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Avatar n tn Male age 46 with occasional hem. issue..Had routine colonoscopy 8 months ago...perfect....Anyhow...1st of July this year had a bout with hems. Just one that was either a external or prolapsed internal. Went away after about a month of warm soaks etc. Just a it was going away had the sensation of "pressure" in rectal/anal area off and on. No pain..After 3 weeks saw my Gastro Doc...He did digital lumps etc...He has ZERO bedside manner...
Avatar f tn You can have the colonoscopy with hemorrhoids at the same time without any problems.
Avatar n tn i was told i had it 7 years ago by my gastro. i just had a colonoscopy about 7 months ago and just my hemorrhoid was found. i've only had one flare up about 2 yrs ago but the other day i had another one. I believe my hemorrhoid is an internal one because i never see it but i do have blood when i wipe after a bowel movement sometimes. i was just wondering about the type of hemorrhoid i have and the pain that comes with it. all the info on the net says internal hemorrhoids don't hurt.
Avatar f tn My doctor just keeps tabs on them. I had a colonoscopy a few years ago and the doc said he could see the hemorrhoids which had thankfully stayed small. I sometimes get a bit of blood when I wipe, but it doesn't scare me at all anymore. I now know the difference between the bleeding from a hemorrhoid and colon cancer. I don't know about an increase in difficulty for those who have had recent abdominal surgery, but yours was really not all that recent.
Avatar f tn I knew I had internal hemorrhoids but decided to make sure that was what caused the blood on TP and in the toilet at times. I had to push the hemorrhoids in daily. Anyway, I had the colonoscopy and from the day of it and since then, I have foul smelling mucus from my rectum. Sometimes that's all I have. Never had this until the colonoscopy. In DEC of 2015, I was diagnosed with H Pylori. Had that treated. I also had a hemorrhoidectomy in DEC 2015.
Avatar m tn Could Internal hemorrhoids that pretrude outside during bowel movement cause flat bowel movements and different shapes? I would appreciate your help....I have a colonoscopy scheduled and I would like to know....
Avatar n tn Yes they did a colonoscopy thats why she diagnosed me with internal hemorrhoids which she said were not to serious so my question is do hemorrhoids cause me to have pain on my lower abdomenal and back..when she said it wasn't serious.
Avatar f tn I am pretty nervous although I know it can be anything from hemorrhoids to cancer. My colonoscopy 2 years ago also showed a few diverticula and 2nd degree hemorrhoids. At that time my reason for the scope was anemia. There was no bleeding at that time. I did have gastric bypass surgery in Jan 04. That was determined to be the cause of the anemia, an inability to absorb iron, I had iron infusions and have not had anemia since. Any advice or input is appreciated.
Avatar m tn s not hemorrhoids it would be a good idea to find out exactly what is going on. A colonoscopy is a good idea.
Avatar m tn About three weeks ago I began to notice blood in the toilet after bowel movements. This eventually dissipated after a week to week and a half. However, not long after the blood stopped, a new problem developed. After each BM, I have pain in my rectum. Sometimes it happens immediately, but other times it can take 1-2 hours. Whenever it develops, it lasts for hours. If I have a BM in the evening, I can even have problems sleeping.
Avatar m tn Hello Doc, im a mess right now, i been going to the gastroenterologist for a year now for the same thing and nothing, no concrete answers and i still very ancy, i had a colonoscopy done 4 months ago , they removed 2 small pollips, and fond some granular mucosa everything was biopsed and nothing bad came bak, but i still poop bloody bight red stools, like strykes on the surface, they told me to ingest more fiber, and use supositories, i have benn doing all this, but still there is fresh blood on
Avatar f tn Your 50 anyway, and should have a colonoscopy at that age, so schedule an appointment with a GI, and get a colonoscopy done. This will A. Find the source of your problem, and B. will knock out your colonoscopy for 10 years. You could very well have hemorrhoids or had an anal fissure,etc, along with IBS, but again, since your 50, might as well get it done.
280234 tn?1532986249 Hi Halfpint, thanks for your reply. I don't have IBS, but my sister does. During my colonoscopy my GI doctor diagnosed me with the adenoma polyp, diverticulosis & hemorrhoids. He banded the hemorrhoids, & after I had the colonoscopy my bleeding stopped. The doctor thought the hemorrhoids were the cause of bleeding, but I think maybe the polyp was causing it. Did you have a tubulovillous adenoma as well? Do you have another colonoscopy next year?
Avatar f tn I was injured during the colonoscopy and L 4 and L5 disks were herniated during procedure. I had no problem with hemorrhoids and now I have painful external hemorrhoids and my rectum is sore and swollen 5 weeks after the colonoscopy. I called the GI who performed it and she would not return my calls. I had exrays 2 days after colonoscopy because I had severe sciatica pain on my right side.
