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Avatar n tn Male age 46 with occasional hem. issue..Had routine colonoscopy 8 months ago...perfect....Anyhow...1st of July this year had a bout with hems. Just one that was either a external or prolapsed internal. Went away after about a month of warm soaks etc. Just a it was going away had the sensation of "pressure" in rectal/anal area off and on. No pain..After 3 weeks saw my Gastro Doc...He did digital lumps etc...He has ZERO bedside manner...
Avatar f tn Constipation may cause blood in toilet paper occasionally but it is common in children. The most common causes of blood in stools are hemorrhoids and anal fissure that cause tearing in the lining of the anus due to forceful bowel movement .Intestinal infections like ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulosis, Crohn’s disease are few other possible causes. It is best to seek medical help and get yourself examinaed.
Avatar n tn i was told i had it 7 years ago by my gastro. i just had a colonoscopy about 7 months ago and just my hemorrhoid was found. i've only had one flare up about 2 yrs ago but the other day i had another one. I believe my hemorrhoid is an internal one because i never see it but i do have blood when i wipe after a bowel movement sometimes. i was just wondering about the type of hemorrhoid i have and the pain that comes with it. all the info on the net says internal hemorrhoids don't hurt.
Avatar f tn I had 1 year problem with my hemorrhoids. it always stick out everytime I defecate. what to do?
Avatar n tn I hope you all can come up with an answer that will help me and make me feel better. I don't want to go to the doctor, I am very shy. i have been having hemorrhoids really bad. They will bleed even when I'm not going to the bathroom (#2). Today I had blood all over my panties. My Mom told me to put an ice pack. I have and it doesn't help. My boyfriend of seven years and i have anal sex a lot. i know it doesn't help the hemorrhoids, but I really like it.
Avatar m tn And if it's not hemorrhoids it would be a good idea to find out exactly what is going on. A colonoscopy is a good idea.
Avatar n tn I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Monday. I'm having some rectal bleeding and pain (not constant) in my lower left abdomen. I hat a CT scan on December 12, 07 and said everything was okay. What could this be?
Avatar m tn I have had every blood test and stool test under the sun, as well as a abdominal CT scan, abdominal ultraound ( liver and GB fine) colonoscopy, and endoscopy. My question is, how frequently do colonoscopies miss something? I'm scared I might have a tumor. It was done by a gastroenterologist in Minneapolis. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks!!!
Avatar n tn Brief Background: 29 years of age! Had colonoscopy 13 months ago because I had blood in the stools. Findings were absolutely nothing, just a case of internal hemorrhoids. However, I am now experiencing upper abdominal discomfort right in the middle of stomach. I usually have a bowel movement once a day but it tends to be hard and when I am through I don't feel as if the bowel has been completely emptied. Lots of white mucus in almost every bowel movement.
15801930 tn?1443116415 I just had a routine colonoscopy. I am age 53. This is the second one; first was approximately 10 years ago. Doctor discovered one sessile polyp and internal hemorrhoids. I know I have to wait for the report to come back, but have questions. What does a sessile polpy mean? Is it connected to the hemorrhoids? I have no symptoms. Am healthy. Not overweight, do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. Get regular exercise. Grandmother had colon cancer but she was in her 90's.
Avatar m tn Could Internal hemorrhoids that pretrude outside during bowel movement cause flat bowel movements and different shapes? I would appreciate your help....I have a colonoscopy scheduled and I would like to know....
Avatar f tn I did have a colonoscopy and they said I had hemorrhoids but nothing to worry about. Does this seem like nothing to worry about to you? I am now extremely concerned due to the pounding headache which has become part of the symptoms. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/885491'>bleeding hemmorhoids dangerous?</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 42 YOA female. After a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis and gastritis, approximately 15 months ago.I was given a treatment plan that included probiotics, Metamucil and vitamins. I have not seen any improvement. I was also tested for celiac disease, and other gastrointestinal disorders. I have 2 children and were blessed with hemorrhoids after their births. For the last 3 weeks I have been experiencing the most extreme flare with the hemorrhoids!
398021 tn?1212594366 The cause of bleeding could be hemorrhoids, fissures, polyps, IBD, Carcinoma or diverticulitis. Sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy/ barium studies need to be done for evaluation of these problems. Discomfort during colonoscopy could be due to looping of the scope inside which occurs very commonly or due to excess inflation during the procedure. These are too technical for you and they occur commonly and there is no need to worry.
Avatar n tn I have a history of hemorrhoids, and rightfully so. My grandfather and my mother were both plagued with them. I had my first colonoscopy at the age of 37 (I am now 51). A t that time I was experiencing stomach problems and a barium enema showed a growth. It was a tiny polyp, approximately 3 mm., that was obliterated when removed. My doctor recommended a follow up colonoscopy in 2 years. This was done with negative results.
Avatar m tn Hi, I want to know if menopause is a cause of hemorrhoids? About two months ago my hemorrhoid started acting up. No medicine has helped at all. I'm getting a colonoscopy this week and most likely will have to follow up with hemorrhoids surgery. Menopause has turned out to be a nightmere. thanks.
