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Avatar f tn A cute idea. I do think I've seen recordable cards. Why not google it, recordable greeting card should find it, and they will tell where they are sold.
Avatar n tn How many of you purchase greeting cards, and if so, approximately how many do you purchase in a year? I'm curious for all holidays and events including birthdays, holidays, graduation/congratulations, weddings, engagements, get well, and for any other reason.
Avatar f tn ( oh well ay.
Avatar m tn Main problem with him is he like to do friendship with a girl in his class and gave her some greeting card saying i like u and love you. is this the common problem of boys Please suggest.
736475 tn?1281259327 I will be waiting, lol. Do they deliver to the north pole? I am the 5 igloo on the right.
182926 tn?1273012392 I want to send out a card for christmas with an angel on it. People who know me will know what it means.. But have been unable to find one that has a boy angel ?? any one have any clues??
Avatar f tn Sheets are good and I asked people to bring books with a written note in them instead of a greeting card. My son has tons of books I thought that was a great idea. Good luck you should probably have a baby shower between 6-8 mo to give u a few weeks to get what u didn't get.
Avatar f tn And broke the news to her w a Pandora grandma charm and greeting card. She was happy. Catch them on a good day if youre worried.
Avatar f tn Do you have any kids already? I thought about letting my 8 & 4 yr old use washabke markers either pink and purple or blue and green to write the babies name and my 4 yr old to draw. Or you could wear something pink and your husband could wear something blue and do it that way. My sister did a greeting card and it said Hi I'm and then my nephews name.
8828802 tn?1409757465 My hubby and I were low on funds at the time-we were 10w, so we just picked up a greeting card for the grandparents and wrote a little note from the baby's pov. The following weekend, we had a big cookout and announced to the rest of the family/friends. Everyone else found out on Facebook after that.
Avatar m tn The night before Valentine’s Day, when I actually thought about it, it was snowing and I didn’t want to go out. So being the internet savvy person I am, I went to one of the major greeting card company’s website and bought a subscription. Found a nice looking card with hearts on it and came up with some nice words of my very own for the inside. I printed the card, signed it with love, and put it in the cupboard for the next morning to surprise my wonderful wife.
681148 tn?1437661591 So, she was acknowledging my greeting very sweetly to be sure, and my greeting to her clearly met with her approval. She just didn't want to uncurl herself. I just thought that was really cute. She was quite happy to be greeted with the sweet "hello" I had spoken to her, though. And, she certainly did respond and say a sweet greeting to me in return.
613536 tn?1294238447 I did something kinda like you did but on a greeting card with a picture of my first ultrasound(14 weeks)..... I SUCK at poems too lol so this is what a friend wrote for me.... I thought it was cute... so its just an idea! I do not have a face to see, Or put inside a frame. I do not have soft cheeks to kiss, Nor Yet do I have a Name. You can’t yet hold my tiny hands, nor whisper in my ear. It’s still to soon to sing a song or cuddle me so near.
Avatar f tn t make it into the thread before midnight, so now my birthday greeting to you is late. I was busy baking those darn delicious cookies from the cookie thread and lost all sense of time and sugar. I think I'm a bit wired on the cookies right now, so I'll just sing happy birthday to you right here out loud in the bedroom and hope hubby doesn't think tx has driven me wacko. Here goes, let me know if I was in tune....
Avatar f tn His shyness usually only lasts thru the initial greeting. Once the initial hellos are given he will eventually warm up and end up talking with those same adults he shyed away from initially. Any suggestions?
329994 tn?1301663248 I am sure that no one minds your vent. I'm a Lyme patient, and I deal with a lot of discomforting symptoms. In my ~1.5 years undiagnosed, I too was upset and confused as some doctors would suggest fibromyalgia to be at least a factor, if not potentially the root, of my problems, while other doctors told me that it (fibro) "didn't exist." I was in their office, with life-disrupting symptoms, yet they were acting like I was a unicorn or some other make-believe.
Avatar f tn I am sitting here laughing my butt off.....I love the comments that are being made.....grammy64, i love the cordial ladies are great, lol......however, not going to dignify OP with a response, as I dont see how someone who names themselves "twatwaffle" can possible have a care in the world!
1310633 tn?1430224091 Washington (CNN) -- An energized electorate inspired by a groundbreaking election and expectations as high as Mount Everest had grown accustomed to greeting him with spontaneous chants of "yes we can." He promised to take "bold, swift action" on the ailing economy and break the partisan grip on Washington by ending what he called "petty grievances and false promises.
Avatar n tn Am overdue on my colonoscopy but cannot get the referral to a Specialist in my area and cannot afford to drive the distance to the other Doctor and Hospital that I went to the first time around. 75miles one way. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am on Medicaid, my husband is disabled. I feel this is why my health care isn't being maintained the way it should be.
Avatar m tn I ordered a fob test, it came with a test card and a bottle of fluid. the top on the fluid container unscrews and has a dip stick on it. I have been constapated for a few days and I also have hemroids. The stool came out hard due to constapation and I did the test. (I stuck the dipstick in the stool in three diff areas then in to the fluid then into test strip. The test was pos. When I wiped the paper had blood on it from my hemroids. Do you think this would give this pos result?
Avatar f tn I mean like being with this person, greeting him or her etc. I just wanted to reassure myself.