Avatar f tn I've had rectal bleeding for years. I always attributed it to hemorrhoids due to the fact that I have pain and itching quite frequently during and after a hard bowel movement or explosive diarrhea. I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago. Today I had explosive diarrhea with a fair amount of blood. The doctor did a digital rectal exam and found multiple hemorrhoids.
Avatar f tn I thought I had external hemorrhoids for years. On and off bleeding as well. Never any pain. Just figured wiping made them bleed. I became so used to the issue that my health took a back seat. I finally worked up the nerve to see a specialist, as embarrassing as it was. Discovered that my "external" hemorrhoids are actually anal skin tags and I have internal hemmohoids that I don't feel at all. The tags have on occasion become thrombosed for about a day or two ...
Avatar f tn Your doctor should be able to inspect your anal region and see the fissures or hemorrhoids. The colonoscopy would also show what is causing the bleeding. Hope some of this helps. I am not a doctor or anything, just a long-time Crohn's patient who has been on many different treatments and had many different experiences.
Avatar m tn I have had every blood test and stool test under the sun, as well as a abdominal CT scan, abdominal ultraound ( liver and GB fine) colonoscopy, and endoscopy. My question is, how frequently do colonoscopies miss something? I'm scared I might have a tumor. It was done by a gastroenterologist in Minneapolis. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks!!!
Avatar n tn When i see blood on first day it is almost sure that the next time i go to toilet ill see again until it heals(i believe). I got scared when i read about cancer, hemorrhoids and some other stuff but in every case i don't have the whole symptoms thats why i'm asking... Details about me: The last year i eat very quick and a lot twice a day(but im skinny). When im done eating i feel, some times, stomachburns. I drink twice a day water morning and at night. I dont have problem pooping.
Avatar f tn I have had bloody stools for years which I have told two of my doctors about and they seemed to think it was hemorrhoid related due to the fact that I have IBS and my stools are always either very hard or explosive diarrhea,which seems to cause more blood. Today I went to the ER for it. The dr did a rectal exam and found numerous hemorrhoids. I, of course am terrified it's cancer. I have horrible health anxiety also, which makes this even more unbearable.
Avatar m tn I have a colonoscopy scheduled for 4/18 because of inconsistent bowel movements. I have been having back pains but it is due to a strain pair of muscles in my upper buttocks. My orthopedic doctor seems to think that the changes in bowel movements (at times regular and at times flat, and at times small) are due to the strain muscle in my upper buttocks and lower back. My gastro wants to do a colonoscopy to make sure it is not an obstruction and to diagnoe IBS.
Avatar f tn After receiving my 2nd colonoscopy the doctor informed me I have hemorrhoids and suggested I use an over the counter medication. Ok, but before using the medication I discovered I have leaking feces I'm unable to control. I'm seriously contemplating never to get a another colonoscopy. What can I do about these leaky feces!? I Feel like I'm 13 again wearing a pad! I'm 67!
Avatar m tn I went to my general practitioner who thought perhaps hemorrhoids and gave me a cream. The cream shrunk the lump down and the bleeding stopped, but after about 2 months it all came back but worse. Now every time I use the bathroom there is blood, sometimes a lot and its bright red. Its both in the bowl and on the paper. Also, it now feels like there is a tearing pain near the opening while I'm going and that seems to be when the blood starts to really appear.
Avatar n tn I am a 28 yr old male and a few months ago (April I think), whilst I think I was a little constipated, I discovered blood on the toilet paper. I didn't pass hardly anything, but I was trying/straining hard as I knew I was constipated. I didn't think I was initially alarmed as I have had hemorrhoids before which caused the same (or more) amount of blood. It must have been on my mind though, as ever since I have been monitoring what has been going down the toilet.
5051252 tn?1362970368 I would go in & see your family doctor, & see about getting referred for a GI specialist consultation. I am 34 years old, female. I was having on & off mild rectal bleeding for about 6 months to a year. I kept putting it off. I thought maybe it was hemorrhoids due to a vaginal birth years ago. I've had hemorrhoid problems since the birth. However, the bleeding started to increase, and I was starting to get more constipated, so I finally saw my family doctor.
Avatar n tn Blood may be from hemorrhoids (external or internal). If you have hemorrhoids, they can be easily treated with a simall outpatient procedure (laser or so...). It may also be an anal fissure - this would probably cause obviuos pain. The next reason for bleeding is colon/small intestinal inflammation, this can be checked with colonoscopy. IBS itself never goes with bleeding.
897400 tn?1303329148 Just an update. I had a colonoscopy and it did show some minor internal hemorrhoids that were a probable cause of bleeding. That was good news. But there's bad news. Tiredness is probably not due to the very small blood loss from the hemorrhoids. My Dr. is referring me to U-M because she thinks my symptoms might be due to carciniod syndrome and Cushings. Symptoms ( mine anyway ) : Chronic intermittent diarrhea Abdominal pain and discomfort ( esp.