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Avatar f tn I laughed at the doctor and said Always he was relieved! I know you may not see the humor in it now but a GI consult is probably the right thing and I would guess that a colonoscopy would be in your future.
10175413 tn?1427170251 Missing you so much.
1061306 tn?1254664568 I have to laugh at myself... and am very open with others in regards to my mental issues. Don't hide it well anyway, poker face has never been a talent of mine. Laughing is the best medicine. (if you can muster it up). I don't get too defensive when others poke fun... more so when they don't take it seriously. THAT is frustrating and does make it difficult to fnd humor in my situation. I always say, "self-deprecating humor is only funny when I use it".
Avatar f tn I have a colonoscopy & scope both scheduled for July 24th and I am unbelievably nervous!!!! (and its still 2 wks away) Ive never had either one done...ever!! At least maybe it is one step closer to getting a difinitive diagnosis.
926462 tn?1284819011 Thanks...I think it's kinda fun to add some humor here and're good at adding some diversion when needed..
Avatar f tn Having my third colonscopy. I had one eight years ago and I cannot remember feeling so nervous. I had a polyp the first time and it was benign. The second colonoscopy was fine. I'm having a difficult time with feeling hungry and waiting to take the prep this afternoon. I've already started having diaherra because of my nerves. Guess I need to unload and find support on here. Looking forward to hearing from anyone.
Avatar n tn I recently underwent my first baseline colonoscopy. I was lightly sedated, but apparently I was a bit resistant to the scope entering any further than the first few inches of my rectum. It was reported that this was sufficient to determine all was well and it was also recommended I come back again in approximately five years. Do I just need to have more sedation next time or could I have a stenosis that caused me to subconsciously be resistive and uncomfortable. Should I be concerned?
212161 tn?1599427282 I do not think that you need to be worried about this at all. So go ahead and schedule your colonoscopy. Good luck.
212161 tn?1599427282 how many have had a colonoscopy and was it bad, the prep i ok with the putting to sleep i not like