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1949068 tn?1449628519 I would recommend talking to your doctor/a gastroenterologist to decide if you should get a colonoscopy. They will most likely automatically check for polyps and cancer during the colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn The pill is for the prep for the colonoscopy. I actually just learned that my in-laws also used it for their colonoscopies and they said the pills were much better than drinking the liquid prep. So, as long as I can down 20 pills in an hour, this prep hopefully will be a bit easier since the liquid prep makes me vomit.
Avatar n tn I just looked at several websites about this and only found 2 answers. One, there IS a cialis made for women. Two, women should not take cialis for men. No reason was given. Sorry that's all I have for you.
531005 tn?1286515532 My family is pretty healthy(knock on wood), with the exception of diabetes in the women in few cases, and colon cancer in the men- again in a few cases. I experienced a hemoroid at 17, and since then like once every year I see mucus in my rectum when I wipe. Again like once a year. I have cut out all red meat from my diet except for occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas. I drink coffee once a day, because I heard it may help prevent prostate and colon cancer...
Avatar n tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! Sedation is normal, and is the usual for a colonoscopy/endoscopy/colonoscopy and endoscopy. However "put to sleep" has different meanings for different people. I'd say that most people when they are sedated, do not remember any of the procedure (which is part of the point of sedation).
Avatar f tn down a good bit, but last week it has come back with a vengence. Before I had the colonoscopy, if I took 1 immodium I would be constipated for about 2 weeks. Yesterday, I took 3 and this morning the "D" was back. I am a school teacher and school starts next week. I am at my wits end. My doctor doesn't seem too concerned about it. Anybody know if it is associated with the colonoscopy, AND a natural remedy for the "D"?
Avatar n tn a biopsy of your small intestine. The only way to do this is for you to have a colonoscopy and they SUCK! THe only bad part is the prep required for this procedure. You basically cant eat anything for a 1.5 days and have to drink some kind of NASTY laxative.
Avatar n tn I am a 76 yr old women who has had IBS for over 40 years, but last few months have had severe constipation relying on laxatives which sometimes don't work. Started with left-sided abdominal pain, had a CT which was pretty much normal. When I do have a bowel movement, the stool is long and narrow (not pencil thin) and very seldom feels like I have emptied. Dr. gave me Lactulose which I have not yet taken as bowels starting to move since I have been taking aloe daily.
Avatar f tn I had c-section 5 months ago. I arranged for colonoscopy as I see blood (after bowel movement) when I wipe. Is it safe to have colonoscopy 5 months after c-section? If anyone had the same experience, please help. I am going to do it in a clinic next week. But I am afraid. I have heard that it will be difficult for those who had abdominal surgery recently.
Avatar n tn hi my dad died colon cancer when he was 54, my brothers where told to have colonoscopy when they 35 a nd then every other year, for women its 40. i have colonoscopy booked for 14 th may. i have had left abdominal pain lot of gas etc for couple of months but thankfully no bleeding if you have no symptoms 35 should be fine. im 37.
Avatar f tn I've had both an EGD an colonoscopy done while unconscious, it was done with propofol via IV. I was knocked out and never knew a thing until it was over. Given that they discovered I had a twisted colon during the colonoscopy, I'm glad I was out cold for it. My GI doc prefers to do the procedures using propofol, the stuff wears off quick afterward, so you don't have a long recovery from sedation.
Avatar n tn She has been to the ER and has had x-ray on her lumbar spine, her pelvis, and her groin. As well as general bloodwork in ER and urinalysis. Finally, she is scheduled for a colonoscopy in 2 weeks...she has had no bowel problems though. The reason I mentioned the fall, is its the only things that seems to connect anything. She also has significant facet syndrome in her lumbar.
Avatar n tn I think all women should have yearly gyn exams so whether or not your colonoscopy findings have any gyn significance (which they may not), you should have a yearly check either with your PCP (if they do gyn exams) or your gynecologist.
Avatar n tn I am a 28 year old male in good health. I recently went to the ER with abdominal pain thinking it could have been my appendix. They did a chest x-ray, an abdominal CT scan with contrast, and some blood work. Both the XRay and Scan looked normal with the exception of there being a lot of stool showing up on the scan and xray. My bloodwork was all normal except for a slightly elevated bilirubin count which they diagnosed as Gilberts Syndrome.
Avatar f tn Do I have an appointment first with the doctor to discuss my symptoms AND THEN he either does/doesn't recommend a colonoscopy for the 2nd appointment? Or, do I just order a colonoscopy done by a doctor who doesn't know my symptoms? What happens in a colonoscopy and how dangerous is it? Is it expensive?
Avatar n tn when doing something like a colonoscopy I wear a gown which is easily opened all the way in back for obvious reasons. The doctor male, but the assisting nurse is female, the though doesn't really enter my mind. My wife changed Psychiatrists recently and now for the first time has a woman. I strongly supported that change just because of gender, I think a woman my better understand my wife's emotional difficulties, being a women herself. New Zealand, looks to be a beautiful country..
Avatar f tn Bottom line that you learned (and I did also when I had a colonoscopy), is that for some of us, it can indeed be a painful and traumatic experience. I was so upset and obsessed over my horrible experience that I had to seek counseling...and I will NEVER allow anyone to give me the drug Versed again (many websites and patient stories about people like you &me). The medical community tries to shut us up, but let me assure you, your story is more common than they want us to believe.
Avatar n tn why do I have to come back for a second colonoscopy?
Avatar n tn ve had complete annual physicals for the past 5 years and all good thankfully. I am due for a colonoscopy and am stressing about more polyps. Also have anxiety and that's flaring up because of the colonoscopy. Should I be concerned? Thank you!
Avatar f tn How bad is it to do a Colonoscopy? Aren't there some better alternatives than to have to drink stuff and be put out for the procedure?
Avatar n tn Why was it too painful for me to continue with colonoscopy despite being sedated I now have to have a barium ennema instead Im qyite dissappointed I have to go through the rig marole all over again
Avatar m tn I asked Gi and all they will tell me is to do the prep and get yourself in here for a colonoscopy or we will come and get you, since I work on the same floor of the hospital.... Am I being obsessive? Thanks.
Avatar f tn It is good that you've had your colonoscopy and that you won't need one again for 10 years. However, as I understand, it is used to check for polyps and tumors in the intestinal tract and not to diagnose IBS. How did your doctor arrive at an IBS diagnosis?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum to write this under. For the past year I have had blood in my stool about 7 times. Ever since the first episode about a year ago, my stools have ALWAYS been thinner/looser with undigested food in them. I haven't had a regular BM for a year. I have had every blood test and stool test under the sun, as well as a abdominal CT scan, abdominal ultraound ( liver and GB fine) colonoscopy, and endoscopy.
568565 tn?1216785185 My primary gave me a referral, I went in for a colonoscopy, found multiple precancerous polyps, I am 38 yrs old, no family history. Told me they were large enough that I am blessed I did not wait until I was 50. They also diagnosed me wiht spastic colon which was causing my pain and loose bowels. First time in my life I was thankful for loose bowels and discomfort, other wise I would not have gotten it done so young.