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Avatar f tn Ok so long story short i got a colonoscopy done at 6:45 this morning. I took a new type of bowel prep called Suprep. Its 2 16oz bottles and then after each bottle u have to drink another 32oz of water within the hour. My question now is how long after u are finished with it will it be out of your system. Its is now 3:30pm the day after i started it and 8 hours after my colonoscopy and im still having basically completely water diarhhea. So how long until this stops?
Avatar m tn Hi My friend wants to ask: I am having a colonoscopy next week to rule out bowel cancer, chrons, UC etc so have got to do bowel prep the day before. Obviously i know that by its very nature the bowel prep won't be nice but what i want to know is that once it gets going, roughly how long will i be stuck on the loo for? Will it be just a few hrs or will it be all night?
212161 tn?1599427282 how many have had a colonoscopy and was it bad, the prep i ok with the putting to sleep i not like
1949068 tn?1449628519 For instance, I had my first colonoscopy done at age 16. I would recommend talking to your doctor/a gastroenterologist to decide if you should get a colonoscopy. They will most likely automatically check for polyps and cancer during the colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn Abdominal cramps and watery discharge may indicate a Post surgical complication of Colonoscopy.They actually are very common in many compromised patients even though adequate care has been taken.They include mild abdominal pain with cramps,watery diarrhea,Post surgical inflammation.These are very minor complications.Very severe major complications can be Bowel explosion,obstruction,allergy,dehydration or even stroke sometimes.
Avatar f tn After a colonoscopy how soon do you have a bowel movement? Is it "normal" for 5 days to pass?
Avatar f tn I went to my Primary Care Doctor today... OMG!!! He had me in tears... called me an "addict"... I never, ever did any street drug or abused my medications. He's a total nut-case... It's like who will be there today?...Jekyl or Hyde? I have so had it. Was going to take me off all pain meds... HE is the one who suggested Dilaudid for the pelvic pain... I absulotely HATE doctors!! My GI visit after the colonoscopy? He did nothing.
Avatar f tn Sure, you can get a colonoscopy whether or not you are a virgin. They aren't doing anything to your vagina, it's your anus that is the business end with a colonoscopy. I don't know how much they cost, but if it is a lot, I'd just try to get some insurance instead. The only thing is, they might not book you for one if you're only 21, since colon cancer is not a young person's disease, unless you have a recommendation from a doctor.
Avatar m tn a sitz marker test) where you swallow these tiny pellets and your then x-rayed. Then every day for a week you go back and get x-rayed again so that they can see how slow or how fast your colon is moving things through. Also, a defacting proctogram. They inject baruim into your rectum and x-ray your bum as you sit on a toliet and try to expell the barium. This tells is your rectum is working or not. Sometimes your colon can be working just fine but your rectum is not emptying fully.
Avatar f tn How bad is it to do a Colonoscopy? Aren't there some better alternatives than to have to drink stuff and be put out for the procedure?
Avatar f tn Well, if the intestine gets inflammed enough from diverticulosis, that causes the bowels to swell up big-time, and that swelling has to be taken care of before the doc can go forward with a colonoscopy. This is why they are giving you a barium xray and CT. They want to SEE via film, rather than with an object pushing through, what is going on in your bowels.
Avatar m tn I work in a university-affiliated hospital, so getting any tests is easy. The doc doing my physical recommended a colonoscopy; which I scheduled but when they found out that I had a bad (really bad) reaction to Versed during dental surgery they had me reschedule with a CRNA for diprivan instead of Versed. This wasn't possible because I'm allergic to eggs (therefore allergic to propofol).
212161 tn?1599427282 I do not think that you need to be worried about this at all. So go ahead and schedule your colonoscopy. Good luck.
Avatar f tn How long ago was your colonoscopy? It could just be a side effect of all that nasty prep. Give your Dr a call and voice your concerns if it has been going on for sometime.
Avatar f tn After 3 days of IV antibiotics I still feel really weak and have pain. My question is, how long does this take to develop and how long till it goes away? I don't trust the doctor who did the colonoscopy anymore because of this and I don't want to contact him about this until I have some answers.
7282682 tn?1397237735 I have a colonoscopy next week. The stuff they put you out with isnt an opiate is it? I don't want to do anything that jeopardizes my recovery.
Avatar m tn I have had every blood test and stool test under the sun, as well as a abdominal CT scan, abdominal ultraound ( liver and GB fine) colonoscopy, and endoscopy. My question is, how frequently do colonoscopies miss something? I'm scared I might have a tumor. It was done by a gastroenterologist in Minneapolis. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks!!!