Avatar m tn I posted a pic in my profile can someone diagnose? I've had a recent colonoscopy and was told everything was fine, But (for a lack of better words) my anus looks weird to me.
Avatar m tn Hi, haemorrhoids (piles) is the commonest cause for painless bleeding into the stool. Another cause is fissure in ano, where there is pain while passing motion with bleeding. Other causes are inflammatory bowel disorders like ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease can produce similar symptoms. Here the walls of the intestines are swollen. Diverticulitis, infections and tumors of the colon can produce bleeding into the stools.
Avatar f tn I am confused between hemorrhoids and colitis. If this is hemorrhoids, would the colonoscopy have mentioned hemorrhoids? Does this sound like a flare up of IBD/colitis? Or more hemorrhoids? Should I consult my doctor, even though I'm well aware I have causes for blood in my stool that everyone's aware of - is there a point? I am confused by my doctor's suggestion to take Metamucil regularly, while articles online suggest limiting fiber intake. Are the articles talking about insoluble fiber?
Avatar m tn I would make an appointment and have a complete colonoscopy to see what the problem is. I had a hemmorhoidectomy years ago so you might need that also. I would see a gastroenterologist to have your problem properly diagnosed and treated. Good luck!!
Avatar m tn My 70 year-old mother has had severe rectal bleeding for years now due to Grade 4 hemorrhoids? Her iron level and hemoglobin levels are low (doctors concerned) She had a colon resection in 2009 and had also undergone chemotherapy (in remission). In Oct. 2011 she had a colonoscopy (2 polyps removed and biopsy came back negative). She also has a heart condition. Her surgeon advised her that she is not a candidate for hemorrhoidectomy (surgery) because of her heart condition.
Avatar m tn My 70 year-old mother has had severe rectal bleeding for years now due to Grade 4 hemorrhoids? Her iron level and hemoglobin levels are low (doctors concerned) She had a colon resection in 2009 and had also undergone chemotherapy (in remission). In Oct. 2011 she had a colonoscopy (2 polyps removed and biopsy came back negative). She also has a heart condition. Every since her colon resection, she's had diarrhea when eating fruits or vegetables.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering form mild constipation and hemorrhoids for a few months. I have no bleeding. I have tried many things to remedy the situation such as fiber, fiber supplements increased fluids (mostly water) and eating heathier in general. If I take fiber supplements my bowel movements have improved, If I don't take fiber supplements I have hard marble like bowel movements.
Avatar n tn My rectum is another issue... My rectum bulges out after a bowel movement. I though that it was hemorrhoids cause be my second pregnancy. (My baby was born while I was sitting at a 90 degree angle to the bed. She was a spontaneous birth that happened. Membranes were intact. I went to a surgeon while I was on maternity leave. He said that he could not see any hemorrhoids at that time. (I went to him expecting to have to have a hemorrhoidectomy.
Avatar f tn My doctor just keeps tabs on them. I had a colonoscopy a few years ago and the doc said he could see the hemorrhoids which had thankfully stayed small. I sometimes get a bit of blood when I wipe, but it doesn't scare me at all anymore. I now know the difference between the bleeding from a hemorrhoid and colon cancer. I don't know about an increase in difficulty for those who have had recent abdominal surgery, but yours was really not all that recent.
Avatar m tn I have a colonoscopy scheduled for 4/18 because of inconsistent bowel movements. I have been having back pains but it is due to a strain pair of muscles in my upper buttocks. My orthopedic doctor seems to think that the changes in bowel movements (at times regular and at times flat, and at times small) are due to the strain muscle in my upper buttocks and lower back. My gastro wants to do a colonoscopy to make sure it is not an obstruction and to diagnoe IBS.
Avatar n tn Hemorrhoids are dilated veins in the rectum. Grade I hemorrhoids may bulge into the anal canal but do not protrude through the anus. Melanosis coli is associated with long-term laxative use. Pigment from the laxatives are deposited to the colinic mucosa, leading to a brown to black discoloration. Erythema means an inflammation of the stomach. Gastritis would be the most likely cause. An infection with a bacteria known as H Pylori can also be associated.
Avatar f tn About 4 months ago I had an extensive colonoscopy, which revealed I have IBS-C and a 'spastic colon'? Thankfully, there were no polyps or other masses. I changed my diet cutting out gluten which was a major irritate for me. However, it hasnt helped with my bowel movements. I am still experiencing a lot of pain, blood and clots each time. I usually have a bowel movement about 1-2 times a day. Is there anything else I can do or try that might help? Did the doctor miss something else?
Avatar m tn Yesterday I had a colonoscopy where a 12mm rectal polyp was removed. I don't have any details as to the type of polyp - I spoke to one of the nurses afterwards and she said the notes just had 'polyp removed' on. I'm really worried at the moment in case the polyp was malignant as I have to wait two weeks to see the consultant who did the colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn I don't feel this has anything to do with the colonoscopy. Anal itch is either from hemorrhoids or pinworms. You would know if you have pinworms as they are very small, white and your stool would be covered with them. Try Cortizone 10 cream, and use only this. Put it on your bottom after each bowel movement and maybe in between in the beginning. This will stop the itch immediately, which will also clear up any irritation.