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Avatar n tn I just had a bad experience with a colonoscopy. I remember the pain quite well in spite of a huge dose of Versed (8 mg) along with 50 mg. of Benedryl, and 100 mcg. of Fentanyl. I am overweight, but not obese. A pediatric scope was used. I have endometriosis with obliteration of the cul-de-sac and 3 ovarian cysts that were not removed during laparoscopy because they were so inaccessible (10 weeks ago).
Avatar n tn I too have the same scenario...unable to do colonoscopy due to invasive endometriosis. I had the barium enema to confirm. He told me come back if you can't go! I believe my leg pain problems are due to this. Nothing was spoken about clearing the invading endo tissue. It's been 5 yrs now and I guess I'll seek out testing and my options. Probably at a big facility like Mayo Clinic or Shands here in Florida. I see your post was some years how are you fairing now?
Avatar f tn Since I had my period now and am anxious to get the colonoscopy, I started googling to see if having menstruation during a colonoscopy is a problem and started coming up with information indicating my bleeding may be caused by intestinal endometriosis. As a teenager I had VIOLENT reactions to getting my period -- including vomiting diarrhea constipation hot/chills near fainting etc. I also have a family history of uterine cancer.
987242 tn?1335494370 I have stage III endo, with the worst of it being down the bottom of my bowels, and I get the WORST gas, very painful, and a lot of it. I've tried changing my diet heaps, I've even had a colonoscopy and 2 gastrocopies. My gyno almost laughed when I told him I had those procedures, he said it's definately my endo. I also have very irregular bowel movements. Switching to lactose free milk and cutting down on cheese and acidic foods has helped the TINIEST amount, but not really.
Avatar m tn I am three weeks past surgery and the surgeon has suggested I now see a gastroenterologist of his recommendation - to perform a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I no longer am experiencing cramping. Do you think this is the right course? Could the endo be inside the bowel and would this account for the symptoms?
Avatar f tn The gastroenterologist had me take a colonoscopy, but nothing was found. Through the gastroenterologist, I found out I was lactose intolerant; however, that still did not really help reduce the pain I was in. Finally, the internal medicine doctor said he believed I had endometriosis and he put me on a medium/high prescription of birth control. When I was on the birth control, it DEFINITELY reduced the pain I was in.
Avatar f tn How does endometriosis grow back when you are using birth control pills continuously, in order words skipping your periods for 3 months and then having a withdrawal bleed. Is it possible that when having the withdrawal bleed (although periods on the pill are different to normal periods off the pill), is it possible that the withdrawal bleeding period can cause new endometriosis implants to form again over time?
Avatar f tn HELP I have been told I could possible have endometriosis and I am waiting on a laraposcopy. I have been suffering from what I thought was IBS and terrible periods but things seem to have got worse now. I finished my period 3 days ago and since it has ended I've had pains like period pains, this is first I've noticed this and was wondering if this is a sign of endometriosis? Always I have a period for 2 days and then it turns brownish for days.
Avatar f tn I actually just spent 4 days in the hospital because of severe lower right quadrant pain (appendicitis was ruled out) that was so bad it was causing nausea and vomiting. They did a CT scan, ultrasounds, a colonoscopy, and x-rays but didn't find anything. I asked if it could be endometriosis but was told no because it doesn't cause nausea and vomiting... I was sent home with no answers and still in pain. I have an appt to see my reg doc next week for follow up and to see my regular ob/gyn.
Avatar f tn Still having the pain, went to my family doc, she ordered multiple tests, colonoscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound blood work. Everything came back normal except the ultra sound which reveal a cyst. Ok... that was in Dec 11. Well, the pain still hadn't gone away. Went in Feb to see my gyn again. They told me from the 'sounds of it' and I have endometriosis and a tilted uterus probably due to scar tissue from the endo and suggested started me on the pill...
Avatar f tn I have endometriosis and im only 17 years old. I have a good boyfriend who supports me and a supporting mother, however they don't know how it feels to be me and that's why I joined this site. It started two years ago (23 months really) and I didn't get a diagnoses til this year. It's been a horrible journey of no one believing me. I dropped out of school and quit my job because the pain was so bad. I'm finally back on track though.
1702615 tn?1421815848 Well, I went and had my colonoscopy today. It turned out great all accept the doc confirmed that I do have a tortuous colon and said it really made it difficult to guide the scope. He said that there is some reason that my colon is hypersensitive to movement also because as he did guide the scope each movement caused be to move and groan in discomfort. So the inside of colon is fine, but it sounds like I may have either adhesions or endometriosis perhaps messing with my colon.
Avatar m tn I had a colonoscopy done today and it was all clear. To most that is great news but it has left me VERY WORRIED!. It started last year with a pain in my groin on the left side. I am a 32 yr old mother of 2 special needs boys. I went to my doctor and she sent me for an ultrasound on the abdomin, it was clear. Since November the pain has traveled up my left side and is constant. As I said the colonoscopy was clear and I have been discharged to my gp's care.
Avatar f tn This is to rule out other causes of stomach pain besides endometriosis. I went to a G.I. specialist- he did a colonoscopy. With the first colonoscopy I had it didn't go that well. The specialist I had took about 2 minutes to do my colonoscopy. With the results I ended up having inflammed sigmoid colon. after my colonoscopy was done & I woke up the dr. told me that I have an inflammed sigmoid colon. with my dr. appt. after my colonoscopy the dr.
Avatar f tn old female who has had a history of polyps, IBS, Diverticulosis(found on last colonoscopy), Fibromyalgia, Lupus SLE and chronic pain. I fell in Jan. of '05 and my world turned upside down (9 surgeries all over my body for much more than just the fall injuries. After all this is when I came down with fibro, Lupus, chronic pain. I have much more going on besides this but I don't think any of them would have anything to do with my question on a colonoscopy). I am now on disability.
