would switch up to a bland diet for a while. There's some natural anti-inflammatory medications you cab get at health food store and there's some more diet stuff that can help.. I hope you boy feels better soon.
Avatar f tn I fit the symptoms of IBS, but wonder how you can tell the difference between IBS and colon cancer since the symptoms are so similar? I am a 47 year old female with no significant health problems other than these ongoing GI issues which have been going on for about three months. It seemed to start after a bad stomach bug that I had that never truly went away.
Avatar f tn Your 50 anyway, and should have a colonoscopy at that age, so schedule an appointment with a GI, and get a colonoscopy done. This will A. Find the source of your problem, and B. will knock out your colonoscopy for 10 years. You could very well have hemorrhoids or had an anal fissure,etc, along with IBS, but again, since your 50, might as well get it done.
Avatar f tn Hi, I found this site after extensive searching for an answer to my problem. I wonder if anyone has any advice for me as no doctor can seem to tell me what is going on! 12 months ago i started to feel unwell, it started with nausea and an intense gripping pain in the abdomen, just of centre from my belly button, on the right hand side. I felt i often needed to go to the toilet and sometimes suffered diarrhoea.
Avatar f tn Well I dont know about that connection but there is a definate connection between IBS and thyroid malfunction. I had IBS for 30 years(D) pain , bloating and nausea. then after I got my thyroid out... no IBS no pain only a little D now and thne but no pain.I am now loosing weightsince I have the right med dose. No more bloating and nausea.
Avatar f tn I have had a colonoscopy and several ct scans, showing diverticulia but no infection or scarring. My GI doc says that with IBS, discomfort is common. I do have IBS with diarehha whereas I am on fiber and Bentyl. Should I be concerned?