Avatar n tn I had some on my bowel but not on my ovaries. Endometriosis doesn't run in my family either... it really stinks! I also had a colonoscopy and an Upper GI to see if it was something like that before they did the surgery. They ruled the other things out before confirming the endo. You could go ahead and get a second opinion as well, trust your instincts!
Avatar f tn What type of drugs where you put on for this? In almost every case you are supposed to be asleep for a colonoscopy or drugged to the point of being unable to remember the procedure afterwards. It seems very odd that the doctors would perform this with you awake, and with the ability to be able to fell the amount of pain you where going through.
Avatar m tn My GYN doctor request GI doctor to exam. He did a EGD and Colonoscopy, both were clear. So then I was discharged on July 2nd, still unclear as to what was causing the pain. During the inpatient stay my blood pressure stayed low (93/62 was one of them taken). My GYN recommend that I have a Zoladex shot to shut off my ovaries. So on July 6th I was given the shot. I have a follow up appointment with my GP doctor on July 16th and a US scheduled for July 29th and pelvic exam.
Avatar n tn The new symptoms since 3 years ago my periods became lighter and last less from 4-5 days now they are 2-3 days, but still 28 days, and last year I was having rectal bleeding a day before my period, it happened for at least for 5 consecutive months. It hasn't happened anymore. Colonoscopy was clear, but other blood work showed elevated AST and elevated ca125. My OBGY thinks I have endometriosis because he ruled out ovarian and uterus cancer with ultrasound.
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy, and I was told that bleeding hemmoroids were the cause of the rectal bleeding. Now I have some more rectal bleeding and my period is due. Can the blood from my period be coming through to my rectum? I have never thought that I could have endometriosis, was never checked for it. I have had painful periods since I can remember, I also experience lower back, sciatic pain. I have been reading about endo, and Im really scared now.
Avatar f tn Usually with symptoms like yours they will do a colonoscopy to rule out bowel diseases first. Post likely if you have endometriosis they will diagnose you with IBS as this is really really a common misdiagnoses. Go through with the test and keep your results from this point on for any tests you may have including blood tests. Some doctors miss vital information in which could mean something to another doctor.
Avatar f tn I went to my gastro doctor and he said it was probably hemmoroids. He did a colonoscopy and confirmed that I had internal hemmoroids. But I was still concerned about the missed period, pregnancy tests came back negative, blood hormone tests came back negative. Infact all my blood work was normal. I talked to the nurse at my gyn dr's. And told her about my symptoms, she said that the missed period was probably peri menapause related.
Avatar m tn I had an ultrasound of ovaries that was normal. I have had a colonoscopy and a gallbladder ultrasound... all normal. Endometriosis runs in my family. My mother had it and was told she wouldn't get pregnant, here I am, and both of my aunts had it. One aunt had to have a hysterectomy in her 30's and never had children. My gyno is doing hormonal bloodwork. I wanted to list my symptoms to see if anyone else experiences this and if it could be endo. Also, I'm a 24 year old, approximately 125 lbs.
Avatar n tn There has been a comprehensive evaluation performed, including CT scans, UGI series and colonoscopy. In addition to endometriosis, you may want to consider irritable bowel syndrome (especially with the presence of diarrhea), fibromyalgia, and interstitial cystitis. You may want to consider laparoscopic pain mapping.
Avatar f tn Its a little confusing as I have been diagnosed by a Gyne duing an laproscope to remove endometriosis and I am now waiting to see a colorectal consultant. I've had Endo for about 16 years but I was only diagnosed in August 2008, when symptoms were getting really bad! Since having that op I have gone for bad to worse. ( I have also been on 6 months of Zoladex and livial) The pain has changed (a lot worse), I have had blood in my bowel movements, constipation and vomiting.
3135783 tn?1342799221 Went in to the GI doc and the did an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy and said everything looked fine. They have done catscans x rays ultrasounds bloodwork. I've seen a nuerologist, an endoconologist, holistic drs, herbalist ect. I've had so many tests and yet they all wanna point the finger at IBS. I have tried anti spesmatics both natural and perscribed-no help. I've tried suppliments and natural remedies and diets to eliminate foods and I am as sick as ever.
Avatar m tn Abdominal u/s (3), flat panel x-rays (2), bladder scope, colonoscopy (revealed mild diverticulosis), and gyn exams. All tests/labs are normal. Had two vaginal u/s. The one I had yesterday revealed ovaries are normal, but doctor noted endometrial lining was "slightly" thick for the day of my cycle: Day 12. Last month I spotted slightly (for the first time) before my period and bleed slightly after sex. Ten days later I then got my period, seemed normal.
17568 tn?1424977159 Our 18 year old daughter was dx with endometriosis 4 years ago gets excruciating pain similar to kidney stones in one spot in her left flank. It doesn't radiate. It is incapacitating and requires hospitalization for pca w/morphine. Her GYN suspect that the endometriosis right next to her ureter causes her ureter to spasm. Endo removed twice - grew back. Her back muscles will also spasm. Spasms start 1-2 days prior to & continue through her period.
1466208 tn?1286667562 Within seconds of looking over my file and talking with him he says he is pretty sure i have what is called Endometriosis and that is was the responsible culprit for the abnormal skin in my bladder! AH HA! boy it felt nice to have answers. Im scheduled for an MRI, upon seeing the scar tissue he is now sure that it is in face Endometriosis. I went in for my first Laser ablasion laproroscopy (approx.2-3 months after the first surgery in my bladder).